Ghar Ek Mandir 23rd September 2021 Written Update


Read Ghar Ek Mandir 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Genda Apologize For Her Mistake

Kundan asks Genda why she didn’t wear Chandra Har, Harish and Kailash walk in with a large crowd, Genda looks at Kundan, Kailash greets Kundan and says, “Today I thought of contributing in Mahalaxmi pooja, so here with all band and music I hope you don’t mind,” Kundan walks up to him and welcomes him in; Kailash says your daughter-in-law has become Laxmi; Kundan calls Genda; Kailash and Harish say you look like a Laxmi, and this is especially beneficial for Kundan. Kundan says, “Let’s talk about it.” Kailash says, “You have two useless sons, but your daughter-in-law is very responsible; she repaid all your debts.” Varun approaches them and asks, “What nonsense are you talking about?” Kailash summons his wife, who enters Chandra Har, stunned. Varun casts a glance at Genda.

Guests begin discussing Chandra Har and how Genda sold her gift to her father-in-law, and Kundan’s son are so useless looking, Kundan says all of this is a lie. Gopal assaults Kailash and demands to know how he obtained this necklace, claiming that Kundan could never do such a thing. Kailash pushes him away and claims Genda came to sell it in order to save her father-in-law. Harish believes Kundan must have asked her, or else she would not have made this decision. Kundan says, “I don’t know anything.” Gopal says, “So she did it on her own.” Genda says, “Yes, they wanted to mortgage our shop, and I knew Papaji would never approve.” Gopal retorts, “How dare you?” Genda asks, “Didn’t you think of this when you lied about not having any money?” Gopal claims she wants to split us up, Varun. Manish has something to say to her. Manish says, “Genda, this is wrong.” Genda says, “Then what should I have done, leave my father like you did?” Manish says, “You want to leave Papaji instead of helping him.” Manish asks, “What is your problem, insulting society?” Genda responds, “What society is the one who plans to insult someone and where a brother can lie and not help or Pradhan who runs away?” Genda says, “What society do you want me to stand for?” Genda says, “I did this for my Papaji.” Guests ask Kundan how his daughter in law can say all of this and why call us to insult us, Kailash says look at the drama in this house, and if Agarwal didn’t have money, he could ask us, but he sent his daughter in law, Genda says I had no intention of hurting anyone and why can’t a daughter in law support her father, Kailash says because you are a daughter in law, Genda says why call her a laxmi Guests tell Kundan to tell Genda to stop and that they are leaving.

Kundan walks up to Genda and asks why she did this, she ruined the family’s reputation, Genda says but Papaji, Kundan says you insulated Manish and Gopal and did I get you to do this, you can never match our status but I brought you as daughter in law for your qualities and thought you would never ruin our reputation come what may, but you broke my trust. Genda says, “I thought people here followed my Maharaji’s teachings,” to which Kundan responds, “wrong, society doesn’t run on these principles, let me tell you how society works its all about money, keep your money safe, and if you have business you have family and there is no equality, a daughter in law and son can never be equal, Shivam can say things, but you are just a daughter in law.”

Genda asks Anuradha if she believes she is incorrect as well, and Anuradha responds, “I believe what my husband believes.” Genda then asks everyone if she believes she is incorrect. Gopal says Genda says yes and asks her to apologize. I was quiet because of Kundan, and he will not allow anyone to play with this family, so please apologize immediately. Genda asks Varun if he thinks she’s wrong as well and if he has anything to say about it. Varun looks at Genda and walks to Kundan, joins his hand, and says my wife did a mistake Papa please forgive her and everyone else Genda did a mistake but I apologise, Everyone asks Genda to apologise or they will be kicked out of society, Kundan says even I apologise on her behalf, Manish says even I apologise on her behalf, Gopal says me too. Guests say to Kundan, “We have no problem with you,” but Genda says she will apologize so that no one else does what she did. Genda says, “I have always followed what my Maharaji taught, and if that is wrong, I am wrong, so forgive me,” and that “if my apology restores my family’s reputation, I will apologise,” and that “I never want my family to be hurt because of me and Papaji.” I’m sorry, I made a huge mistake, and Varun, I made a mistake in understanding you, I’m sorry. Nisha smiles as she observes all of this.

Precap: Shivam asks Genda if his maharaji will come to save him. Genda claims that this society murdered a devotee Maharaji and that he will not return. Varun is rescued by a man who resembles Agrasen Maharaj.

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