Ghar Ek Mandir 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read Ghar Ek Mandir 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Genda’s Devotion Wins

Episode start: Nisha sees Varun on the ground and screams, Genda rushes to the room, she sees Varun and attempts to wake him up, Nisha tells Genda you stay here; I’ll call others. Genda tries to bring back Varun to consistency; everybody’s in room and in fright. Anuradha says, I told you I wasn’t leaving him fast. Manish calls a doctor and says Varun’s unconscious and last night he was fasting, the doctor says he got the medicine empty, he’s calling me too, Varun hears it and gets the snatches from Manish, Kundan asks what it’s like. Varun tells me he’s okay just don’t eat anything, I feel a week, Kundan says why not give me the telephone, Varun doesn’t think I can, and says Papa I can’t and says, “Daddy.” Manish sees that Varun switched his phone off. Anuradha says when this water will come over and my son can have food, and Nisha says that I’ve checked for 20:00. Genda says Papaji I want to pray for Varun. Can’t I go to the temple of Maharayi? Can’t I pray that Varun’s trust will not break, Amaji has said this fast o’cloth on devotion? And my Maharaji won’t break my confidence?

Manish, think about the doctor’s words in his room. Nisha walks to his place and asks why he’s worried, Manish says something was wrong, Varun hides anything. Nisha says why, Manish says that Varun is healthy because of eating medicine without food. Nisha thinks when everyone finds why it’s going to be fun.

Genda sees that and feels bad, Genda prays to Maharaji for Varun, Genda’s telephone rings, her santash is asking why you haven’t come to Aarti, Genda is asking that I can’t, and she says I’ve got work here, Santosh is asking is everything right. Pankhudi telephones and says that every Friday you are doing Aarti, Genda tells that I can’t, Pankhudi says that you’ve forgotten Maharaji, Genda thinks about Amaji and Kundan and says that I’m coming. Genda looks at Varun and says I must do this to Varun, sorry Papaji. Genda says temple, I have to, I’m going to get scolded by Papaji but I have got to look for Varun, Nisha says alright I’ll manage here. Nisha thinks he’s asking for strength from Maharaji too. Genda, you’ll need it when you return.

Nisha goes to her and says go rest, Anuradha asks for Varun, Nisha says she’s resting; Anuradha says to Genda that she’s staying with Varun, she says she’s not going anywhere; Nisha says she’s gone to the temple, she left Varun alone, Anuradha says what even after Kundan didn’t ask him either. Panditji says that Santosh is starting Aarti too late. Santosh says all right, Panditji can’t light diya, and says how this is going to happen, Genda walks in and says that because I will light Diya today. Genda hugs Santosh and asks why you look upset. Don’t eat, Genda says I’m ok, let’s play Aarti, Diya Genda lights and Aarti. Kundan finds Genda and is angry, asks Nisha why she doesn’t stop her, Nisha says I did, but she doesn’t listen and left. Anuradha says it’s all because you’re allowing her too many stuff, Kundan asks Manish to call Genda. Kundan says I want Genda here right now. Shivam walks to Kundan and says please come and take him forcefully. Shivam says look at the pot, Kundan sees the pot running down water quickly. Too much pain for Varun.

Anuradha says how it’s going to be, Manish says yes so quickly, how it is. Genda gives Aarti to all and prays Maharaji, Pandit ji hands her Prasad and Genda tells you how to avoid it. Kundan says that’s a miracle, go temple, or call anyway, Manish is asking Nisha to call Genda immediately. When I get home, Genda says Panditji, I’ll have that with everybody. Genda gets Nisha’s call, Genda asks Varun is OK, Nisha says papaji immediately called you. Genda tells Santosh that she’s got to leave, she’s going to call later. Kundan says that this is a miracle Genda is walking into and says sorry Papaji, Kundan has stopped her. Episode end.

Precap: Genda insists that Varun has Prasad, Varun throws it away and then has a conviction. Manish asks Genda she saw that Varun had medicine, that Genda asked what medicine, that Kundan told about the attack. Doctor sees Genda and tells Kundan, even though I didn’t say why you married Varun, how you might do that, Genda asks Kundan why he hid the truth.

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