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Read Ek Mahanayak 27th September 2021 Written Update: Ramji Goes Missing

Bhim Rao was grateful to Daliya amma for allowing him to be close to his father. He wanted to work, get Manjula’s chain back, and then go back to school. He’ll be back home. Daliya amma told him not to worry and took them to rest.

When Joshi was informed of the situation, he exclaimed that it was the happiest day of his life. He was most pleased with Bhim Rao’s decision to discontinue his studies. Joshi refused to let him study because he wanted to make his work life a living hell. Hitesh desired that Joshi exact vengeance. Joshi told him to sit back and watch.

Jijabai stated that drinking tea without Bhim Rao was the most peaceful she had ever experienced. Manjula was on her way out the door to give Bhim Rao milk and tea. Lakshmi stopped her and asked that he look after them for a while. Annand agreed with Lakshmi and stated that Bhim Rao must also value them. Manjula refused and walked away. Ramji and Puranjan were on their way to work. Jijabai requested that he drink his tea. Ramji stated that they will get their drink from somewhere outside.

Manjula was inquiring about Bhim Rao’s whereabouts. Rama responded that he had left in the morning to look for work. Ramji decided to track down Bhim Rao and force him to choose between work and his family. Ramji was asked to let go by Meera and Anand. Manjula stated that she would consult with Bhim Rao. Hitesh stepped in to support Bhim Rao’s position. Dailya amma instructed him not to add fuel to the fire. Ramji was sick of teaching Bhim Rao and wanted to have one last conversation with him. Anand tried to stop him, claiming Ramji had a high fever. Ramji responded that Bhim Rao took the fever, Puranjan, and then left.

Meera invited Rama to come home, but Rama declined. Meera inquired. Rama responded that Meera had asked her to never leave Bhim Rao’s side. She was his strength after Bhima bai, and she was doing what she was taught. Jijabai told Meera not to be concerned. Rama was repeatedly told that he needed to persuade Bhim Rao to hire him. Her sufferings were the result of her own creation. Manjula, believing herself to be the perpetrator, decided to leave. Anand stopped her and told her that leaving would not change the past. Tension was high because Ramji was confronted with Bhim Rao’s obstinacy for the first time.

Bhim Rao was recalling Ramji’s position of not allowing Bhim Rao to work.
Meera consoled Manjula. Manjula stated that Bhima Bai had asked her to look after Bhim Rao. Meera claimed it was not Manjula’s fault. Lakshmi inquired as to why Bhim Rao and Rama were so dear to everyone in the family. Jijabai responded that they regard Bhim Rao as a God, whereas their husbands are servants. Meera stated that Jijabai would never understand these relationships. Jijabai refuted, instructing Lakshmi in the art of silence. Lakshmi refused because she has worked for and served everyone in this family. Manjula stated that she was misunderstood. Anand stated that Lakshmi did not place a high value on relationships. She may be a good daughter-in-law and wife, but she is not a good person. He requested that he see Bhim Rao’s vision, his efforts to change society. Anand was only playing a minor role in it, which Rama recognized but Lakshmi did not. Bhim Rao, according to Lakshmi, is oppressing her and her child. Anand asked her to keep quiet. Lakshmi didn’t because she was afraid her child would suffer as a result of Bhim Rao. And nearly raised his hand. Meera was taken aback and asked Anand a question. Jijabai was upset because Lakshmi was his husband. Anand silenced her, claiming that Jijabai had made her wife behave in this manner. Lakshmi didn’t want to live like this because she was afraid Anand would beat her one day. She went to the kitchen, intending to commit suicide. Anand stopped her and told her that suicide would not solve anything. He asked her to believe that Bhim Rao was their leader, and that she needed to live for that to happen. He warned everyone not to tell Ramji anything, and the doctor advised him to avoid stress. Anand walked away.

Puranjan approached Bhim Rao and informed him that Ramji had gone missing. He went to find Bhim Rao but found himself missing. Puranjan and Bhim Rao set out to find Ramji. Anand came over to Lakshmi and apologized; he was embarrassed. He was equally concerned with Lakshmi and Bhim Rao. Lakshmi wondered if she could demand the same rights from him as he did as his husband. He even put his hand on her shoulder. Anand expressed regret. Lakshmi apologized and asked him to listen to her the next time. Jijabai stated that Lakshmi performed admirably. Puranjan and Bhim Rao were on the hunt for Ramji. Joshi arrived and asked Puranjan to locate Ramji. He needed men to help him with his fishpond. Joshi requested that Bhim Rao look over the hill. Episode end.

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