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Episode Start: Shivani asks Sai whether a person will not carry responsibilities for a whole year if she can’t understand what has actually happened. She asks whether she considers it Virat’s duty to support her against family, to bring her ruby pendant, to surprise him by the birthday, to cry when she met an accident, etc. Virat never hid anything from family and lied to them for her birthday, that’s love and not responsibility. Sunny says that Virat’s right to love her. She says she won’t agree because she knows the truth and doesn’t live in an incomprehensive bubble. Sunny says she has a bubble of misunderstanding and will repent for not understanding the love of Virat all of her life. Shivani asks for no mistake to reject the love of Virat. Sai says she didn’t make a mistake, how can she believe Virat loves her when she has seen Virat and Pakhi hold each other in a cafĂ©. Virat thinks how often Sai’s going to hurt him, he explained to her several times, but she’s tireless. Shivani asks why she stopped Virat’s transfer, if she accepted it or not, they know that she did it or Pakhi did it; why did she stop her transfer and not let Virat leave it? She says it was not for herself that she stopped his transfer. Virat shocked recalls Sai’s bag at the DIG office and lies, believing that Sai repeatedly lied to him. Sai accepted to visit the office of DIG and asked him to stop the transfer of Virat. Sunny asks how he persuaded DIG. Sai tells Virat’s family needs him there, he is uncomfortable for a few days, and he needs rest; DIG has promised to take care of Virat until he is fine. Virat thinks because everyone forces Sai to love him, for the sake of the family, she stopped his transfer and his presence doesn’t matter for her. He’s going to walk away. Sunny asks Sai to think by brain that we are all having the same misunderstanding at once, why she doesn’t accept Virat’s love of her. Shivani says she should respect true love, not let it go, or she won’t get it all life.

Ashwini says to the elderly that Virat is very happy and now feels he is back home; the presence of Devi and Pulkit enhanced the environment. Bhavani says yes, Devi should stay a little longer. Sonali says they’re going to come back tomorrow. Mansi pampers Samrat and says that today she’s very happy. Bhavani does not only say Virat, Pakhi is why Samrat is happy and praises Pakhi for taking good care of Samrat today. Ninad says it’s all going well. Pakhi says she and Samrat want to visit her parents because they also looked forward to the return of Samrat. Bhavani is asking her to invite them tomorrow for pooja. Even Pakhi’s parents, Sonali says, deserve happiness. Pakhi’s grateful and tells her parents how much they love them. Youngster return. Youngster return. Ashwini thanks God and prays for the happiness of the person who stopped the transfer of Virat. To keep calm, Shivani signals to Sai. Ninad asks Ashwini whether she knows it. She says no. She says no. Virat enters and says that he knows, without asking, who stopped his transfer. Who can do that, Samrat. Virat looks at Sai angrily and says who else than Sai. Ashwini hugs Sai happily and tells her to stop Virat, but she stopped himself. Samrat commends Sai and says she has proven how much the family cares for her. Virat says that Samrat loves Sai, but Sai asked for his wish.

Pakhi says she didn’t even talk to him once because she thinks all her decisions are right. What can she expect from someone who thinks and does what she thinks is right? Samrat supports Sai, and asks why they both speak to Sai so rudely, Sai did the right thing and Sai makes the whole family happy. He asks Virat to break Dahi handi with him repentantly. Virat says no, Shiva is the happiest moment of his life for Samrat, but from his perspective he should see; he had done all the preparations to take over tomorrow, but he had suddenly been transferred without his knowledge. Sai says she is ready to accept punishment if she thinks she made a mistake by stopping him. As always, Omkar asks Sai not to expand the problem and to spoil her happiness. Virat asks what the error of Sai is. Mansi says the problem of his husband and wife and Samrat should not interfere. Bhavani says Samrat is supposed to visit Pakhi’s house of parents. Pakhi tells Samrat they should listen to Aayi and Kaku, go shopping and he has to meet all their demands today, after visiting his parents. He asks why she wants to use strength and you can’t love strongly. She says she just provoked him, she knows he’s going to get anything she likes, smiling at Sai. Episode End.

Precap: Sai asks Pakhi why she is happy when she loves Samrat and instead informs Virat. Pakhi warns not to dare to talk to Samrat about her. Sai says she should really think of being happy with Samrat instead of showing Virat how happy she is with Samrat. Samrat hears their talk.

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