Ghar Ek Mandir 16th August 2021 Written Update


Episode Starts: Kundan on call, talking about Ostwal’s daughter, and says I don’t want someone who does job, i’m trying to find Varun, Nisha and Varun hear this, Nisha whispers, don’t worry Papa will find you tye right match, a bit like me, Varun says he won’t repeat his mistake.

Kundan worships God before having food and sees painting by Genda and says sorry I don’t feel like eating food you guys continues and leaves, Anuradha says you all start i will go check, Varun thinks I wish Genda understand and leaves, Nisha asks Manish will he eat or leave, Manish says why won’t I, I slot in shop and look here.

Genda dreams her father in temple, Genda takes his blessings, Papa says Genda you’re a successful painter, you don’t need my blessings, we are different in status, Genda says Papa i’m your daughter then a painter, why bring status, Papa says so you say relations and status are two different things, Genda says relations are made with heart, Maharaji says very good Laxmi, Genda joins her hands, Maharaji says I agree relations should get on same page, but that same page should be about love, thinking and not money, Genda says I understand where I went wrong, Papa says when you realise your mistake you must apologise and even the other person should forgive or else he becomes more wrong, Maharaji says correct. Papa blesses Genda.

Genda wakes up and finds her painting she drew for Kundan, and asks Mummy to iron her suit and says once I come you’ll be very happy.

Manish and Varun in shop, Kundan starts coughing, he has some water, Varun gets angry when Kundan doesn’t accept water offered by him and thinks this is a because of Genda, I made so much drama still she didn’t return to apologise, Manish asks Kundan is he alright, Genda walks in, Kundan sees her and says Manish i’m going inside nobody disturbs me and leaves. Genda walks to Manish, Manish says why are you here, Genda says i would like to speak to uncle please, i know you all are upset but its important, Manish says you aren’t understanding, Varun says i’ll ask Papa, Genda come, Manish says he will scold you, Varun says i will manage.

Varun and Genda come in, Kundan says I said no right, Genda says I forced him, I wanted to speak to you, I realised my mistake, and my father always said apologise when you realise your mistake, and that i took decision in a rush, please forgive, Varun smiles, Kundan says this is your generation, you feel everything is easy and there’s no need to understand and there’s no patience and don’t think of someone else, didn’t you think that once who are you rejecting and who sent proposal, Genda starts crying, Kundan asks why cry, Genda says someone scolded me first time like Papa did, and that i saw my father in you and here is a sketch I made of you, Kundan says keep it, you have realised your mistake, and apologized too, and if I don’t forgive i will make big mistake, Genda realises its same what her father said in her dream, Kundan says I forgive you.

Kundan leaves the room, Varun and Genda follow him, Genda looks at Kundan and says I actually have another request, Kundan says yes tell me, Genda days if you’re fine with it, i would like to say yes to Varun, Varun and Manish happy, Genda says only if you all don’t have any issue, Kundan says what all is this, once you say no then yes, is this a joke, Genda says sorry I didn’t want to and that i should take a leave, Kundan says wait, and walks to Genda, and says how will you tell your mother good news empty handed, and smiles, Kundan hands her money, Manish says take it Genda, he opens locker only twice a day once in morning then evening, for first time he opened in afternoon, take it, Genda happy takes it, Kundan smiles, Genda takes his blessing, Varun smiles, Genda leaves.

Varun tells Nisha on call to cook something special and he will get sweets, Nisha asks why Virat hit a 6, Varun says Genda came here in shop, she realised her mistake, she apologized to Papa and also said yes for marriage. Genda in temple says due to you I found Varun and that i met someone like Papa too.
Kundan says Manish this is best, Varun’s illness didn’t come in picture, a yes for proposal and doctor also said right, no problem, Kundan asks Varun to buy 4-5Kg sweets to distribute and he will have soon.

Varun walks out and says, she wanted to say no to me, my one game and that i won, now life long she will live on my demand, Genda in temple sees its all stormy outside, Baba says the balance is disturbed and he need to come to save his devotees, Genda confused seeing the weather, and gives Prasad to Baba, Baba lookd at Genda and Maharaji and says you think that he’s wrong but Maharaji his own people to bring things on right track, he will come for sure. Episode Ends.

Precap: Mummy and Genda in temple, Mummy hands Genda a saree and says i want you to wear this, Genda says it’s priceless for me.

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