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Episode start: She has to return her gungroos by praying to meet Nupur. She’s watching Nupur go in her car. She calls her out. She calls her out. Nupur stops looking at the jam in the car. Following the car, Chiku runs. Nupur drives off. Drives off. She gets to the orphanage. Kamini follows her and tells her what she’s doing here. Chiku’s coming and telling me that I never ran as much, where’s the aunty. Kamini sees the children teaching Nupur dance. There’s a paper from Chiku. She’s going to get an idea. She says I’m going to write a letter to Nupur and to call her in my place. She gets a stick and takes the colour of the tilak. But I don’t know how to write. Guard’s wondering what. She says my mom asked me to write a letter asking Devimaa for something, but I don’t know how to write now. She’s acting to weep. I’m going to write your letter, he says. She thanks him. She thanks him. He asks her to say. He asks her to say. He’s writing the letter. She tells me to write… meet me, if you want to get back the gungroos.

She thanks him. She thanks him. She puts in the car the letter. It’s in the bag. She says I’m going to be the star of my mummy again. Nupur cheered on a girl. Even if she doesn’t have her legs, she asks her to dance. The girl thanks and embraces her. Reema smiles. Reema smiles. Nupur says I’ll teach you all dance, I promise. Kamini looks on. Kamini looks on. She’s calling Subodh. She’s asking you’re alone. He says no. He says no. Don’t say anything, she says Nupur has a friend, Reema, she has NGOs, here send a bulldozer, don’t tell Aai and Milind, her time to get your lost position back. Rangoli concerns. Rangoli concerns. I found the same earrings you liked, Ganpat says. She says oh all right. He’s asking why you’re not happy. You are an inspector, she says I am Rangoli. Ganpat Rao Patil, you’re afraid of the thieves. She suggests someone to him and asks him to go. He leaves. He leaves. She calls someone and asks him to park a car in front of the house next door.

Tanki is coming and Chiku hugs. He says you’re back, in the temple, we got your bag. Chiku says I’ve forgotten it, I’ve been running after Nupur. Tanki asks she did anything. She asked. Chiku tells me I asked her not to magically do it on me, but gungroo was left in the bag. Sulab is coming and commanding the children. He asks Chiku to purify the house. I like to meet my old friends, Nupur says. Aai says good. Aai says good. Kamini says you’d love it. Aai asks Nupur to leave Milind. Nupur gets a call from Reema. Reema said there is a problem, we can’t dance, some people came with a bulldozer, they’ve got some work to repair the road. Kamini says I took physiotherapy tomorrow, we can take father as well. Aai says okay. Nupur says I got a dance class spot, goddamn. Aai goes. Aai goes. Kamini thinks Aai’s going to see you tomorrow dancing. Chiku is asking the children to help her. Sulab and Rangoli are coming. Episode end.

Precap: Chiku says that I want love for my mummy, I can steal things again if you don’t do any magic about me. Nupur is asking her to join her. Rangoli sees and gets angry with them.

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