Ek Mahanayak 7th August 2021 Written Update


Rama and daliya amma reached bhim rao’s college. Bhim rao inquired. They got here with a method to discover the man who throws water at him. Bhim rao refused. Rama questioned and insisted him. He denied doing anything incorrect, he cannot be like them. Rama says that police violate their regulations whilst in need, the equal was with bhim rao. She was wakeful the whole night concerned about bhim rao’s fitness, she doesn’t need to suffer like that again. Bhim rao took the powder for rama’s happiness. They left.

A person threw water at bhim rao simultaneously bhim rao threw the powder at him. The person were given furious. Bhim rao stated that noting precise can come out of teasing the other man or woman. The man covered in blanket left. The man went inside, he were given very uncomfortable with the rash.

Ghoshi teased bhim rao for purchasing moist once more, he asked him to whinge approximately it to important. Bhim rao told him about the spare clothes he brought. For that ghoshi taunted him. The man got here to ghoshi who had a extreme rash. Bhim rao understood that he become the man he threw the powder at, suggested him to apply dust at it. That guy questions bhim rao for throwing powder at him. Bhim rao question him for throwing water at him. Professors intervened, bhim rao instructed the professors. Ghoshi slapped the person for throwing water at bhim rao. Guruji advised ghoshi that he is aware of who the actual perpetrator it. Other professors requested for evidence. One professors suggested to name parents and supply the student eviction note. The man approved of his doings he turned into approximately to take ghoshi name, but he silenced him for accusing. The most important came, he suspended ghoshi and the man shape university for per week e additionally warned him of expulsion. He asked absolutely everyone to dismiss lower back to their respective classrooms. Ghoshi said that bhim rao declared a warfare. He threatened to make bhim rao get expel from this school forever. Rama and daliya amma noticed this, rama became satisfied. Daliya amma asked why bhim rao walked his manner to university whilst he used to take a ride. Bhim rao stated that he couldn’t have discovered, she became just like his mom. She looks after him, fight for him similar to his mother but she did today turned into incorrect.

Rama informed daliya amma about the money bhim rao gave to jijabai for food and everything. Daliya amma came back to her constructing, his son puzzled her for no longer thinking about the regulations alternatively slapped him for it. She requested not to intrude among her motherly affection for bhim rao. Others said that daliya amma’s moves could get them in problem, they said that she changed into at incorrect. Daliya amma instructed each person that she sneaked out meals for ramji but refused to eat it turned into wrong. This made daliya amma realise her mistake as a consequence she might take food for them in front of all of us so that they might take it. In the meantime, a person came looking for bhim rao to translate his letter in english and write a respond for it as he did before. A boy knowledgeable him that bhim rao left the society. He puzzled. Daliya amma requested the man to invite assist from those guy who made bhim rao leave. Daliya amma left in bushy, the boy asked the person to return after bhim rao’s university, he would take him to bhim rao.

Meera enjoyed as rama instructed her about the university incident. Meera became happy, she praised rama and her intelligence. She knew it became because of bhim rao. Jijabai desired to know what the laughter became approximately. Rama changed into about to inform her, jijabai stooped her upon understanding that the story was associated with bhim rao. Rama said that this residence was her complete family, she wouldn’t dare make amusing of all and sundry. Bhim rao got here. She gave him water. Bhim rao took her apart to talk.

Rama notion that bhim rao wanted to thank her. Bhim rao stated that what she did turned into incorrect. Daliy amma, ramma’s and bhim rao’s doing changed into wrong because the person changed into in ache. Rama argued and questioned. Bhim rao stated that she didn’t understand. Rama stated that the horrific have to be punished. Bhim rao requested if she believed in punishing humans for their mistakes. She agreed. Ramji came asking everyone to % their stuff as he has determined a residence. They packed their stuff and left. The boy got here with the person, he was astounded, puzzled where they may have gone.

They arrived at the brand new residence. Sethji asked them not to be overdue with the lease, 1 and half anna for every month and now not a penny less. Ghoshi got here inclined to provide 5 anna for the same house. He requested to have that residence. Ghoshi turned into together with his uncle, who can use electricity. Sethji authorised. He asked ramji to discover some other residence for lease. Ramji puzzled as he has given him rent. Ghoshi threw the development at them. Bhim rao again the more 4 annas ghoshi threw. They didn’t take it, he left it on ground. Bhim rao said that ghoshi turned into proper approximately following bhim rao everywhere in bombay. Bhim rao understood that they made a mistake, he stated that they would move returned to the residence they were thrown out off.

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