Choti Sardarni 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Choti Sardarni 24th September 2021 Written Update: Harsh Reminds Rajveer Of The Past

Seher says that they are unaware of our plans. They are expecting us to bring them good news. I felt so awkward when it came to that subject. You? Just ignore it, he says. They will be devastated, according to Seher, if this wedding was a forgery. They will be brokenhearted. Rajveer declares, “I will not let anything break Dida’s heart.” I’ll figure it out. Don’t be concerned. You’re heading home. We’ll feel great when we get home.

Seher returns home. Param and Karan both express surprise. They display a model of her special needs school to her. Isn’t this your dream, according to Param? Karan says that we named it after his mother and father. Badi bi says that they have worked on this project all hours of the day and night. Seher gives them hugs and thanks them. According to Param, school will begin in a few days. Anurita says there is a second prize. This is for you, Seher. Seher asks, “What is this?” She is referring to your and Rajveer’s honeymoon package. We provide it to all of our clients. Amazing, according to Karan. Raj, Raj, Raj, Raj, Raj, Raj, Raj, Raj, Raj, Raj, Raj, Raj, Raj Take it, Seher, says Param. Karan says everything is fine. Seher says that I don’t want to go anywhere. What does Anurita mean when she says everything is fine? She says I’m weak. Thank you for this thoughtful gesture. Where can I find Tricky?

Nikhil and Rajveer meet. Nikhil suggests that you go on a honeymoon. Why are you working? Rajveer says that they all keep making us feel awkward by asking when we are going to give good news. Nikhil asks, “When are you going to move on from the friends thing?” Rajveer describes us as best friends. Nikhil says you both share the same room and sleep on the same bed. Please accept your change. Rajveer warns Nikhil not to push himself too far. Don’t say anything about Seher. Nikhil expresses regret. Rajveer inquires, “Where is the file?” He walks away.

According to Badi Bi Seher I know you married Rajveer for the sake of your brothers. But your friendship will blossom into love one day. You’re content with him, right? Everything is fine, according to Seher. Rajveer keeps me entertained.

Rajveer is employed in the office. He searches for the files. Rajveer climbs the ladder and experiences a panic attack due to his acrophobia. He sees a photo of Harsh’s husband and remembers how he used to make him stand on ledges and scream in terror. Rajveer remembers him assaulting him and Harsh. Rajveer is terrified and screams. He recalls Harshdeep falling down the stairs. Dida, he screams. Rajveer sobs.

Nikhil arrives. Rajveer wonders, “Who kept this file here?” Nikhil says that these are Dida’s old files. Why are you concerned? Should I contact Dida? Rajveer responds, “No, I’m fine.” Don’t make any comments to Dida. Rajveer remembers that day. RAjveer asks, “Can you see who’s inside?” That photograph is contained within. Nikhila says there is nothing there. See. Rajveer is terrified. Rajveer says that his photograph is in this location. Nikhil says that there is nothing here.

Tricky says that the glass broke. It’s bad karma. Don’t say that, says Param. Seher is concerned. She expresses her concern for Rajveer’s well-being. He stated that he will pick me up. Seher dials Rajveer’s number. Nikhil chooses and says, “It’s me.” Rajveer returned home? He stated that he is returning home. Seher says to have been in office. How did you get his phone? Nikhil says that he has no idea what happened. He is having a panic attack. He was very concerned. I’m worried about him. He then returned home.

Rajveer is already on his way. Sir, please assist me, says a woman. My son has passed away. Rajveer becomes even more terrified. Rajveer returns home to find a child crying. Dida, where are you? he asks. He yells. He dreams of blood. Rajveer wonders where this blood is coming from. He recalls Harshdeep’s bleeding after she fell. It was hidden beneath his shoe. Rajveer yells.

Can’t we take a shortcut, Seher asks the driver? He says that traffic is congested. Seher says I’m going to walk from here. A man approaches Rajveer. Dida Jeju is coming to hit me, he screams. Please, Dida, save me. Rajveer has barricaded himself. Harsh inquires of Raj, “What happened?” Rajveer says that Jeju is on his way to hit me. I see him all the time. I notice Sonu and the child crying. I’ll go insane. Please help me. Harsh smiles as she recalls planning this with Nikhil. That photo was placed there by them. Rajveer says that you take me to the doctor. She instructs you to take a seat. I’m right here with you. I can’t believe you’re listening to a child. I’m the same way. In my dream, I also saw Sonu and your Jeju. Sonu was wondering when I was going to bring him back. But it was only a dream. But what about the blood? Only I saw blood, no one else did. I understand why. That night, January 16th. Sonu had abandoned me. She sobs. Episode end.

Precap: Harshdeep says Rajveer Please bring my Sonu to me. You promised to have your first child with me. Seher enters the room. She is taken aback. Rajveer assures you that everything will go as planned.

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