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Read Ghar Ek Mandir 29th September 2021 Written Update: Maharaji Makes A Decision

Varun Kadha approaches Genda, and Varun says, “I think Maharaji is very innocent,” Manish Bhaiya was right, no business works in that shop and our area, only gold business works, Maharaji doesn’t have money to stay, how will he, what do you think?” Genda says, “We can’t make decisions so quickly,” In his room, Maharaji says to Genda, “You’re right, and you know everything, so why change?” Varun says to Genda, “I know you worked in temple but this is different and women don’t know much about business and Papa and Bhaiya have taught me and business needs a lot of study and my experience tells me Maharaji will do anything someone asks too and yes you don’t give any suggestions to him, I mean he will be in difficulty,” Genda says. In his room, Maharaji says to Genda, “I will work on your suggestion because you are my Laxmi and I will only listen to you, up I have Mahalaxmi and down you, let’s go to sleep now, tomorrow is a new start.”

Varun refers to Genda. I like how you changed so quickly and how dedicated you are to our family. Let’s go to bed now, good night. Nisha asks Manish, “How are you living your dream?” Manish responds, “I have my AC cabin and what a view and I am happy to be away from shop.” Nisha says, “So listen to your wife, and before we needed to ask Papaji for money, and now you have your own salary, so I will get good gift right?” Manish responds, “Anything you like,” Nisha responds, “Let me cook.” You should have a good breakfast.

Nisha informs everyone that Manish is late because of his new job. Kundan says to Maharaji, “You have breakfast, and then we’ll go shopping and introduce you to others.” Maharaji says, “OK.” Kundan asks what business you plan to start, Maharaji says it will be a shop of any kind, Varun laughs, Maharaji asks what’s wrong, Varun says you haven’t done any research yet, Kundan says yes, why haven’t you, Maharaji says you should work in what your heart says, so why don’t you help me because I haven’t made any decision yet, Kundan says that only gold business works in Ucha Mahajani; Maharaji responds, “I don’t have that money, so help me with something that will require less capital and yield more profit.” Manish says that nothing works there other than gold and that nothing will ever work. Maharaji responds that you say this because you have all only worked in gold and have never considered other businesses, so please suggest one. Anuradha informs us, Anuradha says she doesn’t know anything, Maharaji says Nisha, and Nisha says she doesn’t know anything. Maharaji questions Genda, who looks at Kundan and says, “I don’t know about all of this, ask the men of the house.”

Maharaji says to Genda, “Tell me one thing you like that isn’t in this market.” Genda says, “I never saw any flower business, and I have to go across the street to get flowers for Pooja, but I don’t think that will work in ucha Mahajani.” Maharaji says, “Why not?” Kundan says she knows nothing about business. “I have experience,” she says, “ask me, if you don’t have a flower business, you need to take a lot of care.” Even gold loses its luster, says Maharaji, and we aren’t here forever, so let’s do something I like, right Genda, and I like her idea, so we’ll start a flower business.

Varun wonders why she couldn’t keep quiet. Varun follows Genda and says, “Genda, Genda, Genda, Genda, Genda, Genda, Genda I asked you not to say anything, Maharaji is an innocent man, and why did you give this idea, he will be destroyed, Genda says I didn’t mean to, Varun says you don’t know anything, flowers seriously, you could say something else, I feel so bad for Maharaji and leaves. Genda asks, “What did I do?”

Maharaji inspects the shop with Kundan and Varun; Kundan remarks that it is a small shop; Maharaji remarks that the heart should be large; Kundan remarks, “Listen to me, have a grocery store, and our business community will help each other a lot, and we will help you as well.” Gopal approaches them, Kundan introduces them, Kundan says to Gopal and others that we should support Maharaji, one of them says surely we will help you and him, its sad to hear Manish left shop, how will Varun work alone but we will help you, Gopal thanks them for saving our Varun and what business you are in, Maharaji says, “Flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, Gopal laughs and says, “We’ve never seen a flower shop here, and you look old enough to have some experience.” Maharaji says yes, but your assurance tells me you know a lot more, so tell me, Gopal says, “Sure, we know every aspect of this business; we just think we’re the main attraction here, and we know a lot more about business than others.” Maharaji says, “Give me your knowledge as well,” to which Gopal responds, “Sure, tell me what business you want and we will help you.” Gopal tells Maharaji that he will lose money if he goes into the flower business. According to Maharaji, time will tell whether he made a profit or a loss, but he will do whatever he wants. Gopal says, “You are overconfident; I can bet you will lose, and if you win, I will write your shop’s name in gold, and if I win, you will leave here forever.” Kundan says, “Gopal, all of this is not good.” Maharaji says, “Nowadays, relationships have challenges, and this is business; I accept it.” Varun believes Genda made a huge mistake.

Shivam enters Maharaji’s room, Maharaji asks him what he wants, Shivam says I am angry, I didn’t tell your secret to anyone but you didn’t teach me magic, Maharaji asks why you want to learn this magic, Shivam says mummy scolds me when I don’t do homework, so teach me magic that mummy doesn’t scold me but instead loves me and gives me chocolate. Maharaji says it’s not fun to change people with magic; it’s fun to change people with hard work; try it; it’s better than magic, and even I don’t know it; I just try it; we have to practice, and it all works. Shivam says, “So, I have to do homework every day?” Maharaji says, “Yes, and I can help you with that.” Shivam says, “OK, I’ll get homework to you every day,” and walks away.

Varun asks Genda, “What have you done?” He has invested one lakh rupees and set the opening date for Navratri; he may be a devotee of Mahalaxmi, but this will not work. Genda, says Maharaji in his room. I know you want to change and be what others want you to be, but I will not allow it; you will remain as you are, and I will have to work on that while you work on your path. Genda says I can’t forgive myself because he left because of me, and I need to do something. Episode end.

Precap: Nisha informs Kundan that her jewelry is missing, and Agarwal discovers that Maharaji is missing. Manish blames Maharaji, and Shivam says to have seen Maharaji leave.

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