Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 20th September 2021 Written Update


Read Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 20th September 2021 Written Update: Rangoli Seeks Ganpat’s Help

Rangoli saying we’re not stealing, we are snatching rich rights, it’s not wrong. Nupur says all right, I’m just asking a mother, please let me help the kids, they’re going to have a good life, good home, good food, study, they’ll always be your children. Rangoli says that I am here, don’t come here again, to make their lives better. She warns Nupur, she warns. Nupur says I don’t worry about you, I’m going to do anything to improve children’s lives, you don’t have the right to spoil their lives. Reema comes there. Reema comes there. Rangoli leaves and goes from Nupur. Reema asks what happened. What happened? Nupur says she has been a children’s leader, I took the risk, I’m going to do what she told me to do, I’m going to free her kids, Ganpati will be happy for Chiku and the kids, are you with me. Reema holds her hand. Reema holds her hand. Rangoli comes home. Rangoli comes home. She’s getting angry. She says I’m going to show you what I can do with my children. The children are trying to read the form. Someone helps them. Someone helps them. Chiku says it’s a challenge, read the whole shape and tell us about it. He read it for them. He reads it for them. Kamini and Aai have a conversation. Nupur is coming downstairs. Kamini is gossiping over Nupur. Aai says today we’ve got Ganpati puja at home. She asks Kamini to look at the bhog. Nupur gets a call from Reema. Nupur answers. Answers. I got a lead from Avinash, sent an inspector to the town, we are going to get the children. Nupur tells me to come in his imp. She says Aai, I gotta go, she’s going to go Ganesh utsav, I’m going to come sometime. She’s leaving. Pandit asks Savitri to call the puja couple. Aai says Nupur and Milind are going to sit this year. Nupur hears it and stops. It stops. The man Tawde is an officer. He’s asking children to study like him. Ganpat comes to the house of Rangoli. He sees the mess. He sees the mess. She sits crying, she sits crying. He’s asking what’s going on. She said she saw what she did. I left for a while, I returned to see this mess. Some people are jealous of me and the children, I’m going to pack the bags and leave with the children. He asks her to be attentive. She gets hurt. She gets hurt. He cares for her, he cares for her. No one can harm you and your children until I’m here, he says, don’t worry. She hugs him. She hugs him.

Kamini gets furious to see Nupur. She says you’ve done right, Milind and Nupur are supposed to do puja. Subodh says that at least they should have asked us why you agreed. Kamini says I’m going to take vengeance, I’m waiting for the right opportunity. Reema sees the children. She calls Nupur and says many children are here, come quickly. Nupur says, like every year, Aai, Subodh and Kamini can do a puja. Kamini’s wondering why not. Aai says I knew it’s going to be an obstacle to this utsav in our puja. Milind says I’m going to talk to the marketing team, don’t worry. Family is imp rather than company. Nupur and Milind are sitting in the puja. Chiku and the children are coming home. You’re hugging Rangoli. She says nothing happened, for your good. Nothing happened. Ganpat says they’re my guards, they’re going to protect you all. Chiku now thinks how we’re going to participate in the competition. Ganpat does not ask Rangoli to worry about it.

He asks when you slept in peace for the last time. Rangoli says don’t know that. Don’t know. He asks her to sleep. He asks her. She says I don’t have time to sleep, I must work hard for them, and I’m never going to leave them alone. She sleeps. She sleeps. He smiles. He smiles. He leaves his phone and goes there. Nupur is missing calls. She says Reema and her team are waiting, I must reach quickly. Ganpat asks Sulab, he’s going to pay the rent. No, mummy told us not to cross this line. Sulab says no. Ganpat says that I don’t know the landlord, I’ll say to Rangoli that I’ve taken you, come with me. He asks Tawde to watch the children. They’re leaving. Children look on. Children look on. Aai asks you where you go. Nupur says I was thinking about going and seeing the utsav, puja is over. Aai says we must keep pandit bhojan. Kamini’s going to handle this, Milind says. Aai says Nupur’s going to do that. Pandit says someone who does the puja must handle the bhojan. Milind says Nupur is going to come before time for bhojan. Aai says okay, if you want to argue. Nupur says I’m going to certainly come. She thanks and goes to Milind. Chiku’s going to get an idea.

Precap: Reema and Nupur are finding their children and taking them to the bus. Nupur is taking the children and searching for Chiku. Rangoli says I’m not going to let her take my children anywhere.

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