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Sai warns Bhavani, Ninad and Omkar that they cannot escape today and forces them to drink tea. Sonali says she has never seen a girl like Sai, God made her a piece. Mansi says he is lucky to have Sai as his arm. Bhavani shouts that she does not want her enemy to get such an arm. Sai tells them to enjoy the tea. Ninad shouts. Sai says she wants everyone to enjoy their tea in peace, but it won’t happen until she comes here, so she will go to her room and study in peace. Pakhi is standing dimly. Shortly afterwards, Charisma serves breakfast to the family. Virat walks up to him and tells Ninad that he wants to talk to him about Sai. Ninad says he even wants to complain against Sai. Bhavani and Omkar returned it. Shivani hurried towards the door. Virat stopped him and said that he needed to do something important. Shivani says that if the subject is bad about Sai, she will get tired of it and get better. Why don’t the elders agree that Sai is different from them and no one was harmed by it, in fact they all enjoyed the event. Bhavani imitated her and said that she did not know that she was injured. Pakhi said while walking and it seems that some important conversation is going on, so she will come later. Mansi stopped him and said that he was even part of a family. Virat says Bua is fine and that’s a good thing when he wanted to discuss something.

Omkar yells does not know what new problem Sai will create which Virat wants to discuss. Sonali shouts that Sai is in the room and has never stepped into the kitchen today. Karishma screams and says that she also had to do the work of Sai. Ashwini says he finished Sai’s work and asked Sai to rest for 2-3 days as she was tired after the dance rehearsal. Bhavani screams Sai did not work hard and everyone should work. Shivani says that even Bhavani does not work, Ashwini and Karishma work and even Usha works, otherwise they slow down all around pointing to a few golds. Sonali says she does all the grocery shopping. Ashwini says she does nothing but repeat the same word three times. Sonali says that because Ashwini doesn’t understand once. Ashwini asks if she works in the kitchen. Sonali says she is allergic to spices and gets headaches. Shivani asked if this was true or if she just wanted to equip herself around watching TV. Bhavani even Sonali does not work and stays out of the house most of the time. Pakhi says she will take care of everything at home. Ninad asks how she will manage everything alone. Ashwini says he is worried about Pakhi, but screams at Sai as if he should have learned to work from his birthday. Virat told them to stop. Bhavani shouts that everyone should work, even Sai and Sai are not special. Ninad shouts that Ashwini cannot hear against Sai. Ashwini asks why he speaks against Sai, she is such a good girl and family things are always good. Virat asked them to stop removing the subject. He knows that Sai did wrong and scolded him, but when Sai apologized to him, he calmed down. Mansi has asked Virat to start his topic. Ninad shouts why he is supporting his wife. Pakhi always supports his wife.

Virat told him to stop now and informed him of Sai’s birthday tomorrow. Ninad asks if she should dance. Virat says he can do it and says he just wants Sai’s birthday to be celebrated by the whole family. Bhavani shouts that he will not celebrate the birthday of a girl who spread false news of her death and disturbed her, Virat can celebrate, but he should be saved. If they do, Omkar screams. Virat says that Sai made a mistake and apologized to him and as an elder, he forgave him. Sai Aaba told him that they used to celebrate Sai’s birthday very much and prepare Sai’s favorite dishes from breakfast to dinner. Since there is no one else, they should take care of Sai’s happiness because they are now Sai’s family and he wants to make Sai special like Aaba used to be. So he needs their help in planning the surprise and he wants this birthday to be the best birthday of Sai’s life. Bhavani says it’s a good idea, but he’s not part of it. Omkar asked if he was inviting guests and throwing a great party. He says that he will only invite the family of the goddess and hire a cook, who will handle the fascinating music. Sonali says she will attend. Mansi says Sai does a lot for them and they should at least do something. Ashwini says she will make Sai’s birthday the happiest moment of her life because she lost her father this year and they will be remembering her, she knows that when they lose a loved one How does it feel She pleads with everyone not to spoil Sai’s happiness if they can’t be a part of it. Sonali screamed at him. Bhavani shouted and said he doesn’t care at all, he allowed Virat to celebrate his birthday because he is part of the family, but other than that he should not be part of it. Ninad and Omkar returned it.

Virat says that Sai apologized to him for his mistake and gave Bhavani so much respect, so he should at least agree to it. Bhavani agrees. Sai ai walked down. Virat tells them to be quiet. Sai asked if he was talking about it. He says no Ashwini works and says she really did wrong. Sai says she has apologized for it and asks Shivani if she is angry with him too. Virat pointed to Shivani. Sai says that Shivani was enjoying her dance, then what happened now. Virat angrily says that he has really done wrong. Shivani says he is also angry. Pakhi is screaming. She thinks that only Mohit is an actor in this house, but everyone is an actor here.

Precap: Sai has told Virat that at least today he will not count his mistake. He asks if there is anything special today. She says she is going to the temple.
He thinks he is angry now and will be happy to see her surprise in the evening.

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