Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 11th September 2021 Written Update


Read Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Nupur Wants To Find Chiku

Episode Start: Milind is coming to Nupur. He sees Chiku. He sees Chiku. Nupur’s not watching the pic. He’s asking Nupur to come here. Chiku goes to take starvation. Nupur pats on her hand and says stealing is wrong, remember. Remember. She takes the starvation. She goes. She goes. He’s wondering who this girl is. Nupur says that she doesn’t know, she’s a beautiful girl. Chiku says we’ve got to get love. She’s talking to the children. The picture falls. There come Rangoli and Saurabh. They see security. They see security. She gets a helper disguise. Rangoli finds children. Children. She’s asking Tanki who got him. He says Chiku got us. He says he got us. Tanki yells and tells you that she has done this for you. She’s wondering what. She says Kaka is going to threaten you with rent, Chiku said that we ought to help you, she got us to get money. Rich people said that they are going to give charity to poor people.

She did this for me, Rangoli says. Family pose Joshi for family pic. Chiku thinks her rights should be snatched. The family talks about the starvation deal. Milind says gungroos have with it the memory of Payal. Rangoli looks on. Rangoli looks on. Chiku goes to get the starvation. Rangoli is asking Tanki to take action. He’s fainting. Nupur and everybody is going to see him. Rangoli yells and says he’s my son. Chiku thinks that Tanki is helping me. Rangoli is performing a drama. Aai gives her a lakh of rupees and treats her son. Rangoli is taking the money. The money. Chiku thinks we have mummy charity, I should leave. The starvation drops into her bag. She’s leaving. Aai says we’re going to help poor children. Nupur you see starvation missing. She sees Chiku go with the starvation. Stop shouting nupur. It runs after Chiku. After Chiku. The starvation drops down the bag. Nupur gets the starvation. In the car, Rangoli takes the children. They’re leaving. Chiku looks at Nupur.

Children are trained for dance by Rangoli. Nupur also teaches the children of the orphanage to dance. Nupur ends Chiku’s class thinking. Reema asks how soon you got to finish the class, we can’t find it so soon, where your other starvation is. Nupur says somebody’s taken my gungroo, she’s not a thief, she’s a girl, she’s Payal age, she’s starving and eat cocoon laddoo, she’s taking my gungroo in her bag. I think it’s a theft, Reema says. Nupur says Elders make children steal, a small boy is here, he’s been acting unwell, his mother has played a drama, Aai gave her money. Reema says that you know what you say, I’m sure the kids are part of a racket. Rangoli says it will be our biggest robbery, the ring will be very expensive, we’ll go to a big house and live a good life.

The children agree. Tell me in detail, Nupur says. Reema says do not lose focus. Do not lose focus. Nupur says I’m supposed to find and help the girl, she’s going to get me close to pay. Reema is asking what the logic is. Nupur says someone will help Payal if I help her. Reema says well, a leader’s like these children, leaders are dangerous, they take responsibility for children and make them do the wrong job. Chiku says Rangoli, you’re the main star, you’ll always receive my love if you do this for me. Sure, Chiku says. Rangoli hugs her. She hugs her. Sulab gets jealous, he gets jealous. Rangoli says Chiku is going to distract everyone through her dance. She trains Chiku. She trains.

Reema says leaders are punishing the children and also torturing them. Chiku recalls the words of Nupur. She thinks what happened to me, what happened to me. Rangoli scolds her. Scolds her. Chiku says something to me about that aunty. Rangoli asks you what she said. Chiku tells her it’s a sin to steal. Rangoli asks that she is your mother, I’m taking care of you, listening to me, you’re not going to work with us. She gets angry and goes to Chiku. Chiku tells Nupur that it happened. Episode End.

Precap: Nupur says that the girl is from the age of Payal, perhaps a part of the gang of thieves. Inspector says I’m going to find your starvation. Nupur says I want to find and assist the girl.

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