Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Nupur Wants To Help Chiku

Episode start: Nupur sends Milind a message of thanks. I thought I would spend time with Nupur, Milind says. Aai asks him to cook Nupur food. Nupur comes home. Nupur comes home. Aai says nobody in this house will talk about dance. She says I’m teaching children dance in NGOs. Aai says Payal got out of us for dancing. Nupur thinks that I understand your pain, but to find Payal, I’m not going to hurt you by telling you that. Chiku recalls the words of Rangoli. She hears the sound of the starvation and is frightened. She’s running away.

Subodh and Bhabhi’s brother Milind argue. She says that, by making Aai angry with Nupur, we should pull Aai and Milind away and find something against Nupur. Molind is asking Nupur to sit down. He says that tonight I will cook dinner, let’s go back to old times. Nupur says wow. Nupur says wow. She gets an ACP call. She says that I don’t want to talk about Payal, but she’s a girl from somebody else, I think she’s part of some gang of thieves. Chiku is frightened of the gungroo. Nupur hears Bhabhi talk on call. She thinks it’s something Nupur does, but what. Nupur requests that ACP Avinash find the girl. Chiku says after me there’s a ghost. The children are frightened. Chiku runs. Chiku runs. The starvation sound frightened everyone.

Sulab stops her and says that for no reason you’re scaring them. He goes. He goes. The children are frightened and shout ghost. ACP meets Nupur. He says I’m going to find the starvation. She tells me I’d like to find the girl. He calls and gives the case to Ganpat. Ganpat says that I’m going to see. Rangoli asks what this is. He says the continuing case, I’m a policeman, I can’t tell you. Rangoli says you’re going to solve this case. She tells me what he was telling about the children, I have something to find. The candle light dinner is decorated by Milind. He’s expecting Nupur.

When it gets late, he’s sad. Chiku’s ghost walks and screams. She’s sitting in an angle. Thanks, Nupur says, I’m going to leave now. ACP asks why you are interested in the children of the town. Nupur says that I don’t know, perhaps the wish of God. The children are trying to help Chiku get rid of the fantasy. They hear starving sound and screaming. Rangoli says that today there are no lights. She hears the children yell at home. She comes home. She comes home. The children are afraid to see her in the dark and run away. The hungry people fall away from Chiku’s bag. Episode end.

Precap: Chiku says I told her to come and take the starvation. She asks Nupur to take the starvation. I’m going to take you with me, Nupur says you like to dance. Chiku hugs her. Chiku hugs her. Rangoli is looking on. Looks on.

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