Ghar Ek Mandir 15th September 2021 Written Update


Read Ghar Ek Mandir 15th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Genda Stands With Varun

Episode start: Genda walks to Kundan tears and asks why all of you lied to me, Kundan walks down to the Varun and tells me what I should say, Doctor had asked you not to get married, Why did you lie to me, doctor told me it wasn’t okay to get married, so why did you hide it? Anuradha says he’s not well, Kundan says calmly that you’ve spoiled him, I’ve never been disrespectful and today, I’m lying before my lawyer’s daughter… Genda in tears, Kundan tells me I better die, Anuradha says don’t speak this way, Kundan says Varun says you’ll answer me, Varun says you tell me, you’ll behave with me in this way, I don’t have respect and there is no one who needs me, Manish bhaiya doesn’t let me work for my disease and I feel always useless and so I have lied and if I say that I can’t get married I have where I am. Genda thinks he has lied to his entire family. Kundan says very well Varun, did not you think when your lie may be ruining our reputation and that girl Genda would say that we have all cheated Varun, Kundan is slapping Varun and Genda is stopping him. I know Papaji has not lifted up his hand and I know he has been wrong, and I do not have any trouble with you, I know that you wouldn’t let me marry him if you knew that he was ill. Anuradha smiles, Nisha confused, looking at Genda. Genda says to Varun that I have respected you before and now and will always do it. Genda goes to her room. Genda goes to her room.

Kundan says that Anuradha lets him go, that he must face it. Manish and Nisha also leave. Varun packs her bag, walks in Varun and is shocked to see her pack. I know I have made a huge mistake and it’s not about my disease, but the family I wanted to take my place, I misunderstood you, you saved me from insults, forgive me, please, give me the chance. Genda says I just hate one thing and it’s a lie, and I can’t deal with you and your family, and Varun tells me to give one chance. Genda says we’ve built confidence on a lie. Genda recalls how Varun threw Prasad and starts to cry, she remembers meeting Varun and her wedding with him. In his room, Varun weeps. Genda takes a look at the house and remembers her Graha Pravesh. I was thinking you sent me to a house where everybody was following your lessons, but my relation here was based on a lie. Genda opens the door and she remembers coming out and bringing Maharaji’s idol back to the house and she says that I did not come alone and I will not go with you alone but walk to the temple.

Genda goes to the temple and selects Maharaji’s image by prayer, and after Varun’s great lie she can’t remain and so she goes away with Maharaji and chooses the idol. The saree of Genda is stuck, she turns around and finds it stuck in Maharaji’s painting she made, her temple bells start to ring and windy, Genda confused. Shivam goes to Genda with his soft toy and tells him not to go, Chachu is very scolded and he cries, he also shouts, I’m scolded and I cry, but I’m consoled by someone, no-one looks after me, Genda recalls Varun’s words that no one needs him and he wants a chance from Genda. Shivam takes her and tells him to talk and to pull Chachu, Genda sees that her saree is not caught and takes it as a sign. Episode end.

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