Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd September 2021 Written Update


Read Ek Mahanayak 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Bhim Rao Returns To College

Ramji was questioned by Bhim Rao. He informed Bhim Rao that he had asked Manjula for money in order to purchase his books. Manjula presented her with a gold chain. He wished he could return the gold chain, but he couldn’t, and seeing her daughter’s wounds caused him even more pain. He said he’d get her a gold chain. Jijabai inquired of Manjula as to what had occurred. Meera asked Manjula to unwind, and Rama led her to a private room.

Bhim Rao spent the entire night remembering what Ramji had said to him. Manjula approached him and questioned him. According to Bhim Rao, books should not be so expensive that someone would sell their gold chain. Manjula did not want him to find out. She informed him that his 15-day suspension was over and that he needed to return to college. Bhim Rao responded that his sister’s return home was more important. Manjula disagreed, claiming that Bhim Rao’s education was more important. Anand expressed his admiration for her sister, saying that they had gone through a lot for her. Rama heard everything, went to her room, and began looking for something.

Ramji had brought milk with him. Jijabai admitted that he should have delegated the task of getting the milk to someone else. Bhim Rao, he replied, was studying late. Jijabai stated that he is always prepared to save Bhim Rao. Ramji requested her gold earring. Jijabai inquired, suspecting he required it for Bhim Rao’s education. She refused to assist. Ramji stated that he was requesting it on behalf of Manjula.

Rama felt Bhim Rao’s anguish. She wished to return Manjula’s gold chain to her jeweler. Bhim Rao declined because it was not something he gave her. Jijabai claimed that jewels were the guardians of a woman’s future; Ramji did not buy her any, and she refused to assist him. Ramji was asked to value his other children as well. Ramji was sorry for enlisting Jijabai’s assistance, but he had high hopes for her. Ramji stated that he would never forget that day.

Bhim Rao informed Rama that he would plan something else for Manjula’s gold chain but would not accept Rama’s jewelry. Manjula didn’t want anyone getting in trouble on her behalf. Manjula asked Bhim Rao to wear Ramji’s coat as he was leaving for college. Bhim Rao, she insisted, wore the coat.

Anand inquired about the jewelry with Lakshmi. Lakshmi stated that Anand had never purchased anything for her and that the jewelry she possesses was given to her by his father. She refused to assist, stating that Bhim Rao should be concerned. Anand was disappointed because he expected Lakshmi to assist him after all this time, but she did not.

While attending college, Bhim Rao recalled his brother-sister relationship with Manjula. Joshi came up to him. He made the decision to share new information about Bhim Rao. He told them about Ramji working for Joshi, Madhvi being discovered in an inappropriate location, and Manjula returning home after being beaten. Bhim Rao scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed it to Joshi. He walked away.

Bhim Rao stated that Joshi would become a barrister after reading the paper. He asked him to concentrate on his studies and become a barrister rather than wasting his time arguing in public. Joshi then washed his hands. Meera asked Ramji not to come in today because he was sick. Anand, Meera, and Puranjan intervened. Ramji refused and walked away.

Joshi approached Bhim Rao and stated that becoming a barrister was beyond Bhim Rao’s capabilities. The coat, post, and office of a Barrister were higher for Bhim Rao’s caste. Bhim Rao responded that he was already dressed in a coat. He wrote on the paper that he would get a Barrister’s position with effort, thinking that it might reflect Joshi. Joshi refused to be lectured, stating that he would decide what he wanted to do with his life. Bhim Rao responded that he was also in charge of what happened in his life.

Precap: Joshi informs Ramji that Bhim Rao left class in the middle. Meera reassures Manjula that they will find a way out. Everyone believes Bhim Rao will find a solution, according to Jijabai. Bhim Rao informs Rama that he will work until Manjula’s gold chain is returned.

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