Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 21st September 2021 Written Update


Read Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 21st September 2021 Written Update: Nupur Looks For The Kids

Children asking Tawde to bring them to the utsav Ganesh. They’re frightening him of Rangoli. He agrees with them and takes them. He asks them to take Bappa’s Darshan and come quickly. Chiku and children are praying. They’re running and hiding. Tawde is looking for them. Things looks for them. Rangoli’s waking up. Wakes up. She doesn’t see anyone, she doesn’t see anyone. She says that by crossing this line, you have all made a big mistake. Chiku says my team’s this. The man says that you are four, that you have five. You’re looking for Flower. Flower yells and calls them. Rangoli is calling Ganpat. Ganpat. She’s finding his phone on the left. Ganpat’s going to have Joshi family number, she asks where do I find it. Nupur asks Flower to find somebody. My friends, Flower says. Flower says. Nupur says that I’m finding Reema, my friend, who’s your friends. Flower says names. Flower tells names. She asks you to know Chiku. She asks you. Nupur says you’re going to help me find my friend, I’m going to help you find your friends. Chiku is running and searching for Flower. Rangoli is calling the house of Joshi. Kamini answers. Answers. Rangoli tells you that your bahu is trying to kidnap my children. I won’t leave them all. She threatens her. She threatens her. Kamini thinks. Kamini thinks. Subodh asks who it was calling. Kamini says it’s an opportunity, where Aarav and Vivaan are.

You did what you said, Reema says Nupur. Flower is asked to sit in the bus. I’m going to find all your friends, Nupur says. Chiku and friends are worried about that. Reema asks Nupur to go home, Savitri gets upset. This time Nupur says, Milind is with me, he’s going to handle it all. Milind calls Nupur. Nupur. Bhojan is sitting for pandits. Milind says call cannot be reached. Savitri ji says Pandit, you know that someone who did puja was supposed to serve the food. Milind says I was in the puja too, I’m going to serve the food. Pandit says women have a food service obligation. Milind asks if women have all the duties, if a husband has no duty, let me fulfill my duty. He serves the pandits food.

Kamini shouts and cries to my kids. Reema and Nupur are seeing Chiku and their children. Nupur says that this place is their world, we must win their faith. Kamini says somebody abducted Vivaan and Aarav. Aai gets shocked. Shocked. She asks you’ve been looking everywhere. Subodh says yes, we haven’t found it. Kamini signs him. Kamini signs him. Aai concerns. Aai worries. Milind says they might have gone out. Subodh says that I have checked them, nobody knows. He remembers asking the children not to go anywhere until he arrives. He locks the door. He locks the door. Kamini says the woman threatened me with kidnapping my children. Milind asks what. What. If the bahwi family of Joshi steals the local children, she tells her, then she takes the children of this family, I thought she was telling me, then I understood she was talking about Nupur. Milind says she doesn’t. She said about Chand basti, Kamini says she did not tell her name. Chiku says we’re going to find Flower and compete. Rangoli throws Tawde water. She’s getting angry.

Aai says perhaps Nupur has stolen the children to take them to NGOs. Milind says Nupur doesn’t do that, we’re going to go to Chand Basti to know the truth. Kamini thinks that Nupur is poor. Nupur asks her children to come, Flower is with her. Rangoli Tawde scolds. She asks where my children went, tell me. I took them to the pandal of Ganpati, he says, they insisted, I don’t know where they went. She says that I’m going to see them. He says they are not there. He says they’re not there. She goes. She goes. Tanki and Chiku are looking for their friends. When we get separated, then Tanki says… our family is going to break. Chiku says that will not happen. This will not happen. She hugs Tanki. She hugs Tanki. She tells us that nobody can separate us, keep holding my hand.

Precap: in a pandal are Nupur and Reema. Rangoli sees her. She sees her. She’s applying color to her face. Chiku looks at Nupur. Rangoli Nupur scolds. Chiku says we haven’t found any kids.

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