Choti Sardarni 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read Choti Sardarni 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Seher And Rajveer’s First Night

EPisode start: Rajveer says that you shouldn’t have scolded Seher before her brothers, Mausi ji. She might be angry. Ramila says that no girl on her own marriage is sad. She says we’ve got a public image. Don’t come to defend her to me. Karan and Param say that seher are you all right? Is there any problem? Is there any problem? Seher says no. Seher says no. This is my fault. This is my fault. I continued to think of Kunal as he broke my heart. Karan says stop thinking about him, stop thinking about him. Param says you’re not with him, you should be glad. They all love you. They love you all. You have an amazing husband and family. Seher remembers Harshdeep’s words. Everybody’s very nice, Seher says. I’m sorry you had all this to hear. Param says that we can give you our life. Rajveer’s coming and telling me I’m sorry for Karan and Param. Sorry about the words of Mausi ji. They’re hugging him and saying that she’s our elder. It’s her right. It’s her right. Let’s meet tomorrow. Let’s meet tomorrow. They’re leaving. Rajveer says you had such a strong entrance to Seher. I was like a huge battle is going to be there. You looked like a heroine of a film. Seher smiles. Seher smiles. He says you’re finally smiling? He’s not saying to make me or dida or your brothers happy. He’s not saying. Be happy. Be happy. Seher tells me that I have to get fresh. Karan and Param say, on behalf of Seher, we are sorry to Ramila Please forgive us. They’re leaving. Harshdeep says you’ve done the right thing and showed her your place. She knows how to behave in the house of in-laws.

She shouts about everything in the washroom. Seher says Mama’s sorry dad. Sorry. I can’t hear about both of you. Rajveer is my best friend. My best friend. But my husband can never be. But there is nothing more important than family. I’m going to remain silent for family. I’m never going to repeat such error again. Seher comes out. Seher comes out. Seher says rajveer You’re trying to be happy, I know. Harshdeep says hurry up, get all ready. But Seher isn’t happy, Dimpy says. How can we furnish the room? Harshdeep says they’re going to have to get close this evening. The girls take Seher to the room. A girl says you like the room to Seher? It’s so beautiful. Anurita says Rajveer’s call. Our bride cannot wait. Our bride cannot wait. The girl also says that Rajveer can’t wait. Rajveer says it all? It’s your first night, Anurita says. Didi ji wanted to perfect it. Harshdeep says Seher is the moon of Rajveer. Good night says Harshdeep. They’re all going to leave. Sitting in the bed, Rajveer says Anarkali is coming to your prince. He’s laughing and it’s 2021. This whole decor? Don’t worry, I’m going to fix everything. Girls turn the lights off and girls turn the candles on. It’s part of the arrangement, they say. Rajveer says we think we’re at a party and stay there at the place of a friend. Seher says we can talk and have tea. Let’s make tea, he says. She says I’m going to help you too. Do you even know how to make tea, he says? It says I can boil water. I can boil water. Seher says you’re sleeping Rajveer on the bed. I’m going to sleep on the sofa. Why does he say? This is your house, she says, your room. He never says that again. A girl leaves her house and arrives at another. It’s just as much her home. Let’s play antakshari, he says.

Seher wakes up the next morning and sees Rajveer dormant in the bath. Seher says what are you doing here, Rajveer? He says good morning. Good morning. Why are you sleeping here, she says? He says that on the sofa I wasn’t comfortable. I told you that you could sleep in bed, She says. I might sleep on a sofa. It’s not like that, he says. You were snorting. You were snorting. Seher says this is impossible. This is impossible. I don’t. I don’t. He says that I knew you’d say that. He plays the recording of her. Seher tells you how daring you are. Delete it. Delete it. He never says. He never says. Seher’s taking his phone and telling me to give me the password. He says ki rani jhansi. Seher removes the record. She says the evidence is gone. Did you sleep well, he says? Seher gets upset. Seher gets upset. She says that I’m guilty. Here you had to sleep. Come with me. Come with me. Your shirt is wet. You’re wet. Seher dries his hairdryer shirt. What are you doing, Ravjeer says? Rajve snows. She says she’s going to take off your shirt. He tells Seher that you ask a young man to take off his shirt? Seher is pulling his and he’s dropping on her. Episode end.

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