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Read Ek Mahanayak 24th September 2021 Written Update: Bhim Rao And Rama Leaves The House

Bhim Rao’s decision astounded Rama. Meanwhile, Ramji returned home, and he and Puranjan were both soaked in water. Everyone was perplexed because it wasn’t raining. Puranjan informed them that Joshi had transferred them to a fishpond. Lakshmi inquired as to why Ramji went to work when he was sick. Jijabai said that he was forced, that his daughter had returned home, and that his sons were useless. Bhim Rao stepped outside.

Rama also went outside. Bhim Rao inquired as to whether she understood why he desired to work. Rama inquired about his ambition to become a Barrister. Bhim Rao stated that he would fulfill that dream as well, but that he needed to earn money first. Ramji summoned them inside.

Ramji enquired as to why Bhim Rao had dropped out of college so early. He replied that he had gone to look for work. Ramji pleaded with him not to because his father and brothers were still alive. Anand agreed and told him not to be concerned about the money. Bhim Rao wanted to earn enough money to reclaim Manjula’s gold chain. Ramji yelled angrily at him, telling him that he could forego other arguments, but education was of the utmost importance. Bhim Rao is unable to take a break from his studies. Bhim Rao was adamantly opposed. Anand stated that Bhim Rao’s education was essential for everyone, and that society required people like him. Bhim Rao declined. Ramji stated that Bhim Rao was responsible for every citizen in their society, and that he had brought them out of the shadows. Bhim Rao should concentrate solely on his education. Bhim Rao responded that Manjula was being disrespected because of him, and he couldn’t stand it. Bhim Rao refused to accept Ramji’s decision and left. Ramji pursued him. Everyone else did as well. Jijabai and Lakshmi remained at home. Jijabai was overjoyed. Lakshmi stated that Bhim Rao had decided to discontinue his studies, and she was concerned about Ramji and Anand’s reaction to Bhim Rao.

Ramji confronted Bhim Rao, noting that Manjula was his daughter first. Bhim Rao wasn’t denying continuing education; he was just taking a break to help Manjula. Ramji asked that Bhim Rao consider his father’s dreams and what Bhimabai told him on her deathbed. Anand stated that it has always been everyone’s dream to see Bhim Rao educated and progress. Manjula stood up; her gold chain didn’t matter as much as Bhim Rao’s education. Bhim Rao asked her to accept that he was correct. Ramji responded that education had been the only thing that was right for Bhim Rao since the day he was born. He asked that Bhim Rao go inside and study. Bhim Rao countered. Ramji refused to accept disobedience, stating that as the elder of the family, he would make the final decision. Ramji motioned for Bhim Rao to enter. Bhim Rao entered. Hitesh stated that while Bhim Rao was making the correct decision, Ramji was preventing him from following the correct path. Ramji asked Hitesh not to interfere with the relationship between a father and his son. The show was over, so I asked everyone to leave.

Everyone entered the house. Bhim Rao had already packed his belongings. Meera inquired. Bhim Rao stated that Ramji made the decisions in this house, but he cannot accept Ramji’s decision regarding his education. Bhim Rao announced his intention to leave the house. Ramji inquired as to his plans. Jijabai instructed him to take in some fresh air from the outside world. Anand came to a halt. Manjula tried to persuade him. Ramji stated that he is free to leave and that he will not be stopped. Bhim Rao and Rama walked away.

Bhim was in the wrong, according to Daliya amma, but everyone else supported him. He stated that he cannot rely on his father and brother indefinitely. Jijabai hoped that Bhim Rao would never return. Bhim Rao asked Daliya amma if he and Rama could stay in their home for a while. Daliya assumed Ramji would be opposed. Bhim Rao made the decision to find another place to stay. Her son questioned Daliya amma for taking them in. Bhim Rao responded by saying he would pay the rent. Dailya amma escorted them to her home. Ramji remained motionless. He entered the house.

He sat down, knowing that Bhim Rao would never abandon him. He left the house to work, but he will never let him abandon his education. Dailya ama provided them with a room to live in and asked them not to worry about rent. Rama was thankful. Bhim Rao was questioned by Dailya ama for abandoning his father. Bhim Rao believed Ramji when he said it, but circumstances conspired against him. He had to fulfill his obligations as a brother. Episode end.

Precap: Lakshmi complains to Bhim Rao about her unborn child being worthless. Anand is about to raise his hand to Lakshmi. Rama informs Bhim Rao that he has left early. Ramji instructs Puranjan to locate Bhim Rao. He wants Bhim Rao to make a decision between his work and his father-son relationship.

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