Choti Sardarni 18th September 2021 Written Update


Read Choti Sardarni 18th September 2021 Written Update: Ramila Goes To Seher’s Room At Night

Episode start: Seher pours water into the food. The mic no longer works. Now Mausa Ji is telling you to give up. I can’t give up Harshdeep, Ramila says. With Raj and Seher, there’s something wrong. They pretend to be happy. They pretend. Between them, nothing happened, and I’ll prove that.

In the evening, Ramila comes to the room of Seher and Rajveer. Rajveer says I’m going to put here another mic. I’m going to record what they’re talking about. She’s going to hop in a toy. Seher moves. Seher moves. Ramila is jumping into it. There’s Ramila placing the toy. Seher is opening her eyes and seeing a shadow. Seher wakes up. Seher wakes up. What happened to Rajveer? Seher says I’ve seen somebody. Who opened the door, says Rajveer? Seher says someone came from the window into the room and left the door. He says we’re going to check CCTV. Seher sees there an anklet. Seher says don’t say anything to anyone. We’re going to find the culprit.

Harshdeep plays videos and shouts on her sonography. She’s telling my son. My baby. My baby. She remembers Rajveer heard her belly and said that I’m going to be your uncle. Come out soon. Come out soon. I’ve got many toys for you. Rajveer and Harshdeep were very happy dancing. There was a man who came to her. Harshdeep and Rajveer were frightened. It’s the husband of Harshdeep. I’m going to break your head, he said. You can’t harm my brother, Harshdeep said. You brought him into your dowry, he said? Rajveer said save me dida, please. He said today I’m going to kill him. I told him not to come to my room, he said. He threw all the flasks. My teacher told Rajveer that alcohol was bad. He ran with a rod to hit him after Rajveer. Harshdeep was trying to stop him. He was trying to stop him. He shoved her, and from the stairs she fell. Rajveer yelled at Dida.. Dida open your eyes, please.

Harshdeep cry and Sonu says You must come to me. You must come. My son. My son. She shouts. Rajveer said I’m going to bring your sonu back to Harshdeep. When someone goes, harshdeep said they don’t come back. Rajveer said that I’m going to. I’m going to give you my baby when I get married. Say promise to Harshdeep? He said yes to his promise. Do you remember your promise Rajveer, Harshdeep says? You’ve got your first child to give me. It’s going to be my child. You must deliver on your promise.

Harshdeep says mausa ji and mausi ji well in the morning. She says you got the proofs from the mausi ji? Rimple says I’m going to get you all the evidence. You can change my name. You can change my name. Harshdeep says seher will soon search for spicy things and vomit. Param, Karan and Badi are here. Harshdeep says everything all right? Badi bi tells us that we’ve been to meet Seher. She said now she’s okay. A maid says that the doctor just called, they don’t have to stay in quarantine anymore. Seher’s going to take her in-laws off bad eye. Param says, but we have no custom like this. Seher and Rajveer are coming. Come. Seher hugs her brothers. Hugs her brothers. Param says what’s that custom? Seher remembers that she told Rajveer that she would find the guilty person. Seher says it was our custom always. Right bad bi? Right bad bi? She says yes. She says yes. Seher says I’ve all prepared. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. She’s planning something, Harshdeep says.

This is a very special custom, Seher says. In this way, the DIL washes the elders’ feet and sprays the water around the building. It saves the house from the wicked eye. Mausa ji tells Rimple that she’s the perfect DIL. She’s planning something, Ramila says. She washes feet there and sees Ramila’s foot with the same anklet. She says it means Mausi ji? Seher says that Mausi ji has gone where your anklet has been?

Mausi Ji says it must be here. It must be here. You do your custom. You do your custom. Rajveer says we’ve got Mausi ji. He takes the anklet out. How do you have it, Harshdeep says? He tells us that somebody came to our room when we sleep and we found this anklet. This is Mausi ji. And this is Mausi ji. Badi bi says Mausi ji you went like a thief to a new couple’s room? Why does Mausi ji say Harshdeep? She is silent. She is silent. Episode end.

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