Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 24th September 2021 Written Update: Nupur Keeps A Condition For Chiku

Nupur has awoken from a deep sleep. She notices Milind dozing on the couch. She notices the smoke and asks as to what it is. She is taken aback when she sees the toys on fire. Kamini wonders how this fire got started. Nupur says you did it. Kamini says that I did not do this, that I simply kept the toys here and that I will get water. She goes on to say that you will see Payal’s favorite doll burn. Chiku and Sulab are concerned. They are terrified when they see the rats. Nupur notices Payal’s doll. She pours water on the fire and extinguishes it. Sulab collapses. Chiku yells. Nupur receives her chain. She says that something is wrong and that it is a sign. Rangoli has returned home. She calls out Chiku’s name. She doesn’t notice Chiku or Sulab. She receives Chiku’s drawing. She explains that it means they went to Nupur on their own volition. Chiku says that no one can help me and that I must help myself. She tries to climb but falls. Nupur visits the NGO. She says that something is wrong and that the children are in trouble. Chiku says a prayer. She progresses upwards. Nupur walks in and notices her. She asks as to your well-being. Sulab, according to Chiku, is inside.

Nupur is taking care of Chiku in the morning. Chiku sees her when he opens his eyes. She says that she did not bring you here, but that you came here on your own. Chiku says it’s a haunted house, and I need to see my friends. Nupur requests that she rest. Chiku says, “Stop pretending to care about us; I know my friends are here; I will save them; tell me where they are.” Nupur says that you talk a lot. Chiku asks, “Are you all right?” Nupur says, “Be quiet, and come.” Chiku notices her friends having a good time. She says they are content here. Nupur asks, “What are you thinking?” Chiku asks how you controlled them, you will sacrifice them now, let us go home, mummy is waiting, you do magic, you are very bad, don’t say anything about my mum, she did a lot for me and my friends, my real mum had thrown me away, she hates me, Rangoli mummy loves me

Rangoli says it was my fault; Nupur mistook me for weak and took the children; I will return the children. Chiku says we’ll return to Mummy. Nupur responds, “Fine.” Chiku asks if you will let us go. Nupur says yes, if you think I’m bad, you can go, but I have a condition: stay here for two days with your friends, if you like dance, dance as much as you want, I’m sure you’ll realize this isn’t a ghost house, but an NGO, we’ll hold a dance competition, if you win, you can go with your friends, otherwise you’ll have to stay here with me. Chiku says, “I didn’t come to compete; I’m leaving right now.” She visits her friends. Milind is still upset. He does not return Nupur’s call. Nupur says that I didn’t tell him anything before coming because he was sleeping. Reema invites her to return home. Sulab and Chiku embrace the children. The kids wonder if Nupur brought you here; she’s good. Chiku says that because she acts sugary, she will always be a bad aunty. Flower says no, because she, like Devi, gave us new clothes. According to the locals, we have a lot of toys here. Signal says we can have as many chocolates as we want here. Episode end.

Precap: Tanki tells Nupur not to call back. Nupur says she stole us from Mummy. Nupur and Chiku have a disagreement. Nupur’s challenge is accepted by Chiku. Nupur sings Chiku a lullaby and sleeps with her.

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