Bhagya Lakshmi 18th September 2021 Written Update


Read Bhagya Lakshmi 18th September 2021 Written Update: Lakshmi Makes Preparations For Ganapati Bappa’s Welcome

Episode start: Lakshmi tells Rishi that it’s homemade ointment/lep, not based on the market, so it doesn’t burn. She asks him to do good on his face. On his face, Rishi pretends to smile. The smiles of Lakshmi. Then Rishi makes the face upset again. Lakshmi asked what happened? What happened? Rishi doesn’t say anything. Lakshmi goes. Lakshmi goes. Malishka says Rishi’s life was saved by Lakshmi so I can’t behave bad with her. Karishma asks whether she feels like Virendra guilty. Malishka says no, but Lakshmi used to stay in chawl and was just about to marry Balwinder. She asks her to think about Balwinder’s actions, he is already charged with domestic violence. She says she’s sure of her thinking and says that she gets more than she deserves. Sonia is coming and Mom is saying that same thing, Daddy was sad. She says Mom has been clear that Lakshmi is fortunate and happy here. Neelam says Lakshmi is going to be happy here, Virendra says. Virendra asks why I see your guilt. Neelam asks you to say we’re wrong and says we’re not doing anything wrong. She says I’m going to ask you, whether or not you trust me. Virendra says I trust you completely and he doesn’t get his reply. Neelam says she’s going to let Lakshmi’s nothing wrong and says it’s my promise. I will settle her myself and ask her not to talk about this again, she says after Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage ends. What did Bhabhi say this, Karishma asks? Sonia says when we come back. When we come back. Karishma asks Malishka to be attentive. Malishka tells Sonia that Karishma asked her from Lakshmi to be careful. She says that I’m going to sleep here. Sonia asks her to change her clothes and tells her that your clothes are always here.

Rishi thinks like going from here. He doesn’t think he can sleep in the same bed with Lakshmi, he can only sleep with Malishka on his bed. Behind his back, Lakshmi gives him pillow. Rishi tells Lakshmi he’s used to sleeping alone, and tells him to turn around and hold his leg on his bed. Lakshmi says she’s going to sleep on the sofa before he recovers, and asks him not to move his legs as he’s hurt. Once you’re well, she says we’re going to sleep on the bed and get timid. She says don’t ask me to sleep here until then. She covered him in a blanket and went to sleep on the sofa and asked him to wake her up if he needed anything. Rishi always thinks she thinks about me.

Malishka tells him that my Rishi alone is mine. Rishi always answers. Malishka asks if he missed her. When Lakshmi coughs, Rishi’s about to answer her. Rishi’s getting up and giving her water. Lakshmi gets up and thanks him, thanks him. She says that you stand on your feet. He says that he doesn’t have much pain and that I have to bring Ganapati Bappa tomorrow, perhaps he gave me strength. The smiles of Lakshmi. It’s asking her to drink water. Drinks and smiles from Lakshmi. Rishi asks what happened? What happened? Lakshmi says you’re really great, really, thinks so much about me, takes care of me, so much loves me.

Malishka is waiting for the message from Rishi. She sends something. She sends something. Rishi asks for and takes the glass. He’s asking her to sleep and he’s saying good evening. He’s holding the glass and sleeping on the bed. Lakshmi sleeps again on the couch. Malishka gets upset that he doesn’t send her a message. Rishi sees Lakshmi. He looks at Lakshmi.

Next day, Lakshmi makes Ganapati Bappa’s welcome arrangements. Malishka asks Karishma why she does the work of the servants. Karishma just says that she is the wife of Balwinder. She says we have our own hotels and also our own decorators. Karishma calls Lakshmi and comes there. Neelam says Lakshmi is now gone, as Bhabhi always wants to decorate her favourite decorators and says I don’t know how she’s going to deal with her. Neelam asks what she’s doing to Lakshmi? Lakshmi says Bau ji has Ganapati ji so I decorated his place. Who asked you to do this, Neelam asks? I said that Ganapati Festival is tomorrow, when Bua ji and Ayush and Rishi are going to bring Ganapati, so why do they bring him here today, then Bau ji said he had called some gems to produce the adornments of Ganapati, so I thought I would decorate it too. Lakshmi says you saw that the decorators have so well decorated the whole house, so the Ganapati ji sthapana’s room is also decorated. She says we pay them, you don’t have to do that. Mummy Ji says Lakshmi. What does Neelam say? What? Lakshmi says that my mother used to say that it gets more auspicious if bahu or beti do any good work. Karishma is asking Malishka to see what is going on now. Neelam actually says that your Maa was right, but ask me next time you want to do something. Lakshmi says all right. Neelam says it’s good and he’s going to go. Karishma says I’m just going to come and come to Neelam. She asks why you change your Lakshmi rules. Neelam asks if something was wrong with her. Karishma says you saw her decoration in her typical middle-class style with her hand. Neelam says that last night Pandit Ji called. A fb will be shown, Pandit ji is asking Neelam to ask Lakshmi to perform with her own hands all the work, the rituals, the customs of Ganapati puja. It will be highly favourable for Rishi and Lakshmi and their Jodi will always be. Neelam says all right. Fb ends. Fb ends. Karishma says that Pandit ji called and you allowed Lakshmi to do all the work as the wife of Rishi and Oberoi. She asks that you want her Jodi to always be there. Neelam asks Pandit ji that Rishi loves Malishka and wants Lakshmi to finish his marriage once the Markesh dosh ends. She says she doesn’t care if she works or if she does the work with others, if this Jodi is there or not, and she says that Lakshmi is to do all that, so no one can doubt. Karishma says if the blessing that her Jodi is to be together always comes to pass and if it gets the blessings of Ganapati ji. She says that’s going to be good for Lakshmi, but what about Rishi and he’s telling him that he loves Malishka. Neelam asks Karishma to do all the rituals together with Rishi and Malishka. She says I’m going to ask Lakshmi though. She says that I know Ganapati Bappa blesses true people and that Lakshmi has these two qualities.

Ganapati Bappa is brought home by Virendra, Rishi and Ayush. Neelam does his aarti. He does his aarti. They’re inside Ganapati Bappa. Lakshmi asks Virendra to keep the Bappa Ganapati there. Neelam asks if the jeweller is coming to make the decorations. Virendra says that they’re going to come. Lakshmi asks Neelam to tell her what to do and tells her to do it for bhog. Neelam says that you can’t do it. What does Lakshmi ask? What? Neelam tells Modak. Modak. Lakshmi tells me how to make it and I’m going to make it. Dad says I’m going to teach you how to do it. She asks Neelam to get halwaiian motichur laddoo. Neelam says caterers. Caterers. Lakshmi says I’ll make everybody laddoos. You can’t make so much laddoo, Neelam says. Lakshmi says she’s going to do it. Neelam says all right. Dadi asks Lakshmi to call Chacha, Chachi and her sisters to her. Virendra says that I’m going to invite them. Sonia says I’m going to get my clothes. Ahana says that my clothes are ready. Daddy then asks why you were wearing this. Rishi looks up at Malishka and asks where she is going. He’s holding her hands and picking her out. Virendra tells Lakshmi he’ll order laddoos and asks why she’s going to work hard. Lakshmi tells my Bau ji that I make delicious laddoos more than my mother. She says she wants everyone to make her sweets and wants Ganapati bappa to have her sweets. Virendra says Bappa is going to make you sweets for the first time, which never happened before. He calls Preetam. He calls Preetam. Rishi takes Malishka and asks what happened to her? What happened to her? Malishka says that because of that Lakshmi, you have changed. Rishi says I won’t hear Lakshmi with a single word. Malishka is shocked. Shocked. Episode end.

Precap: Lakshmi is coming down and Rishi is holding her. They look at each other. They look. Rishi asks Malishka not to doubt him, but to have confidence in him. He says he gives her his heart already, and there is no room for anybody. Malishka says I love you and hugs him. I love you. Rishi reciprocates the hug as well. Lakshmi comes and witnesses hugging them.

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