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Episode start: Day 36:00 P.M: I know Raqesh’s going to cut mine, Neha says, but it was brutal. Why did all of them do this. Raqesh hugs Nishant and says he’s sorry. Praticism is hugging him. Nishant is teary. Nishant is teary. He cries. He cries. Praticism also criticises. I’m sorry bro, Pratik says. I had no option. I had no option.

20:45 P.M: Devolina and Rashmi are coming into the house. They are welcomed by everyone. Sit with who you want, Rashmi says. Divya says that now everybody can sit alone. Devolina says six days and six competitors. How are you feeling Nisho? He says I don’t know. I don’t know. Rashmi says don’t cry. Don’t cry. He says I’m going to be okay. I told Neha you make a connection as fake or as real as you are. My relationship with Moose was real. For me, it’s a shocker. Rashmi says that part of your trip. She says, but Pratik and Divya are the most real connection. Everyone laughs, everyone laughs. Devolina says we’re going to play your game with no filter. You must respond openly to our questions.

Devolina says Raqesh and Shamita are the first guests. Rashmi asks Shamita, do you think Nishant lost his ticket chance for the final? Shamita says it was a show-off and it was overconfidence like Karan. It was out of its nature. He performs all the tasks and gives 100%. Rashmi asks Raqesh. Rashmi asks. Nishant is unpredictable, he says. Do you agree with Shamita, Rashmi asks? He says fifty-fifty? Raqesh says I feel he did it for me. I feel he did it. Rashmi asks Nishant. Asks Nishant. Rashmi says that you get over-trust. Nishant says that I know the thin line between confidence and trust. I didn’t feel like I should do it, according to me. Devolina asks Raqesh if you were happy or sad after the connection broke? Have you felt free? He says I feel free. I feel free. Because of this connection, people saw me differently. It went on another level. Devolina says, but back then you were happy, too. He’s always saying I’m happy. Devolina asks Shamita. Shamita. She says that I agree with her. I also feel free. I feel free. A lot was said to me before that. Bossy, demeaning. Demeaning. I’ve been relieved. I wanted him to play his game, and I wanted him to let me play mine.

Devolina says that’s just because you were connected because big boss made it? Or was there a real link? Shamita says she was forced at the start. Together we had to play the game and made a fine bond. In the first week, he was confused. Both of us thought it didn’t work. Shamita also says he thought he’d make a better relationship with Divya. So I told him I do know, he didn’t know how to play. Let me plan. Let me plan. I began to look bossy in that process. Devolina questions were your genuine or feelings for the game? She says I don’t know about him, it was genuine for me. Raqesh says the connection was organic. Devolina says the same organic way has broken? He says that your thoughts become cloudy when you are together. Devolina asks are you all right to play solo? They both say they are, but they’re supportive.

Rashmi asks Shamita who wasn’t supposed to be here. Shamita says it’s hard for me to reply. Everyone has been playing and deserves to be here. Rashmi asks who deserves more? She says Zeeshan was unhappy. I would have tried to control him and not provoke a fight if I was in Divya’s place. Zeeshan was supposed to be and Divya was supposed to be out. Devolina says so you don’t think she’s worth it? Shamita says that I don’t say that. You said if one person was out and the other was supposed to be in it? Devolina is asking Raqesh. He says you all know my Pratik equation. I’m going to take his name. He doesn’t talk about that. He doesn’t talk about that. He’s very angry with me. One day, I’ll burst. When does Rashmi say that one day? Pratik says that vessels that are at least empty are better than spaces and unlogical things. I stand up for what’s right, at least. And I haven’t been s*xist. Raqesh says yes, it was right for him to get everybody’s final tickets. Rashmi says you’re pretty practising.

Devolina asks for Rakesh and Shamita. Will you sacrifice the trophy for Raqesh if you get a chance? And you say the same to Raqesh. Both of them say no. Devolina says something is brought by Nishant and Pratik from the store. Devolina is asking Shamita and Divya to stand. She says that we’re going to do OTT tasks now. See what Raqesh thinks about Shamita and Divya. Rashmi says no 50-50.

Devolina asks which one is not moving on? He says I don’t know much about Divya. So I don’t know. I don’t know. Devolina says you’ve been with her enough time. He says that our connection is not so profound. Divya says that I told Raqesh that I was move from the battle of Shamita and that I don’t like rebellion. Without going back, let’s start fresh. I don’t like that. I don’t like that. Then after Shamita came, Raqesh became calm. She told me why I got insecure? Devolina says Raqesh was asked. Raqesh says that in the water Divya’s head is because the same thing started again.

Who’s more stubborn, Rashmi asks? Divya says it. He puts her head in the water. He puts her head. He says she’s getting stubborn, too. Who’s more moody, Devolina says? He says Divya. He says Divya. Everyone laughs, everyone laughs. Then she’s happy, he says she gets emotional. Pratik says Shamita see that he knows so much about Divya. Then he says he doesn’t know her, he doesn’t know her. Raqesh says for me it doesn’t exist. Devolina asks who is disrespectful more. Divya’s placing her head in the water. Raqesh says Divya began the battle. Instigation began on her side. Devolina says we ask who’s more? He says they are both. Both have an equal struggle. He puts the two heads into the water. Who’s boring, Rashmi asks? He doesn’t say either. Then Rashmi says put your head into the water. Raqesh says that I don’t know, I don’t know. You’ve got to do it, Rashmi says. He says Divya. He says Divya. Who’s more interesting, does Rashmi ask? Shamita, he says. So Divya’s boring, does Rashmi say? I feel like Bigg Boss’s here, Divya says. Devolina asks who don’t you want to see in top 2? Raqesh says that I want Shamita. He places the face of Divya in the water. Who’s less hot, Devolina asks? Shamita says this is a false question. It’s a task, Devvolina says. He says that I’m going to drown them both. I’m less who. They ask what he’s going to say? Neha says he’s hot for Divya. She was a diva, he said. Divya says what you say. What do you say? Shamita is shocked. Shamita is shocked. I heard it too, Nishant says. Devolina says Raqesh is coming. He puts the face of Divya in the water. You’re not honest, Devolina says.

Devolina says Nishant gives this task a review. Divya’s a friend, he says. She will say nothing. She will say nothing. She would ruin his life if he said anything against Shamita. Shamita says I’m fed up to hear it. Between us, there is no third person. I don’t always have to defend it. Divya says why then are you at this show? She says that this week we’ve been through a lot. Everyone here has their views. I trust Raqesh. I trust Raqesh. Nishant says adorable. Divya says that we’re just chilling. See, I’ve also got a relationship. I’m here and he’s cool, we’re cool. If they love one another, no one can come between two people. It can drown my face. My face can drown. It’s all right. He’s my friend. He’s my friend. I’m going to save him from your screams. Raqesh says I like Shamita. We are two different people. Devolina says no one can see your feelings now. She said better. He says I am a different person. He is more expressive than me. He is more expressive than me. Here, I can’t change myself.

Rashmi says that. Divya is more like Raqesh in water. Of course, he says. Nishant and Neha are called by Rashmi. Devolina tells Nishant to start. She says say something about everyone. He says Raqesh gives up easily. He began to take connection seriously. Here’s not Raqesh playing a game. The way she carries herself, Shamita looks cool to me. She wants to play and she wants to say, she’s a power pack. I don’t know why she’s not talking now.

Pratik says she tries to find a link and make a bond with Divya. And Raqesh’s next because he doesn’t have a position. Devolina asks Divya whether she’d have a good relationship? She says it would have been good if we played well. But he would talk like a favour later. He wants people to always demonstrate friendships. He called the moose fake but still cut the wire of Neha. Pratik says that Neha was very unconditional to me. The two people who have worked hard are Nishant and me. Devolina asks Divya who is your hatred of love? Shamita says it.

Devolina asks you how these people enjoy? He’s asking Shamita Pratik?? Pratik tells us by weeping. By controlling, Divya says. Devolina is asking practises. Divya says that he’s a radio. Pratik says Divya. He says he’s asleep. Divya says he’s a Raqesh romantic. Nishant is funny, says Pratik. Divya says Neha’s dumb. Pratik says Neha’s insane. Rashmi says Divya felt lonely throughout. But you came by yourself here. You always said that you wanted somebody here, Devolina says. See we’ve got somebody for you.

Varun comes in. Varun comes in. Divya shouts. She rushes through the glass and kisses him. Both of them cry. I missed you so much, Divya says. Thank you for coming. Thank you for coming. I might hug you. I could hug you. She yells. She yells. Thank you Bigg Boss, Divya says. Thank you. Varun says it’s insane 24 hours a day. Varun talks about all. He says Nishant is very intelligent. Everybody’s a friend of his. He played very cleverly. I was like thank God when I saw Raqesh, I didn’t go to the show. But don’t yell. Keep yourself firm, keep yourself firm. Don’t be frightened. He says so much about Shamita about me. She says I’ve never told you about it. He says you did. He says you did. He says that as a player you are very strong. Don’t get personal. Don’t get personal. He says we struggled with Pratik in the last game. You were my friend. You were my friend. I’m always going to wish you good. But I was shocked that you weren’t becoming Divya’s friends. Sort it out. Sort it out. Divya says I’ve been trying. He says I know. He says I know. He says Divya when nobody was with you, you stood up. It was only Raqesh who came to you. Shamita said I’m aggressive about me, too? Some people prioritise the show more than anything. Shamita says we were friends for the first week and it was from the heart. She’s been assaulted a lot. I tried to save her, and she said that I control her. She got tough so I decided to stay away. I’ve been trying to mend, but she haven’t worked out. Varun says Divya remains strong. He hugs her in the glass and tells her to play with a smile no matter what anyone is saying. Divya is getting emotional. Emotional. He says I love you. He says I love you. Varun features leaves.

It’s time for us to leave, Devolina and Rashmi say. We will give this hindrance to the girl with our answers who won our hearts. This is Divya. They’re leaving.

23 P.M: Shamita says Pratik is totally away to Nishant. Raqesh is coming. He says I’ve finished this game. People think I’m confused. So I can’t be portrayed. I don’t like it. I don’t like it. I want to go out. I want to go out. Now I’m done to a different level. This is not my game. This is not my game. I might be wrong, but now I’m tired.

11:30 P.M: Shamita says I wanted to sort it out to Divya. It’s never been this way from my side, Divya says. I have no intentions. I have no intentions. I don’t want to talk about what he said, but you’ve seen how much I love him. Shamita says she’s adorable. I’m going to invite you to our wedding, Divya says. Raqesh says you’re so happy. Divya says I have nothing in my heart for Raqesh. Shamita says we want to sort it between us to Raqesh. He’s telling you guys to see and he’s leaving. Shamita says people call him spineless and confused. I don’t like it. I don’t like it. It affects him.

12:00 A.M: Shamita is sitting with Raqesh. He says I don’t want to talk anywhere. I can’t do that. I can’t do this. I am shaken. I am shaken. I’m being judged for all. I’ve been told I’m s*xist. I just tried to persuade Nishant. I’m tired. I’m tired. I can’t continue to put forward my point of degradation.

12:45 A.M: Shamita says practises to Neha As a friend, I tell you how your difference is with Raqesh, he is also human. He is told he’s not standing, he’s spinless. You’re not worth being here. This is offensive. Pratik says that I never called him dormant. I accept you as you are, Shamita says. Neha says Pratik didn’t say that. Raqesh was upset about his thing. Shamita says that it’s a big deal to say that you’re S*xist. Neha tells him that Karan said it. Shamita doesn’t mean it, she says. Then Neha says he ought to speak clearly. Shamita says he doesn’t want to be here, he says. Pratik says his heart cannot be seen by the audience. Neha says it won’t land anywhere.

1:30 A.M: I don’t know how to defend people I love, Shamita says. I want to see how he’s in the world outside. Right now Neha says that’s not the point. We’re here. We’re here. Shamita says that he thinks he has failed Shamita says that I’m not going to make a decision here in my mind. I want to know how he’s out. If he was wrong for me. If he is wrong for me. I’ll consider it if my family tells me it’s wrong, because they saw both sides. Episode end.

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