Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 23rd September 2021 Written Update


Read Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Chavans Criticize Sai

Pakhi prepares breakfast for the Chavans. Bhavani inquires about a new dish. Pakhi claims it’s a pizza paratha. Bhavani compliments her on the variety of dishes she prepared today. Pakhi claims it is her aayi’s/recipe, mother’s which she used to prepare for her. Everyone compliments her. Devi walks down the stairs. Pakhi invites her to breakfast with everyone. Devi inquires about Sai’s whereabouts, stating that she will not eat breakfast without him. Pakhi wonders if she will go hungry if Sai does not arrive. Devi claims that her aayi taught her not to be disrespectful of food. Bhavani smiles and motions for her to take a seat. Pakhi considers herself fortunate because some people are not taught morals. Samrat wonders why, if she called Sai, she didn’t show up. Pakhi claims she did, but Sai is unconvinced. Virat informs her that she is not required to wait for Sai and eat breakfast with them. Pakhi claims that Sai does not want to eat her prepared breakfast. Sai, according to Ashwini, is a little tense. Samrat inquires whether she was nervous because of her exam or because Virat had locked her in a room. Sonali claims it is a separate issue; the main issue is that Sai escaped through a window. Omkar asks that she not begin again. Sonali claims that if she shuts up, the truth will not change. Omkar asks that Samrat eat his wife’s prepared breakfast. According to Ashwini, one cannot judge from afar, and Sai is unconcerned about her studies. Ninad claims that she, too, is aware of the truth and is denying it. Bhavani yells at Virat that he is an IPS officer, and Sai stops him from doing his job. Samrat inquires if she is dissatisfied with the presence of Samrat between them. Bhavani expresses a desire for her children to be close to her. Samrat claims Sai did it for the sake of his family’s happiness. Omkar screams Everything has a limit, and Sai is brave to meet DIG and block Virat’s transfer. Samrat wonders why everyone is always blaming Sai.

Virat becomes enraged and demands to know why they are discussing his transfer; he does not want to hear about it again. Ashwin tells him to relax. Samrat inquires if he is well, if he has become irritated, and if he has become irritated with Sai as well. Ashwini attempts to change the subject by saying she will take breakfast for Sai. There is no need for that, according to Virat. Sai enters the room, dressed to the nines, and announces that she is off to college. Ashwini stops her and insists she eat Pakhi’s delicious breakfast, twisting her ear and forcing her to sit on a chair and feed her. Devi asks that she feed her as well. Sonali screams. Ashwini overpampers Sai; even though they have bahus, they do not overpamper her; Ashwini prefers her bahu to her son. Bhavani yells once more. Karishma hopes her saas/MIL treats her like this as well. Ashwini instructs Sai to eat a proper breakfast today because Bappa will be visiting tomorrow and all attention will be focused on him. Sai promises that there will be no food waste starting tomorrow. Pakhi suggests that if Sai does not want to eat her prepared breakfast, she inform Samrat that she has come to her room to invite her to breakfast. Sai says she has arrived and that she need not be concerned because Samrat is sensible; the entire family is happily eating breakfast and praising their favorite bahu; they would have scolded her or Ashwini if she or Ashwini had prepared breakfast. Bhavani yells at her to stop ruining their mood with her irritating conversation. Sai assures her that she need not be concerned because it will not occur as of tomorrow. Virat wonders why she is insisting on tomorrow and if she is going somewhere. Aswhini claims that with the arrival of Bappa, all problems and differences will be resolved. Samrat agrees with Ashwini that they should go and bring Bappa’s idol home. Like before, Virat says.

Ashwini is still feeding Sai and Devi. Karishma claims she is not as fortunate as them in being pampered. Sai, according to Ashwini, is ill today, and Devi is a child. Samrat asks Sai if she is ill; if she has taken medicine, she must know what to take. Sai says she is aware of her illness, that she has taken medication and is awaiting its effects, that she will not tell him that she will leave this house without informing anyone, and that she will not ignore herself. She asks him not to worry because she will not ignore herself. She then apologizes for being late for college and bids everyone farewell. Pakhi mentions that Sai didn’t like her prepared food, so she wants to eat at the canteen with her friends. Sai claims that if her biography is written, Pakhi can be of great assistance because she knows her better than she knows herself. Devi questions Pakhi’s jealousy if Sai didn’t like her food; it’s not necessary if someone doesn’t like her food and tells the truth. Pakhi wonders why she offends her with her scathing remarks. Devi claims to tell the truth, so why doesn’t she believe her venomous remarks hurt Sai? Bhavani chastises her for eating breakfast quietly. Sai asks Devi to have breakfast because she does not want anyone to scold her, and anyone who supports her is questioned and humiliated. Virat questions why she overreacted when Bhavani scolded Devi for making a comment about Pakhi. Sai says he should understand what she means, that no one has understood Devi until now, that Devi accepted herself as she is and has not tried to change her like other family members, that she will always support Devi, and that if Virat thinks she overreacted, they need not worry because this will not happen from tomorrow. Shivani ponders why she keeps repeating herself. Episode end.

Precap: Devi informs Sai that she will notify everyone of her whereabouts. Sai claims that the secret is between Nanad and Bhabhi and that she cannot reveal it to anyone. Virat overhears their discussion.

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