Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Ghum Hai Kisi 24th September 2021 Written Update: Ganpati Puja At Chavan Nivas

Sai and Pulkit meet with the Dean and ask about the status of the transfer certificate. Dean says that losing a bright student like her would be a loss for the college. Pulkit supports him and says he tried to persuade her to change her mind, but she was adamant. Dean hands her a transfer certificate and asks if she has no other choice but to go to Gadchiroli. Chavan women decorate their homes for Ganpati pooja. Bhavani says they will celebrate this occasion with the presence of the family’s sons. Sonali hopes there will be no more problems. Pakhi says that Ganpati Bappa will keep evil eyes away from their home. Devi enters the room, excited, and inquires about Sai. Ashwini tells her she went to college and asks her to assist her in drawing rangoli. She becomes overjoyed. Pulkit informs Sai that she can continue her studies in Nagpur, away from Chavan Nivas. Sai says she has an emotional attachment to a few Chavans and will be unable to avoid them. Pulkit says she is welcome to stay in his home. Chavans, she says, will come to his house first. He says that his friend’s house is vacant and that he will relocate her there. She says she will think about it and, thanking Dean, says she will think about it and inform him of her decision. Pulkit says he’ll call his friend by then.

Chavan ladies eagerly await the arrival of Virat and Samrat with the Ganpati idol. The doorbell rings. They become excited, and Pakhi opens the door with an aarti thali, only to see Sai instead. Ashwini accepts her. Virat and Samrat deliver the Ganpati idol. Ninad notices children eating snacks and inquires as to their identity. Samrat says to have invited them to the Ganpati celebration. Virat says he did the right thing. Kids eat snacks while discussing how they will not be able to eat such delicious food again. According to one of them, they came here to meet Virat. Virat taps her on the shoulder. She thinks it’s a friend and asks him not to bother her, then turns and notices Virat is nervous. Virat inquires about their names. Girl Chiku says she came to meet Virat and Sai because she knows how helpful they are. Virat inquires as to what assistance she requires. She says she wants him to look for her mother. Virat assures her that she need not be concerned because he will direct an inspector to search her mother. He shows her Bappa and asks her to pray to Bappa for her mother’s return as soon as possible. Bappa hopes that she will be reunited with her mother soon. Virat asks them to eat while he brings Ganpati in. Chiku simply asks, and then dances with Virat in front of the idol.

Samrat and Virat walk up to the door, chanting Ganpati bappa morya. Pakhi rushes towards the door with the aarti thali, excited that she will be able to perform Virat’s aarti alongside Bappa. As Virat is holding Bappa, Ashwini stops her and asks Sai to perform aarti. Devi requests that Sai appear as soon as possible. Ashwini asks Pakhi to give Sai the aarti thali, which calms Pakhi down. Sai, with a sad expression, performs aarti. Ashwini requests that she smile and perform Bappa’s aarti. Sai smiles and goes about his ritual. Virat and Sai then place the god in the temple and pray to him first. Ashwini requests that Pakhi prepare modak for Bappa tomorrow. Sure, Bappa won’t dislike her food like a few others here, says Pakhi. Samrat wonders why she is always taunting. Pakhi says she’s joking because she knows Sai only likes modak prepared by modak, and Virat also prepared modak for her birthday, so Sai won’t like her prepared modak. Virat says he’ll make modak today because he wants his brother to try it. Samrat expresses his eagerness to try it. Pakhi questions Samrat on why he did not bring Bappa, despite the fact that he is the elder son. Bhavani expresses her delight at Pakhi’s concern for her husband, and she requests that Virat bring Bappa. Shivani suggests that Samrat perform pooja tomorrow. Samrat concurs. Pakhi plans to do pooja with Samrat tomorrow and show Virat what he has lost. Episode end.

Precap: Devi informs Sai that she will notify everyone of her whereabouts. Sai says that the secret is between Nanad and Bhabhi and that she cannot reveal it to anyone. Virat overhears their discussion.

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