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Read Bhagya Lakshmi 27th September 2021 Written Update: Rishi Plans Surprise Dinner For Lakshmi

Ayush drove Neha, Shalu, Bani, and Rano home. Bani expresses gratitude to him. He responds, “No problem.” Rano instructs Bani to go to the market and get some vegetables. Neha smiles as she looks at him. He wonders if she will reveal Rishi’s bhai’s secret to anyone. Neha wonders if I’m so stunning that he can’t take his gaze away from her. Neha gets down to business. Shalu is still sitting in the car. He informs you that your station/home has arrived. Shalu asks that he not misbehave? He says he is simply informing her that her home has arrived. Rano instructs Neha to summon Ayush inside and trap him. She asks that she make an impression on him. Neha says I’m not going to make tea. Rano says, “I’ll make everything; all you have to do is make him yours.” Neha walks out and invites Ayush to join her for tea. Neha says he doesn’t have time and must go to the office. Ayush declares that he has time and sits down. Shalu inquires, “Why are you coming?” Ayush says, “I will do whatever I want for you.” Neha’s friend smiles as he looks at him. Rano sits Ayush down and says, “Our home is small, but our heart is big.” She asks that Shalu make tea and bring biscuits. Malishka speaks with Sumit (driver) and asks him to return because she will be staying here tonight. Rishi appears and declares, “You have trapped me.” He says Lakshmi is well-versed in the subject of a surprise dinner date. Malishka inquires, “How did she know?” Rishi believes it is unimportant. Sonia invites him to spend the night in her room. He says I can’t lie. Malishka then invites her to dinner. He states that he is alone. According to Sonia, I can come to your room and save you. Rishi says no, explaining that Lakshmi does so much for him, that she is very good, that she cares about him, that I can plan this dinner for her, that I can manage. He walks away. Malishka says, “I adore it.” Sonia inquires, “Are you not afraid?” Malishka says that he married Lakshmi at my insistence and that he will never love Lakshmi.

Rano inquires of Ayush whether he works with Rishi. Yes, says Ayush. Rano inquires as to whether he is paid. He says that because we are partners, we should split the profits. He says to be thirsty. Rano asks that Bani bring him water. He says he’ll get it himself. He enters the kitchen. Rano instructs Bani not to smile.

Rishi believes that if he is afraid of Lakshmi, there will be awkwardness and that something will happen, but I don’t want to feel anything. I adore Malishka and am basing this candlelight dinner on her words. Rishi summons Servant and asks that he decorate his room for a candlelight dinner. Tonight is requested by the servant. Rishi says yes, but why are you so shy? Will you do it, he asks? Yes, says the servant. Karishma notices them.

Shalu inquires, “Why have you come here?” Ayush says that it is his life and his decisions, and he will make them. Shalu says you’ll be grateful to him for saving you from the girls. He says to enjoy girls and their flirting. She asks if he lacks character and informs him that she will not assist him. She says you’re a good guy who looks after Di. Ayush inquires, “Do you love me?” She declines. Ayush inquires, “Why are you impressing me?” Grapes, he says, are bitter. He teases her and walks away.

Karishma asks Rishi if he would like to have a candlelight dinner with Lakshmi. Rishi says I have to, which Shalu inadvertently told her. Karishma inquires as to whether a gun was kept on your head. Rishi says that the issue is about Lakshmi’s feelings, and that she may be expecting a surprise dinner from me. He says that if I don’t plan this surprise, she will feel bad, which will be bad. He says, like Lakshmi, how we thought about her, and apologizes for not making you understand. Karishma asks him to say something. Rishi describes her as a genuine girl with heart and intention. She has a loving personality and a caring nature; she adores everyone and has adopted them as her own. Nobody can do what she has done for me, she says. He says, “I’ll do this for her happiness, I’ll look after her happiness.” He says he loves Malishka a lot, but that doesn’t mean he’ll cheat on Lakshmi, backstab her, or abandon her. He says, “Before my marriage, I had feelings for Malishka, and I wanted to tell Lakshmi about it, but mom and you wouldn’t let me.” He says that Lakshmi is a very nice and pure soul, and that whenever I am with her, I feel irritated on me. He says I have wronged her, but she always thinks well of me. He says to be telling the truth. Karishma believes this is why you began to like Lakshmi. Rishi says, “That’s why I told you I couldn’t make you understand,” and walks away. Karishma says she understands you started liking her and didn’t realize it.

Rishi notices Lakshmi planting tulsi in the pot. He approaches her. The song Ehsaas is playing….. Lakshmi smiles and motions for him to give him water. He orders her to wash her hands. She keeps the pot and expresses gratitude to Rishi. Rishi inquires as to what transpired. Lakshmi says you’re starting to look like me. Rishi inquires, “What do you mean?” She says, “Previously, I used to nod my head, and you do the same.” She says I nod my head to say yes, and your nod means everything is fine. She says you are speaking less these days. Rishi says to be stressed. Lakshmi asks him what is causing him stress and states that there will be no secrets between us. Rishi says I harmed someone. Lakshmi says you’re feeling bad now, and she asks him to apologize to that person if he truly means it. Rishi inquires, “Will you forgive me?” Lakshmi inquires, “Why?”

Shalu brings tea, which he gives to Ayush. She then stamps her foot on his. He yells. Shalu asks if you were hurt and yelling like a girl. Shalu is chastised by Rano for hitting him. Shalu says it happened by chance. Okay, says Ayush. He takes a bite and says, “Wow!” He says that the tea is a waste of time. Bani says it’s good, so I’ll have Pinky taste it. Ayush says that it does not taste like Lakshmi’s tea. Shalu says you like her tea and that whatever she cooks becomes tasty, just like Maa. Ayush says you’ve grown serious and that it’s really tasty; he’ll drink it all at once. He sips his drink and remarks, “Mummy, it was hot.” Rano offers him biscuits.

Rishi recalls Neelam asking him not to tell Lakshmi about his markesh dosh and swearing to keep it a secret from her. Lakshmi inquires as to why you are apologizing to me. Rishi says that I have harmed you and that you should forgive me. He says that I avoid you and give you the impression that I don’t want to talk to you. Lakshmi apologizes and says, “I thought you didn’t like me.” She says I felt strange because you were different after marriage, but your eyes say it all. She says that your eyes make me feel like you’re mine, and that if you look at me with love, that love stays with me all day. She says you can’t stay away from me, so come closer. If you think something is missing from my side, she says. Rishi says “never” and “from my side.” Never, says Lakshmi, I trust you more than myself. She becomes emotional and her eyes well up with tears. Rishi signs her as she sobs. Lakshmi says that Shalu told her that she should work in serials because she looks good while crying. Rishi thinks you look good even when you’re smiling. Lakshmi beams. He says perfect, nods, and walks away. Tujhme rab dikhta hai is a play…… Lakshmi beams. Episode end.

Precap: Rishi takes her hand in his and leads her to their room. Lakshmi says that if “the Rishi Oberoi” likes me a lot, I will be proud, but this is not a good thing because it will break her heart. Ahana and Devika smile as they watch them. Malishka arrives and sees Rishi forcing her to eat with his food. She tosses the vase away. Rishi and Lakshmi are taken aback. Later, Malishka tells Rishi that she cannot share his love or care with anyone. She asks that he remember. Lakshmi arrives and is about to meet Rishi and Malishka.

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