Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 27th September 2021 Written Update


Read Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 27th September 2021 Written Update: Rangoli Swears To Get Her Kids Back

Chiku is snoozing with Nupur. Rangoli arrives and notices that all of the children are sleeping. She becomes depressed and departs. Chiku gets out of bed in the morning. When she sees Nupur, she yells. She chastises her. The children awaken. Chiku argues with Nupur and then flees. Nupur notices the passage of time. She returns home. Milind and everyone else are waiting for her.

Nupur approaches Milind and says, “Milind, I…” He asks, “Are you sorry? You didn’t come home all night, and I’m tired of hearing your apology.” She apologizes, saying, “I’m really sorry, I fell asleep while putting the kids to bed.” What do you want, Aai says you slept, Milind couldn’t sleep because of you? Kamini mocks Nupur. Nupur confronts her. Subodh reminds her to mind her manners.

Kamini, according to Nupur, has forgotten about humanity. Milind says that enough is enough, and Kamini is correct. Milind cried a lot because of you, Aai says; you weren’t my choice, but I accepted you; he was happy with you; he isn’t happy now; you are hurting him. Milind and Nupur have a disagreement. She says that you understand me the best, that I’m a real mother, that I’m not playing a mother’s game, and that if I help the kids, someone will help Payal. He says you want to prove that it’s not just you who is hurt; I’m her father, and I’m also hurt; can’t you see Aai and dad’s pain? Can’t you see my pain? I lost my daughter and wife as well. Nupur says, “I can see the pain, why can’t you see that I’m not an enemy of this house?” Nupur wants Payal to return. He says that if you want us to feel like parents, we’ll have another baby and start over. Your baby, according to Aai, can bring happiness into the home.

Milind inquires about Nupur’s readiness to have a child. Nupur says no, you can’t think that until I find Payal. Aai chastises her. Nupur says that I cannot defraud Payal. Milind says that you are self-centered; you only care about yourself and do not consider others; otherwise, you would not have refused to give me this happiness. She says that Payal is not a toy that can be replaced, and that she will be found and returned to her. He says that by ignoring our marriage and family, you are choosing to be stubborn. She says, “No, I’m choosing Payal; the day I get her back, you’ll understand; until then, think of anything you want.” She walks away.

Nupur is praised by the children. Chiku predicts that I will beat Nupur in the dance competition. Chiku is learning to dance. Sulab pauses the music. He says that you are not permitted to practice here. Chiku says I’ll practice in some way. We’ll play, according to Tanki. Sulab invites anyone who wants Chiku to lose to come and sit. The kids clash with Chiku. She trips and falls. The kids say you’re not going to win. Nupur and Chiku offer their prayers to Bappa. Rangoli also cries and prays to Bappa. She says, “I will punish you for your mistake, I will leave the worship, I will fight Nupur without you, and I swear to burn anyone who gets in my way.” Chiku places a chain on the ground. She accepts it. She mentions mum’s locket, implying that mummy has arrived. She sobs. Episode end.

Precap: Chiku says she got away from Mummy. Rangoli arrives and greets her. She says you must bring all of the children out. Chiku and Nupur embrace. She believes I will follow Rangoli’s advice.

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