Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 16th July 2021 Episode Written Update


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 16th July 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 16th July 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On Multidesidrama

Episode Start: Virat was shocked to see sai’s forehead injury. Sai says the injury is a birthday present from Pakhi. Pakhi shouts about how she can exaggerate the issue in a filmy way. Virat asked her to bring a first aid box. Pakhi shouts that his wife is the queen of drama, she insists on leaving her alone and tries to push her hand back, but his wife falls down and injures herself. Virat says that if she had pulled her hand, Sai would not have fallen down and injured herself.

Pakhi is justifying herself and screaming at Sai. Virat says Sai’s heart is pure and he wanted to include her in his birthday party. Sai thanked him for fulfilling his wish and giving him a birthday present. Shout to stop Pakhi Virat from inciting against him. Virat stopped him and took Sai to his room to take care of his wound and asked if he was dizzy. Sai says she is fine and tells him to go down and cut the cake because the family will be upset and ask him about his injury. She asks if she won’t cut her cake.

Sonali asks Mohit to take Sai. Virat followed Sai. Ashwini asked Sai why she was hiding behind. Shivani asked why he was willing to call Pakhi for his party. Ninad screamed Sai only cared for himself and forced him to wait. Mansi says Sai would never think so. The puppet accuses Sai and keeps shouting at him. Virat told them to stop and let him speak and move aside. They were all shocked to see Sai’s forehead injury. Harini and Ashwini get upset and ask how he injured himself through Devi and Pulkit. Bhavani screamed that Sai was walking carelessly and fell down. Virat says Pakhi pushed him down and injured him.

Mansi says Pakhi should not deliberately push Sai. Bhavani’s team screams and accuses Sai instead. Virat says Sai’s mistake is to invite Pakhi to join his party with everyone. Pakhi walked down the aisle and said that she connects things so easily and connects her husband with half truth. Virat says he saw that his stance was one-sided and did not bother to raise Sai after pressing him. Mansi asks if he did that? Pakhi says she was shocked like him and kept screaming at Sai.

“Let’s forget everything and enjoy the party,” says Sai. Pakhi is screaming, she is a big manipulator and is reuniting everyone. Bhavani supported Pakhi and said that he believed that Pakhi was fine and Sai was lying. Ashwini says he believes Sai is OK. Pakhi screams. Shivani asked him to stop the drama and stop trying to hide his mistake. Mansi stops him. Pakhi continues to justify itself. Mohit says Pakhi has to answer for her actions because she knows she is wrong. Omkar and Sonali closed their mouths. Virat says this nonsense will not be tolerated in this house. Pakhi asked if she wanted to leave him at home. He says he never said that. Pakhi then argued and accused Virat. Sai told them to stop and said that Pakhi had to pay for dinner with all the booty. After doing so much work, Pakhi screams for him so easily and continues. Harini says that whenever he was sad, his father would make him happy. Sai finally finished the Pakhi drama, cut the cake and tried to feed Virat first. Virat says she should feed her Aaba first. Sai feeds Aaba’s photo. Family sings happy birthday for Sai. Pakhi stands burning in jealousy. Episode End

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