Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 25th September 2021 Written Update


Read Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 25th September 2021 Written Update: Chiku Accepts The Dance Challenge

Nupur, according to Chiku, is a bad aunty. Nupur is praised by the children. Chiku says to be a child thief. The kids compare her to Devimaa. Rangoli said this is a ghost house, so you can forget her, but I know she’s sad. Nupur makes laddoos with coconut. Chiku, according to Tanki, will not become Dadi amma. The children perform a dance. Chiku believes Nupur performed a miracle by feeding the coconut laddoos. My magical laddoos, according to Nupur, are ready. Reema says that its magic cannot save the children or Chiku. Chiku notices this and declares that I was correct. Nupur goes in search of kesar. She says that the magic effect will be incomplete without her. Nupur dials Milind’s number. He doesn’t respond. He tells Aai, “I’ll talk to Nupur when she gets back.” Nupur’s car tyre blows out.

Rangoli walks over to get the purse. She pauses and considers the keys’ impression. Nupur calls Reema to inform her that my car tyre has been punctured. Chiku decides to toss the coconut laddoos. She considers eating one. She comes to a halt and discards the laddoos. Nupur and her entourage arrive. Nupur chastises her for hurling the laddoos. Chiku says you’ve already performed magic on them. Nupur inquires as to what you are saying. Chiku says that you used magic to control them, and that I will make you lose the dance competition and return my friends to mummy; this will happen tomorrow, and I will win. Nupur says, “You’re a kid, I’m your mummy in dance, it’s not easy to beat me, best of luck.” Chiku is chastised by the kids for throwing the laddoos. Chiku says, “I’m not jealous of you; I love you all.” They’re all arguing.

Rangoli is defended by Chiku. Flower questions why you accepted the dance competition without informing us. Chiku predicts that we will win the competition. Flower says that if you win, we will accompany you; otherwise, you must stay with us. Chiku concurs. They request that she practice alone. Reema inquires if you spoke with Milind. Milind is waiting for Nupur. Reema suggests that you stay at home for a while because she does not want your relationship to suffer as a result of the home reform. Nupur assures her that she need not be concerned. She notices the children who are unable to sleep. She asks to see Reema. She informs Milind that she has work and will be delayed for an extended period of time. Aai invites Milind to dinner, but Nupur refuses because she dislikes him. Milind says that I am no longer hungry. Aai believes that small things can derail a relationship. Kamini believes I will cause schisms between them. Subodh says he agrees with you. Nupur approaches the children and sings a lullaby to them. Chiku believes I heard a lullaby. Rangoli appears there. Nupur puts everyone to sleep. She sleeps while hugging Chiku. Aai puts Milind to sleep. Rangoli notices Nupur and Chiku together.

Precap: Chiku and Nupur are competing in a dance competition. Chiku collapses and loses. She is concerned. Nupur is embraced by the children. Milind predicts that we will have another child. Nupur flatly refuses. Milind asks her to consider where she wants to go; she must either continue her search for Payal or end her relationship with him.

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