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Episode start: Sai is locked into a room by Virat. Sai smokes and thinks how daring it is for Virat sir to lock her in a room. She knocks the door and says that for this act she will not forgive Virat. Pakhi asks Samrat in another room if he is going to take him to the beauty salon. He’s going to drop her, he says. It’s going to take time, so they’re going to carry magazines to read. He asks how much time she’s going to take. She says at least 2-3 hours. Then he says he can’t wait so long. She says that every husband is doing this, that it’s normal. He says that he doesn’t fall into this category, because his thinking is different, he doesn’t fit into this definition, and honestly he doesn’t like his wife waste 2-3 hours in a room and he likes the beauty of nature. She says a new relationship is starting. He says he should not change it; he will drop it to his salon and collect it when she calls back. It does not mean he should change. She says that even Virat drops Sai to college and is waiting for her to come back. He says he is not Virat, he is Samrat and has his own views, likes, dislikes, so she can’t find Virat in him and, if she says it’s new beginnings, she’ll be in the square one again. She says nothing like that. He says she wouldn’t have now taken the name of Virat. She recalls that Sai confronts her likewise and asks what he says. He asks why she often gave the example of Virat, if she knows she wants to live with him. She says she doesn’t think anything wrong, she took the name of Virat, since he’s his brother, and maybe he likes it. He says he’s not a carbon copy and a different person from Virat, and she’s wrong if she finds Virat in him. She says she’d take the name of somebody else. He says he has no energy to argue more about it. He says he can no longer argue with them, he drops their room and picks them up later; he can see that there’s a lot going on in them, but the family won’t identify their pain as their pain, and she alone can treat it. She says she can’t do it by herself and needs her help to spend a happy life, she says that people love their jodi, but he isn’t ready for it. He asks why she wants people to become jealous, does not want people to become jealous. After a long time she says destiny has given her happiness and she wants to be happy with his help. He says that they will help each other, but he wants to understand that he has no expectations; there was a time when he expected his wife to see something, but after realising that he expected her incorrectly, his dreams shattered. He will take care of her as a husband, but her happiness is not his responsibility. He says they will help each other. She says her responsibility is his happiness. He says that he wants to keep her happy and not to shirk her responsibility, but he doesn’t have to take her decisions based on her happiness, he will keep her in his life and so on. She thinks what he said. She thinks.

Bhavani commands Shivani, Sonali, and Karishma to arrange pooja and make smoke that makes Ashwini sick and throws all responsibility at her. Karishma begins her Sai drama and badmouths. Shivani warns her that she doesn’t compare herself with Sai. Karishma shouts that she works like a servant here and Sai is studying in her room peacefully. Bhavani fumes that Sai usually forces herself into all things, but today she works as a room student. Omkar is saying she wants to become a neurosurgeon, and her brain has already begun to spoil. Mansi says Sai can become a great neurochirurg. Shivani says she is right. She is right. Sonali, Karishma, and Omkar are still badmouthing Sai and decide not to send her to school today. Omkar says he’s going to make sure she’s not leaving the house. Virat goes in and says he’s done that already and locked Sai in his room to ensure she doesn’t go to college. Virat is asking Karishma to play religious music.

Sai smokes seeing Virat take away even her cellphone and yells he’s frustrated because he cannot be with Pakhi; if he thought he can hold her and punish her like a child, he’s wrong and she’ll be proving him wrong today. She checks on from the balkony and when she sees a drain pipe she thinks she had climbed big trees in Gadchiroli. Bhavani asks Virat to lock Sai really into a room. He says yes. He says yes. Sonali shouts that Sai tortured Virat so mentally and forced him to put her in a room. Shivani asks her to stop theory and tells Virat not to force his rules at home at his police station. Virat says that Sai does not follow family or culture and does anything she wants, but she won’t let her do that and be loyal; he told Sai 1000 times, but he’s forced to hold her in a room, when she doesn’t budge; Sai is arrogantly stubborn. Bhavani backs him and Sonali shouts. He will bring Sai if necessary and will ask Shivani not to worry because Sai is safe in room. Virat asks them to start pooja. Sai gets out by the drain pipe and thank God to safely get her down. She runs out of Chavan Nivas and thinks Virat cannot captivate and that there is no cage until now to capture her freedom; Virat will live a lonely life as she deserves with Pakhi returning to Samrat. Episode end.

Precap: Sai questions that the whole family tries to persuade her to love Virat, but Virat’s inhumane behaviour explains something else. Pulkit asks her that she wouldn’t have loved Virat if Pakhi weren’t between her and Virat. With Ganapati Bappa’s arrival this year Sai says she will do something that will clear her differences.

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