Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 23rd September 2021 Written Update


Read Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Chiku Reaches The Orphanage

Chiku making a prayer to Bappa. Nupur says, “I tried to give the kids a good life; what’s your problem with that?” Milind says I’m willing to make a donation to the orphanage, but your obstinacy today would have harmed Aarav and Vivaan. Nupur says I won’t let that happen because I believe my efforts to assist the children will help me reach my Payal. He says you want to find her, who had lost her, it is important to remind you, we lost Payal because of your carelessness, you were so caught up in your dance that you didn’t realize when you lost Payal, you regret it and quit dancing, but how long will you pay for this, Payal left, she will never return. Nupur believes you are correct; I, too, believed I was to blame for her disappearance; however, I will never give up hope of finding her. She walks away. Chiku notices the game. She fantasizes about defeating the devil Nupur. She says a prayer. Rangoli sobs. She envisions Tanki returning home. She notices Nupur and declares, “I will kidnap your children.”

She screams, “No!” She says, “I’m not going to let you take my kids.” Chiku tells me that I must save my friends and return them to Nupur. Rangoli claims that I will re-unite my family. Chiku says I need to reunite the family and go to the orphanage. Sulab says you got mad, so I’m not going with you; mummy made you a star, so I’ll handle your affairs. She says we have to go there for our family, we both love mummy, right, you become the star performer next time, promise, will you assist me? He concurs. She assures me that I will reclaim my friends. Rangoli says I’ll go to the orphanage and pick up my children. Chiku and Sulab hide in the box and attempt to enter the orphanage. The guards are present. Sulab is terrified of the rat. Chiku puts a stop to his yelling. The guards proceed to inspect the bin.

Rangoli arrives at the orphanage and scales the gate. The guards rush over to investigate. Rangoli is apprehended. She flees the scene. Chiku and Sulab gain access to the orphanage. Savitri trips when she steps on the toy. Kamini is holding her. They are aware of the toys on the table. Kamini says Nupur got the gifts for the orphanage kids; I thought she had asked you; I know you think of her as a daughter, but she doesn’t think of you as a mother or Saas. Savitri asks that she take the toys away. Kamini claims she has no idea who mixed Payal’s doll with these toys. Chiku and Sulab are terrified of going inside. Sulab says, “Just follow me, it’s not a ghost house, come.” He trips and falls. Chiku searches for him. She also trips and falls. The drain lid was closed by the guards. Sulab and Chiku yell for assistance. Episode end.

Precap: Nupur looks after Chiku. Chiku says, “Leave my friends alone; they need to go home.” Nupur instructs her to take a look at her friends. She says we’ll hold a competition, and if you win, you can take them home; otherwise, you’ll have to stay here with me.

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