Bhagya Lakshmi 21st September 2021 Written Update


Read Bhagya Lakshmi 21st September 2021 Written Update: Rishi And Lakshmi Do Aarti Together

Rishi wakes up in the night and Lakshmi calls to watch her tremble. Lakshmi wakes up and asks if anything is needed. He says you feel cold, take the additional quilt in the wardrobe. Lakshmi’s going and taking the quilt. He thinks she’s looking after me, but forgets to look after herself. Lakshmi is covered with quilt and smiles. She lies down again to sleep. Rishi also stays on the bed and thinks what’s going on with me. He gets the message from Malishka and sends you her love. He turns and watches Lakshmi back. Plays the song….. Glass falls in the morning while his hand touches him in sleep. He says that I’m sorry and he’s looking for Lakshmi. He thinks she might be out in the washroom. He sees Lakshmi in the kitchen making laddoos. Lakshmi asks why you woke up so early and asks whether he wants something. Rishi says he’s come down to get water. He says now it’s 4 am and asks what she’s doing? She says she makes motichur laddoo and she tells her that she’s been doing motichur laddoo since 2 am. He says that since two o’clock you’re awake, which means you didn’t have a good sleep. She’s going to sleep tonight, she says no problem. He looks at the laddoos she made and kept in the box. Lakshmi tries to get something on the table. He says that I’m going to take it out. He takes the box out and gives it. Lakshmi is slipping and holding her. Rishi asks if she’s all right and says that he’s going to come. He’s going out and thinks what’s going on with me. Lakshmi looks and smiles. Smiles.

Malishka came to Neelam and desired her happy chaturthi ganesh. Lakshmi comes there and gives Pandit ji the puja stuff. Pandit ji asks if it’s modak? Lakshmi is saying yes. Malishka says that I’m going to bring and go. Neelam looks at them. Looks at them. Dadi tells Lakshmi that she forgot the medicines. Lakshmi says she’s going to bring it. Neelam looks at her. He looks at her. Lakshmi sees Ahana weeping and knocking at the door. She knocks and gets inside the door. She asks why she cries. She asks. Devika says Ahana cries as her dress is loose. Lakshmi consoles Ahana and asks whether they have stitchers. They say no. Lakshmi asks her to put a needle and thread and to tighten the dress. She’s asking Ahana to wear it. Lakshmi comes and gives Dadi medicines. Dad blesses her. Dad blesses her. Neelam and Karishma are looking at it. Daddy says she’s blessed her for something ordinary. Lakshmi returns to Dadi and asks her why Malishka didn’t come so far. Dad says she has to tell the chef about her lunch, she tells the chef about her favorite food whenever she comes. Rano, Neha, Shalu and Bani are coming. Sonia asks why they’re invited? Rishi welcomes them and asks them until then to rest. Karishma told Neelam that the puja would happen with the hand of Malishka, as she would be the real Bahu of the house and Rishi’s wife. She asks her to deal with the smiles of Virendra. Lakshmi thinks he’s going to check Ahana. She’s about to hit Rishi and ask him whether she’s going to put her hair on. With his permission, she touches his hair to set it. Malishka brings modak and is angry that Lakshmi puts his hair on. She angrily holds Lakshmi’s hand. Virendra, Neelam and others are looking at it. Lakshmi asked what happened? What happened? Malishka says you’ve been asking for modak and asks her to take it. Lakshmi says pandit ji must be given, okay. I’m going to give. She’s taking a modak platform and going. Malishka asks Rishi not to touch her. Rishi never says. Daddy calls everybody as puja starts. Ahana is in the puja, too. Daddy starts puja. Sonia do puja, Karishma. Karishma. Then Karishma gives Malishka aarti.

Virendra sends Bani to Malishka and Karishma’s plan has been unsuccessful. The aarti are Malishka and Bani. Next do the aarti are Ahana and Devika. Since Ayush is going to do aarti, Rano pushes Neha and Ayush to do aarti. Shalu does aarti, too. Virendra is sending Lakshmi to make aarti. Lakshmi’s head is covered by aarti in her hand. Rishi’s coming forward and doing her aarti. Dadi says it’s Bappa’s work, Bappa will make what we can do whom he wants. She says Bappa makes aarti for bahu. Karishma asks, if you want Rishi to accept Lakshmi, what do you want. Dadi asks her not to interfere with the work of Bappa. Virendra feels that Rishi comes to do the aarti with Lakshmi, although he is in Malishka’s heart and Lakshmi is in his destiny. You end up doing the aarti. Lakshmi thanks Bappa for giving it all and prays to God to give Rishi her happiness, life and all. Rishi thinks he’s standing before him, because Lakshmi saves him every time, and she carries so much for him. He says if she gets hurt that he’s going to feel bad and says she’s loving me, wiping love for me from her heart. Just then Lakshmi gets hiccups and holds Rishi’s hand as she slips away. Rishi says that my prayer is left unfulfilled. Episode end.

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