Ghar Ek Mandir 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Ghar Ek Mandir 24th September 2021 Written Update: Genda Decides To Quit Following Maharaji’s Principles

Genda tells Varun I misunderstood you; please accept my apologies. Ramesh thanks everyone for coming. Kailash takes his wife’s necklace and says, “Your daughter-in-law ruined your reputation, but I wouldn’t do that, so here is your chandra har and keep your ladies in check, please be careful or you will be a bad example.” Everyone departs.

Shivam approaches Genda and says, “I saw this same thing in Mahabharata but Krishna lord came to save her, won’t Maharaj come to save you and we brought all teachings in this house.” Genda says that each society has its own set of principles, and if Laxmi only means money, what will Maharaji do? Since this is not a society, and thus there is no Maharaji, all of Genda’s teachings in the house are broken. Genda says that because this society and family murdered a devotee today, Maharaji will not come.

The following day, Genda receives Varun Kadha. Varun says, “Genda, take a seat, whatever happened yesterday was not correct, you made a mistake and in society it’s called Sin, and good you apologised and think twice before you take any step, and I trust you, so I supported you last night.” Genda says you helped me a lot the other day. Varun gets a call and leaves for delivery, telling Genda that Papa isn’t doing well, so he won’t come and forget whatever happened and start over, to which Genda responds, “You’re right, we should move on, but I have one work to do before we can start over.”

Genda walks into Pooja Ghar and says, “When a dream breaks, it hurts a lot, but when hope breaks, it breaks the person,” and that “I believed society follows your principles, but I was wrong, and so I am hurt but very angry because I followed what you said and it was all wrong, your principles are not followed and are not required, and to keep my family happy, I have to follow society principles, and so from today I won’t fo.” Genda weeps over the idol. Maharaji, seeing Genda’s condition, breaks down and says, “My biggest devotee, Genda, has lost faith in me, and whatever happened is an insult to Mahalaxmi.” Maharaji prays to Mahalakshmi, saying, “By your blessings and directions, I made this society and chalked principles, and society insulted you, me, and my devotee, please help me mother.” Goddess Mahalaxmi appears in front of Maharaji and says, “Follow what you said, and mend what has fallen or broken.”

Genda strolls through Maharaji’s temple. Mahalaxmi tells Maharaji that if society did everything we said, why would we need to come to earth and mend things? We are God, and we need devotees like Genda to protect society’s rules, and Genda is one of them, so it’s time to come to earth. In the temple, Genda declares, “I don’t want you; my family is upset with me because of your principles, and the entire society and family is against me; even Varun didn’t support me, so I have decided I don’t want you, and you are not a part of my life.” Mahalaxmi tells Maharaji, “You see me in Genda, and whatever you feel for me and whatever you do for her, think it’s for me.” Maharaji responds, “You are always there for me,” and Mahalaxmi blesses Maharaji and departs.

Genda exits the temple. Maharaji appears on Earth as a human, and says to Genda, “All your sorrows will turn into happiness, and I will come for you.” Varun leaves after delivering Jewellery to Malhotra. While on the road, he is distracted by his phone when a truck approaches, catching Varun off guard. Someone pulls Varun and saves his life. Varun collapses after hitting his head on a compound. Nisha calls Genda and informs her that Varun was involved in an accident. People in the area point to Maharaji and say that he saved Varun’s life. Episode end.

Precap: Maharaji arrives at the Agarwal residence with Varun. Shivam asks what your name is, and he says Maharaj. Shivam then asks if you know the name of your chachi, and Maharaji says yes, Laxmi.

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