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Episode start: Rangoli coming to talk to the kids. She claims that we are stealing our rights, and that if I can’t pay the rent because of you, Kaka will come and ask us to leave, return to our family, and become stars. Chiku sobs. Rangoli says, “I’m talking to you,” and she invites you to join her. She instructs Sulab to have Chiku clean the house so that he can be the star of the event. He cracks a smile. Chiku says a prayer. She claims I have a plan for tomorrow. Nupur expresses gratitude to Bal Gopal for the day. She says a prayer. Sulab is teaching the children in the morning. Rangoli requests that Sulab teach Tanki. Tanki asks Chiku to teach them because she is an excellent teacher. Sulab claims that Chiku has been punished, and that he will punish you as well. Tanki and Flower are punished by Rangoli. She takes some children to get them some ice cream. Nupur prepares herself. She calls Reema and asks her to bring the kids home. She prepares herself. She receives Chiku’s note. Chiku prepares herself. Nupur claims it’s the same girl I was looking for, and she has my ghungroo. Chiku hides when he sees Sulab outside the house. Nupur dials Reema’s number. She says I’m going to meet her. Reema claims that meeting her there will be dangerous. Nupur assures me that nothing will happen, that everything will be fine, and that I will attend the class. Nupur’s departure is noticed by Maid. She sends a message to Kamini. Kamini believes Nupur has left the house; my plan will be cancelled; and Nupur will not attend the class if we leave early. Sulab is enlisted by Tanki and Flower. Chiku flees and hides. Nupur arrives at the location to meet Chiku. She notices Chiku there.

Chiku smiles as he looks at her. Sulab and Rangoli are preoccupied with children. Don’t get too close, says Chiku. Nupur says, “Fine, your name is Chiku, it’s written in this chit, and it’s a lovely name.” Chiku responds, “I know, I called you to give you this ghungroo, you had put it in my bag to do magic on you, you asked me not to steal, and since then I haven’t been able to steal.” Nupur asks, “What can’t you do?” Chiku refers to stealing.

Sulab claims Chiku has caused a lot of trouble for mummy. Nupur, according to Tanki, did this with Chiku. Sulab inquires as to who and what it is. Rangoli says, “Don’t fool me, tell me what you’re up to.” Ask your friends, Nupur says I didn’t do magic on purpose. Chiku tells the storey of her friends. Rangoli returns home to check on Chiku. She inquires as to where Chiku has gone. Chiku, according to Tanki, went behind the neighbourhood near the mango tree. Chiku tells about Rangoli, her mother; the children were abandoned by their biological mothers, but mummy raised them all. Nupur wonders who the lady is. Chiku tells the storey of her friends. She claims that she is not afraid of anyone, that we all receive mummy’s love, that we are beaten up if she becomes angry, and that she is afraid of her anger. Nupur believes that while this lady is the gang’s leader, these children have a right to a good life as well. Chiku claims that all she wants is her mother’s love, not beatings, and that she is willing to steal if she is released from the spell. I’m sorry, I have to do something, idea, you like coconut laddoo right, I saw you trying to eat it, I have a box in my car, tell me what it has. Chiku recommends coconut laddoos. Nupur says you can have many, that I will take you somewhere, that you and your friends will be able to dance, and that there will be many good things. Chiku wonders if we’ll be able to get clothes like yours. Nupur sobs and says, “Yes, dear, many clothes, and ghungroo as well, will you come with me?” Chiku runs to hug Nupur after seeing a tree branch fall. Nupur beams. Rangoli and Sulab arrive. They notice Nupur and Chiku. She claims Nupur has filed a police report, that she wants to separate me from my family, and that I will see her. Nupur asks if you want to accompany her. Episode end.

Precap: Sulab captures Chiku and brings her home. Rangoli chastises Chiku. Nupur assures me that I will meet Chiku soon. Aai scolds Nupur and is attacked. Milind makes Nupur promise that she will never go to a dance class again. Rangoli convinces Chiku that she will never meet Nupur.

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