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Episode start: Varun thinks of how Genda had stood by him. Genda’s walking with Shivam, Varun is glad to see her. Shivam says look. Varun says that you haven’t slept yet, let me drop you down. Shivam says I am a great guy now that I can go alone, and she’s here to console you. Shivam leaves, Varun smiles at him. I knen you will never leave me, Varun will hug her, Genda stops him and steps back and says I gave myself and not you, it’s a good responsibility I’ve got here, I’ve been sworn about few things, I’m going to support you in every sorrow and happiness, and that’s why I am back, I’m going to happily fulfil my responsibilities and you are. Genda goes to bed. Genda goes to bed. Varun sleeps in his room on a sofa. Varun thinks that I swear by returning that I am going to bring back your happiness. Anuradha give Kundan his medicine, and says we haven’t done any good thing, Kundan asks what, Anuradha says wr shocked Varun a lot, I think he made a mistake but he’s scolding him in front of everybody, what if Genda takes advantage of this and begun misbehaving Varun, Kundan says she’s the daughter in law here. Anuradha says all right.

Nisha’s going to Genda Yesterday I felt bad for you, but after all, you should rest today in the kitchen, Nisha looks at Anuradha and says that everything should never affect our responsibilities, Genda says yes I’m going to fulfil my tasks, Anuradha says very good Genda, Varun should always be your top priority, Genda says do not worry Mummy I’m never going to avoid my duties, Nisha says he’s for tea for Varun, he’s not waking up early and not after yesterday, Genda tells me I’m going to go check. Nisha says all right. Genda flowers. Nisha says yes, see Varun isn’t going to step out today. He says that I will shop every single day, Genda gives him tea and starts organising the room. Genda sees in his room, Varun looks at Genda and smiles. Varun receives his medicine and asks Genda I have before tea medicine, Genda nods yes. Whilst closing the door, Varun hurts his finger. Genda is rushing to him, holding his hand. Varun watches Genda take care of him and smiles. Genda gives him water. Genda gives him water. Manish calls Kundan, Varun says that I’m going to go by.

Varun says Papa I’m going to go shopping with you, Kundan asks you are ok, Varun says, yes, I even get medicine, Kundan looks at him and tells you’re ready, Varun says that I’m right and I’m on right time and I’m going to perform all my responsibilities, Kundan is happy, Varun looks at Genda in the hopes of seeing her smile. Anuradha gives blessings to Varun. Leave Kundan and Varun. I ask you again, Manish says shut-up I know what to do and stop doing that every time. Nisha whispers to Manish, He has his wife and you never listen to me about work. Manish tells Kundan that he delivered the money, Kundan has a visitor’s, they say they’re here for Mahalaxmi bhomi poojan donations, and they hope huge sums, Kundan says I’m going to send the amount, they say your new dad’s in law is really good we met her earlier. They ask that Genda play the role of Mahalakshmi in the play in the day in bhomi poojan. Kundan says that I will talk to her.

Manish tells Kundan that we are not able to donate, that we already have a lot of debt and that Pradhanji too is missing. Kundan doesn’t worry that Manish, Pradhanji is going to give us money. Genda calls Santosh and says she wants some Ayurvedic medicine; Genda says to Varun that Santosh says it’s very fine; Genda tells me where I can get it; Santosh says Pankhudi will tea; Ayuradha hears Genda talk; Genda says to Santosh that it’s all well and don’t worry. Santosh says she wants some Ayurvedic medicine. Anuradha goes to Genda and says you did a good job by not telling about Varun, and because that’s also your house, Genda says that I know my duties and never give you a chance to plead, Anuradha smiles and leaves. Episode end.

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