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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 14th August 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 14th August 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On

Episode Starts: Virat asks Sai to be specific. Sai says she found his Jiva, Shiva’s Jiva is found, maybe she met Samrat dada. Virat gets emotional hearing that. On the opposite side, Pakhi tells Vaishali that Samrat won’t return, she suffered tons during this life and her life is hell here, she may be a loser. Vaishali says her daughter is fearless and shouldn’t lose hope. Pakhi says she wants to move ahead in life. Mansi walks in says Pakhi is right, she will await her son forever, but she cannot hold Pakhi and needs her to be happy wherever she is going to be. Bhavani says she doesn’t want Pakhi to travel , but if she has decided to move, she will and will remember that she is her favorite bahu. Vaishali asks Pakhi if she is sure that she wants to go from here. Pakhi says yes. Bhavani says all of them respect her decision, but she should stay back here till she gets well and begin her new life after performing Ekadasi pooja. Sonali also requests to respect their decision. Pakhi says she is staying here since 1 year and nothing will change during a few days, so she is going to respect Bhavani and stay back here for sometime. Vaishali says she felt good seeing their love for her daughter, asks Pakhi to remember that she has another house where she will visit anytime, hugs her and leaves.

Virat asks if she is sure that she met Samrat. Sai says the one who met may be a Maharastrian and children call him Sam bhaiya. Virat says Samrat doesn’t have any children. Sai explains that he’s working for an orphanage. He asks if she is sure he was Samrat. She says Sam wasn’t able to discuss about his past. He hopes Sam is Samrat and Mohit backs him. He then says let us go and meet him now. She stops him and says they can’t now, she has self invited herself in orphanage’s birthday celebration tonight and can take him along. Mohit says he will call the family and inform that they found Samrat. Sai asks to wait till they attend the party and confirm. Virat agrees.

In the evening, Samrat celebrates birthday celebration with orphan children. Sai reaches orphanage with Virat, Sunny, and Mohit. Virat insists to accompany her to see Samrat. Sai stops him and says let her enter first then she is going to call him. She goes in with gifts. Samrat introduces her as their chest guest tonight. She says she brought somebody else along her and calls Sunny and Mohit in. Mohit emotionally hugs Samrat and calls him dada. Samrat doesn’t react and asks who is he. Sunny asks if he doesn’t identify his friend and brother. Samrat tells Sai that he invited only her and she brought other guests along without his permission. Mohit asks if he doesn’t remember his younger brother. Samrat angrily says he doesn’t identify any Sunny or Mohit. Virat walks in and asks if he doesn’t identify even his Shiva. Samrat asks who is he. Virat says in childhood whenever children wont to trouble him, he wont to fight with them saying Shiva is Jiva’s life. Samrat adamantly denies. Virat reminds him their childhood memories and asks what happened that he forgot him, his mother, his aunties, and whole family. Samrat says he really doesn’t know him. Virat stands aback. Sai asks if his name isn’t Sam, Samrat. He says his name is Samanvay and he really doesn’t know them, so they should leave from here. Episode Ends.

Precap: Sai shows Chavan family member’s names on orphanage kids’ jersey and asks Samrat what are these names doing on their jersey.

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