Ghar Ek Mandir 24th August 2021 Written Update


Read Ghar Ek Mandir 24th August 2021 Episode Written Update: Genda Returns Jewellery To Kundan

Episode Start: Varun’s haldi starts, Shivam clicking pictures with Varun’s phone, Guests tell Manish, that they are proud of Kundan on accepting a poor family girl. Shivam tells Varun, Genda is calling him, Varun disconnects call. Manish says he has to leave for shop, Chachi says no one goes and asks Manish to apply Varun haldi, Chachi asks Nisha to join, Nisha applies haldi to Varun and Manish. Chachi and Anuradha leave to meet guests. Nisha says to Manish that hope no one knows that we are giving jewellery to Genda, Manish says talk good, Nisha says people if they find that we are giving jewellery to Genda they will say there is issue with Varun, Varun says looks like Nisha can’t handle seeing Genda having Ancestral Chandrahar, Manish says what Papa is giving Chandrahar, Varun says you are looking good is mom’s old Jewellery. Nisha feels bad about Chandrahar.

Santosh says who does this, they gave us their ancestral chandrahar and what I did in return, Genda says enough Mummy, it was unknown mistake, Santosh asks did you talk to Varun, Genda says he is upset not even receiving my phone, now you stop worrying, I will talk to Varun, he will understand my point, and why did you hide these, Santosh says what would I say, Genda says I understand Papaji is upset but he shouldn’t have talk this way, Santosh says it was my mistake, Genda says no, any mother would do it but the way he spoke to you, Santosh says I just should have thought first and look Jewellery they gave and it is so that, people think I gave you, your father did, Genda says why lie, its their jewellery, Santosh says people just want topic to discuss and this necklace will end everything and when you will wear this both families will bond well.

Nisha says to Manish, why did he give Chandrahar to Genda, I have first right. Avinash calls Manish and says I need help, your Mama has a vacancy you please refer me, Manish says okay will talk in Varun’s wedding. Nisha says look someone else will take this job, look you get nothing, you have no authority here not in home or shop, if you work at Mamaji’s all will be so good, but why listen to me.

Genda keeps calling Varun, Varun doesn’t answer, Genda looks at jewellery, she lights diya and prays, she thinks about Kundan’s words and in tears, Genda says Maharaji I am not liking what is happening but if elders have decided may be it is right.

Genda goes to keep Jewellery in her room and tries ro sleep but can’t thinking of the jewellery, Genda gas dream of seeing her best painting, Maharaji says you made this painting, Genda says yes, I painted it, you know it why ask then, everyone knows, Maharaji says when everyone knows the lie why believe, do you have any proof, Genda says yes I have my name, Maharaji says check it, Genda doesn’t see her name, and sees Kamla written over it, Genda thinks who wrote Kamla and says this is mine you know it, someone wrote my name and you agreed, Maharaji says you believe in the fact that calling someone elses thing yours is bad, Genda says yes it is.

Genda wakes up abd rushes to Maharajis photo and says you are right, calling Papaji’s Jewellery mine I cant be in peace and I have to right this wrong, thank you and leaves. Kundan at shop with two business friends, Jain call him lucky to have a loving family, and ask him to go home and enjoy his wedding, Varun says yes and sees Genda in shop, Genda greets Kundan, Kundan has to introduce her to his friends, Jain says how come your daughter in law here, may be here to buy jewellery for her and says he won’t give discount and leave.

Kundan says here how come, Genda says sorry to come without informing, Kundan asks what os so important you had to come, but here in shop, Genda says you said I can come anytime, Kundan says that was other thing but you are daughter in law and it doesn’t suit coming here, what is it anyways, Genda says I can’t keep this Jewellery. Episode End.

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