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Episode start: 34 Day 8:00 AM: Everyone is waking up to dance. Neha hugs practicality.

PM 8:45: Neha tells Nishant, I’ve been telling Raqesh, I like him and I don’t face much. It makes me mad when he does such things. His mind is not clearly understood, his friendships and priorities are not clear. Nishant says on this show he was confused. We struggle a lot outside as well. He gets confused. It gets confused. Neha says something and does something else. Neha says something. He continues to favour Divya and tries to demonstrate that she’s nice. Shamita loves him genuinely. Live love has been found in a hopeless place.

AM 9:30: Divya tells Nishant she wanted to take away the evil eye. Shamita said why are you like that if you are so nice? Divya tells me that you called me insecure. You’re experienced more than that. Shamita says I respect them if I see more experienced people. Divya says all right I’m going to give you a trophy. Moose and Nishant are laughing. Raqesh says who began disrespect. Raqesh both said. Both of them began fighting. Nishant says Neha asked me if he was outside like that. Shamita continues to ask me if he’s outside like that.

10:00 AM: Shamita says I’ve given my eyeliner to him. He doesn’t come back. Pratik says love is over. Love is over. Shamita says it wasn’t love. It wasn’t love. I liked him. I liked him. Let’s be clear. Let’s be clear. Love is not so fast. Love is not so fast. He says you are right. He says you are right. Neha says sometimes it does. Shamita says when I repeated what he said my book went up. Neha even says I got a bit mad. Shamita says he’s always trying to be diplomatic. Neha says this is the way this place is. So why were you nice to me for the first 4 weeks, Shamita says? Who talks like? Who talks like that? He’s very selfish.

AM 10:30: Moose asks Nishant what have you been talking about with Pratik? I asked him to settle it with you, he says. Both of you like one another. Pratik said he did this and that, but yaar. Then Neha and Pratik began to fight.

Neha says I think she’s got a crush on you at Pratik. She wants you to date. She gates me so much, therefore. Pratik says it isn’t that way. I can’t say much about it. I cannot say much about it. Neha says he blames me. He blames me. What about his friends, what about his friends? Nishant was angry that I gave more preference to Pratik? And Pratik believes that my friendship is false.

PM 12:30: For ganesh chaturti everybody does pooja, Raqesh sets an idol. All read the bhajan. Shamita does art. Shamita does arti.

15:15 p.m: Moose reads her home letter. She gets emotional. Emotional. Shamita’s coming and hugging her. Shamita doesn’t cry, she says. Come here. Come here. Moose sobs. Moose sobs. Shamita says that you’re all right. She says I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I didn’t want to break my Pratik friendship. He didn’t get me in top five. He didn’t. I felt treacherous and stupid. For nothing, I don’t blame him, but I look like an idiot. I have to deal with all this when I play. Shamita says you must first think about yourself. You couldn’t just end it one day, you were friends with him. Pratik cares. Pratik cares for you. Moose says there’s nothing I get here. Shamita says you want this pain to go out? Be mad at him. Be mad at him. Talk to him. Talk to him. You have to talk to him. Moose says you’re right. You’re right. Shamita says another fight is going to take place. What else? What else? Moose says you are right. Moose says you are right. We’re talking. She says when I speak to Divya when I’m in this room. They’re laughing.

15:45 hrs: Shamita tells her that I’ve told her to get it out of your system. Speak to him and sort it out. Neha says, but every day she can’t flip. Shamita doesn’t say he added me to the top 5. Neha says she’s done the same thing. Shamita says things come the wrong way. Shamita says her level of maturity is different. Pratik says she gets so hurtful sometimes. Neha says you have to talk and draw a line sometimes. Make her realise how you are feeling. Shamita tells you to explain yourself.

Coms to Moose practising. Moose. She’s crying. She’s crying. Patik hugs her. Patik hugs her. Moose shouts. He says don’t cry. Don’t cry. You’re going to be okay. Just chill and don’t think about it. All of these are temporary things. Today we match. We match. Nishant says goodbye. Moose says that you’re a Nishant bth. Pratik says he thought I didn’t come here. Moose hugs practicality. Nishant laughs. Nishant laughs.

16 p.m: Divya’s reading Swiggy. She says that Bigg Boss gives you a job. You will be tested on 10 Indian dishes. Team A is going to have Nishant, Divya and Moose. Team B is going to be Pratik, Raqesh and Neha. Shamita’s going to be the captain. Two boards exist. It contains state names. Write the right alphabet to the right state of the dish. The team that thinks it’s right will win the obstacle. Shamita is going to announce the winning team. The teams are coming out and playing. Moose and Raqesh are playing.

Shamita says he would have gone to Divya if there were no connection. If I said anything, they would both have said that I’m bossy. It’s his nature, Divya said. Why are you telling me, I was with him? If there is a soul connection, you can’t be confused. I’m strong but hurt. I’m strong.

17 p.m: Neha says that Pratik is sorry. You are disgusting, you are disgusting. He doesn’t touch me with dirty hands, he says. Nishant says that Pratik does the same with Shamita to Moose now. Neha says I’ve also seen it. Shamita says that when I go out, I need to get a lot of stuff out. Why do I get hurt? Neha says it is natural. It’s natural. Shamita says that I’ve been caught off guard. You can’t just snap it out so quickly if you like someone. Neha says it was a drama, yeah? Shamita says he blamed me for that.

17:30 hrs: Moose asks Pratik why haven’t you named me in the top five? He says I’m confused. I’m confused. I have taken any random names. You could win this show. This show. So why do you contradict it, she says? You can win, he says. Moose hugs him. Moose hugs him.

19:15 hrs: Divya says this time is for the challenge of the luxury budget. Team A is made up of Pratik, Nishant and Moose. Raqesh is Team B. Team B. Shamita and Divya. Shamita and Divya. Neha is the captain. The captain. Both teams must put the bones in the box outside. The most successful team will receive a luxury obstacle. Neha will say a word from the board when buzzer blares. The people with these numbers will come and try to get the bones. The other team can try to get the bones until they cross the line. The victorious team and captain share the task.

19:30 p.m: The task begins. On the board, Neha writes 1. Divya and Moose come forward. Come forward. Nishant says you must tell Neha loudly. Divya selects the bone. Bone selection. Neha tells me to do it my way.

19:45 pm: Number three says Neha. Shamita and Pratik are coming. You’re ready to select the bone. Neha says continue to move. Bone kicks Pratik. Pratik. Shamita’s going to catch it. She selects and runs. She runs. Pratik says the line has been crossed. Neha says you’re going to have to pick it. Pratik says I kicked him. I kicked him. That’s my strategy. Divya says you’ve got to pick it and get it. Neha says let me decide. Let me decide. Neha says that the one who crossed the bone would win. Shamita says it must have been in the hand. Neha says that we have one option. Shamita must tap it. Shamita must tap. If I’m unfair, you can do this round again. Pratik says that I’m not going to do it again. Moose doesn’t get the game, Neha says. Pratik says Shamita did neither.

Neha tells us to talk one at a time. The buzzer is blacking in. Raqesh and Nishant are here. Neha says go back in. Go back in. The practise picks it. The practise picks it. Moose dances. Moose dances. Pratik says Raqesh has tapped it, but Nishant has chosen it. Nishant says I won it. I won it. Shamita tells us that we won the second. Neha says I can do nothing. I can do nothing. He has taken it across the line. Neha says it’s yours if someone pats and you pick it. Pratikk says you’re patting or kicking it. Nishant says I’ve chosen it. You don’t listen to me, Pratik says. Pratik says. Let me talk. Let me talk. You understand the game? You understand?

20:15 p.m: Bigg Boss says the winning team is decided by Neha. Raqesh says all of this. Nishant says last moment don’t change the decision. Divya says you don’t make sense of practising. He’s telling you to do that? Neha says the winning team is announced. Team B, Shamita Ddivya and Raqesh are the winners. It’s unfair, Nishant says. Praticism leaves in cold. Neha comes to him. Neha comes to him. Speak to me later, he says. You haven’t even heard me. Pratik says I don’t want the budget for luxury. So why are you hurt, she says? He says they don’t give me an opportunity to be heard. She says you are yelling, that’s why nobody is listening. He says we’re sitting and talking. She says you don’t talk in the task like this.

PM 8:45: Bell rings. Bell rings. Shamita brings out the budget for luxury. They divide the stuff.

9:00 pm: Neha says I’m hurt to Pratik. He says why should I yell? She tells me I’ve been listening to you. You’ve made your mind up. He says I’m not going to listen if you want to shout. He says you’ve been taking their side. They have always been out of line. You did not even listen. You did not even listen. She says I did. She says I did. After I barked, he says. She says when you’re angry, you make no sense. He tells me that I’m trying to sell out. Let me be. Let me be. Neha says stop it. Neha says stop it. How do you want to be? He says that I’m holding stupidity. You’re mad or what? She tells me I’m just mad.

21:30 p.m: Bigg Boss says the audience is delighted with your performance today. Neha says he’s mad at Nishant. I’m just mad too. She laughs. She laughs. She’s shooting him and telling him to go from here. Nishant teases her. Nishant teases her. Neha tells us why he’s so edgy. He’s proving us all wrong. At the captain, you can’t always be mad. In 5 minutes, you forget about friendship. I’m fair, but when it comes to you, you forget. It makes you look incorrect. Nishant says yes to separate emotions from tasks. At Moose, he was mad. I laugh at him. I laugh at him.

23:15 p.m: Pratik says Neha wants pancake protein? She says no. She says no. I just want a shake. Shake. Please don’t use my goodness, he says. I am not all nice. I’m not all nice. She tells me why do you tell me? Lose me, too. What does he say? Aren’t you scared to lose me? She says you don’t listen. She says you don’t listen to me. Not everything is right and wrong. Everything is not right. Sometimes you listen. Nishant comes. Nishant comes. Neha says don’t face it. Do not face. He’s going to say nice. Pratik says her skincare is overdoing. Neha kicks him. Neha kicks him. Practices are picking her up. Nishant’s telling you to wtich. Both of them tease and hide her. Neha says you come out with cowards.

11:45 hrs: Divya says my show is ruined because of you to Raqesh. You make such bad faces when I fight. He laughs. He laughs. He says that when people shout, I don’t like it. He says I don’t get Pratik because of that. Divya says that I’m not doing that bad. Shamita doesn’t understand, he says. He says that she’s never going to like you. She is anxious to control how I can speak to you.

34 Day Day 1:15 PM AM: Neha teases Nishant and Pratik with slippers. She says I’m going to kill you both. Shamita is also coming. Nishant says there are two witches. They’re laughing. Neha is spraying on Episode end.

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