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Day 39 8:00 A.M .
Everyone wakes up to you and I dancing. Neha’s angry. Shamita hugs her. Shamita hugs her. Nishant and Shamita dances. Hugs Neha. Hugs Neha.

11:45 A.M.
Pratik says I was thinking I’d sort it out. I told Neha Nishant to talk to you. You both began to fight. Nishant says you say someone’s statement and when it happens to you, you react. You can’t put me in a particular position, I’m not saying it’s wrong. I’ve been angry and I don’t care about that. Can you think what you like? Pratik says I wasn’t waiting for a battle.

13:30 P.M
Nishant says today I’m going to be a robot. Divya says from where are you going to get steel? He says only from the mind. Whose truth do you want to know? Press button. Press button. Divya says Raqesh. Divya says. He says system mistake. Does Divya ask whether she’s a bossy? Nishant says yes, he says yes. She asks she’s crying a lot? Nishant says yes, he says yes.

Shamita says Nishant should stay normal. It’s been the last couple of days. Neha says he told me a lot. I’m done. I’m done. Nishant arrives at Shamita and says that I’m a robo kutti. You can do anything for me. She tells Neha to sort it out. He says I’m not going to speak to her. I’m not programmed to. She says you’re not a robot, she says. He says I am. He says I am.

15:15 P.M .
Divya says you’re all in the final week and you know only one person is going to win. You have an opportunity to say who you think should win. Call the person you don’t think deserves a discussion. Discussions will take place. The rest of the prisoners put their thumbs on the person they want to win.

15:30 P.M .
All of them are sitting down for the task. Bigg Boss says Nishant has the first opportunity to do that. Nishant says I’d like to call Shamita for a discussion. She says you’re saying yours and I’m telling mine. Nishant says I’m the choreographer first. It’s a game, you can’t win by yelling. You have a mind to use. You must demonstrate your personality. I’ve been working very hard. I’m very worth winning. Shamita’s not worth this show. She made her a glass house.

Shamita says I played the game 100% of my way. For me, Nishant was manipulative. He played well. He played well. Nishant says you didn’t give any input. Shamita says I’ve always stood up for the wrong thing. Nishant says you’re never standing up to your friends. Shamita says you’re talking again about MOose? I apologised whenever it was brought to me. Nishant says after doing something you can’t apologise? Shamita tells you bth at the end of the day about people and conversations with the same people. That’s not great. That’s not great. I admit I bth, Nishant says. Shamita says you excused Neha? Nishant says you talked about a part of the body too. You don’t know the context, Shamita says. Shamita says Moose didn’t go to bed with a bra with Neha. She does the same, I said. How can he get a problem? You can’t explain it now, Nishant says. You’re not listening well. Neha tells you all about that. I’m talking to her, Nishant says.

Blissful buzzer. Divya and Pratik put Nishant on their thumb. Raqesh and Neha have put Shamita on it.

16 P.M .
Shamita says he’s so gross. He continues to bring the same thing over and over. Nishant says what this lust is to Pratik? Nishant, Moose, and Divya have been sitting, says Pratik. I wasn’t part of this conversation, Nishant says. Pratik says the connection is over, but because of lust they’re together. Divya says that Moose said it because she didn’t like Neha out of jealousy. Nishant says that I haven’t been a part of it. Divya says it was not. Divya says he was not. Neha expects me to do something, Nishant says? What is she doing for me? What is she doing?

Shamita says he’s talking to me and then he’s telling me all these things. Neha says why a fake friendship with him should be there?

16:30 P.M .
Nishant tells Shamita whose things were there in the egg task? Shamita says I do not know. Shamita says I know not. My things had an egg. Pratik says that the point is that it might have been said lighter. Pratik says why yesterday it was brought back. Divya says it was dirty underwear. Pratik says that there is a worthy way to speak. Nishant says both of you are a mistake. Nishant says that it isn’t. Divya says it was digusting. It was digusting. This is a face. This is a face. Pratik says it’s an error. Divya just says sorry. Sorry. Divya says there’s my toothbrush, too. He says you’re in the holder to keep it. Don’t keep calling disgusting others. Such mistakes can also be repeated. Divya says I’m going to apologise if I leave something so disgusting.

16:45 P.M .
Neha shouts. Pratik says I’m sorry that you have to go through it.
Nishant doesn’t say Neha, it’s the wrong stand of Shamita. Neha’s not ready to hear. Neha says it’s unhygienic what I did. It is also unhygienic to leave clothes. But if you want to joke, it’s not a big thing. Raqesh says sorry and move ahead. Sorry. Divya says I’m never going to say sorry. Raqesh says it wasn’t something about which you ought to laugh. Neha says they’re continuing to talk about it. Raqesh says you’re going to Neha and telling her it’s not all right to do it. Let’s end this conversation, Pratik says. Leave this topic, please. Talk about it, here I’m going to shit. Talk about that. Talk about that. Nishant and Divya laugh.

17 P.M .
Divya gets an opportunity to debate. Since that’s my chance, she says that I’d choose Shamita. Shamita tells us why. The first thing Divya says about me is that I play with my heart and mind. I think I’m far better than Shamita and I’m right. My views are never prejudicial. The opinion of Shamita and the game were very biassed. You also talked outside about my relationship and accused me of very wrong things. This is an insult. This is an insult. I’m not what you liked me to depict. I don’t have to justify myself, Shamita says. The world saw what Divya is like and how I am. I’d like to cut short this week. Divya says my point won’t even be clear if I’ve been expelled before a family week. She’s so manipulative, she says. Divya’s telling you a girl body-shamed, Moose? Shamita says Moose felt bad because I only compared Neha to her. We make mistakes. We make mistakes. You apologise for the mistakes. I always did that. I always did that. This quality is running in loop, Divya says.

Blissful buzzer. I don’t want to vote, Raqesh says. Neha says that you can’t. Shamita says that I’ve come here for you and I’ve done it for you. You can’t tell me what’s wrong, Raqesh tells Neha. Nishant Divya votes. For Shamita, Neha and Pratik vote. How can you allow Nishant to vote for you, Neha says? He says why everybody’s hitting me? Don’t put me in this. Don’t put me in this. Shamita says you cannot back out. You can’t back out. Pratik says come on do it. Come on do it. I don’t want to, Raqesh says. I don’t like the situation. I don’t like the situation. Pratic says let me also remove mine. Pratik removes his. Pratik removes his. Shamita tells you what you’re doing?

17:30 P.M.
Shamita says let me be to Raqesh. He says that you are my friend and you are one. I can’t choose it. I can’t choose it. She says it’s the same for you? He says don’t compare. Don’t compare. Shamita says that your friend has been dragging me into it. Nishant tells Neha you wrong and tells people what to do. You’re a snake, she says. She says. He says you are. You coward, Neha says. Nishant says he looks at himself. Neha says he’s fighting on his face now, at least.

Divya says why are you sitting here to Raqesh? Why did you choose her, Raqesh says? She says I must. She says I must. He says I wouldn’t choose. She says this is your call. This is your call. Because you didn’t vote, I’m not going to be mad. It’s all right. Shamita says he didn’t choose me to Neha. His friend had me there. He got me there. Neha says you must select it for yourself. I can do nothing but stand by you. In life, I felt the same. You can’t be here for them if one person does so much for you. In my personal life, Shamita says, I’m looking for a solid man who stands next to me if I want to be with someone. I’ll move on if he doesn’t have that quality.

18 P.M .
Shamita is telling Raqesh I’m very clear about my friends. I’m very clear. Your mom could call her anapurna. But in my life, I don’t allow her. She is very rough. She is very rude. It doesn’t fit into my room. He says that’s all right. Shamita never tells me to force her. Raqesh says that I really value what you said and respect it. You have handled it maturely. I can see that trust and I liked it.

18:15 P.M.
Bigg Boss says Neha has an opportunity for discussion. Neha selects Divya. Neha says I want to win because I think here I’m a unique person. I don’t want to win Divya because she could be very rude and hurtful. She contradicts her own self, she contradicts. Her character changes. But everything can be limited. But she demeans so much people. The game cannot be played by humiliating people alone. She always bthes me.

I don’t think she should win, therefore. Divya says it was proved that I didn’t bth about Shamita when I was told on the weekend. I have accepted it wherever I bthed. She says don’t make Shamita faces. I’m speaking of my journey. Shamita says don’t look at me. Do not look at me. It’s called a drama, Divya says. I expected if there was someone in this house who would laugh and speak to me, nobody was willing to speak to me. Neha says that you never wanted to be with anybody. Nobody in this house has a magic wand. Divya says your humanity had been lost when Moose said that he didn’t make the dishes. All of you assaulted her. There I got to know. There I gotta know it. Neha says it happened to me the same thing. Who targeted you, Divya says? Divya says I targeted everybody here alone. Neha says that’s all right? Divya says it is. Divya says it is. Neha says I haven’t targeted anybody. Divya says yeah, here you made your army. I came to play my own trip here. Neha doesn’t say I did either. Divya You’re continuing to say that I’m not fighting, my friends do. My way was wrong. My way was wrong. After Pratik told me, I apologised. Divya always says you have to be told. Neha says, even after someone tells you, you don’t understand. Divya says I never cursed anyone. I never cursed anyone. Neha says I’ve finished the debate. I don’t want to win at all such a negative person. Divya also says that you’re negative. Neha says you put oil into my food, you made my underwear fun. Zeeshan had to go out because of you. Divya’s saying wow, he’s a grown-up. He’s not my child. He’s not my child. Neha says you’ve been playing with his heart. You make food and then give people your words to poison. Then Divya says that he doesn’t eat the food. Divya says that yesterday only Neha had the game. Shamita tells Neha to go.

Blissful buzzer. Nishant says it’s done well

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