Bhagya Lakshmi 17th August 2021 Written Update


Episode Start: Someone asking Rishi and Lakshmi to do a couple dance. Rishi and Lakshmi begin dancing. Everyone claps for him. Main Tera Banjawunga plays……Bani and Shalu are very happy to see them dancing. The song continues to play. Rano and Neha get jealous. Rano says if you don’t do anything then you’ll fall down for forever. Rishi tells Lakshmi that she dances well and says you’re worrying unnecessarily. Lakshmi says she will dance Punjabi dance. He asks for the birthday present . Lakshmi says I didn’t bring gift, don’t know what to bring, you have everything. He says you’ll give me one thing, which you have, a kiss. She gets tensed and recalls Rano’s words. Everyone claps as they stop dancing. Ayush, and other cousins appreciate their dancing. Rishi asks Lakshmi to meet his friends. Lakshmi excuses herself and goes to Bani and Shalu. Rano asks what happened? Lakshmi holds her hand and takes her to side. She says Rishi asked for a kiss as the birthday present . Rano says guys are like squirrel and showed his true colors. She asks her to not go to his room and says we shall leave from here. Neha goes behind Rishi and sprinkle drink on her face. Rishi searches for Lakshmi and thinks she was here. Neha pretends to drink and falls on Rishi. She says I had a bit of drink. Rishi calls waiter Sanjay and asks him to take her. He turns to go. Neha looks angrily. She falls on waiter as Rishi looks at her, then slaps the waiter for touching her. Bani and Shalu look at Neha.

Rani asks Lakshmi tells that Preetam went out and asks her to search him. Rishi calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi is about to go and collides with waiter. Juice falls down on her clothes. Rishi comes there. Lakshmi says it was her mistake and asks waiter to go. Waiter says sorry and goes. Rishi asks Lakshmi to come back to room and clean her dress. Lakshmi says i will ask Chachi once. Rishi asks her to come and takes her with him. Neha comes to Rano and tells that Rishi is not looking at her even once. Rano tells that now Lakshmi will see his true colors. Neha says he is a good guy. Rano says Lakshmi will see as Rishi will do something like Balwinder. She says that if your relation haven’t happened then Lakshmi also will not get Rishi.

Rishi takes her to his room and gives her tissue to clean her dress. She hears the door locked and looks at Rishi, who is sitting on the bed and tying his shoe lace. Rishi says I shall thank waiter and you’re here alone with me, in my room. He walks towards her and says it’s perfect moment, to get the birthday present . Lakshmi moves backwards and picks the knife from the fruit bowl. He says i will agree with the kiss today, but you shall bring gift on behalf of me in my next birthday. He says you might have known that what i want, I shall get, you can’t refuse.

Neha asks how much time? Rano says Lakshmi will come running out then the tamasha will happen, and that we will leave from here. Rishi bends down on his knees, holds his hand and kisses on her hand. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays….Rishi thanks her for the birthday present and says kiss is done. He asks why are you looking at me this way, and says nothing will happen as such, as that kiss you will get after marriage. He says though i’m modern, but old fashioned in this matter. He again sits on the bed and ties his shoe lace. He gets a call, says mom called, we have to go away urgently. Lakshmi looks at him, as he holds her hand and takes her outside. She smiles. Tu thodi der plays…….Neha and Rano are angry looking at them smiling. Rishi comes to Neelam and asks if you called me. Neelam says I wanted to know where are you? Lakshmi thinks she always thinks him wrong, he’s good and truthful life partner just as Bau ji wanted. Shalu and Bani take her to side and asks Lakshmi, if she likes Rishi, and can he marry her. Lakshmi says Bau ji wanted me to get such a man who is honest, humble and stands with me in troubled times, fight with the world for my respect, who is my partner and friend. She says Rishi is like the one. Bani and Shalu get happy. Bani asks do you love him? Lakshmi says what she is feeling, have never experienced it before, says if this is a love then yes.

Rishi asks everyone for their attention and says actually Dad shall do that announcement. He goes to his Dad and thanks him for making his life’s difficult decision easy and says I can’t wait to make Lakshmi as my life partner. Mr. Oberoi smiles and says ok. He tells the guests that Rishi asked him to make an announcement, but he can’t do it until someone asks him to do so. He calls Lakshmi and asks do you want to see your Bau ji smile daily. Lakshmi nods her head and smiles. Mr. Oberoi says I got permission to announce, tells that Oberoi’s got their bahu and Rishi will get his lifepartner now. Everyone claps. Ayush congrats Rishi. Mr. Oberoi says i want to make another announcement and announces their engagement tomorrow. Preetam hears the announcement and looks at Rano and Neha. Dadi congrats Rishi and Lakshmi. Lakshmi touches her feet. Lakshmi then comes to Neelam and touches her feet. Lakshmi says your place is not there, it’s not easy to win my heart, but you did it. She hugs her. Lakshmi smiles. Neelam thanks Mr Oberoi for making them meet their Lakshmi and for setting their family. Ayush tells Rishi that they shall celebrate. Ayush opens the champagne bottle. He says cheers. Everyone drinks. Lakshmi goes to side. Rishi comes to her and offers her drink. Lakshmi says she doesn’t drink. He says everyone drinks here, and you have to drink as you’re getting to be a part of family now. He asks how many secrets of mine, you have with you. She says two, vada pav and fighting. Rishi tells that this is the third secret and tells that this shall be a secret, and says what i’m drinking is not alcohol. He says nobody drinks in our family, it’s non alcoholic drink, everyone wants to be happy with us, and tells that even their waiters are trained and knows what to give to everyone. He asks her to take the drink and drink it for everybody . He asks her to tell how is the taste? Lakshmi drinks and says its taste is bitter and sweet. Rishi teases her for drinking and calls her Punjabi girl. Her friends come there and ask Rishi to come. Rishi says he will dance after marriage, don’t want anyone to impress Lakshmi. He tells Lakshmi that he has tackled them politely so that they don’t feel bad of their refusal. Lakshmi thinks she has to learn so much from him, he’s the one like Bau ji wanted for me. Episode End.

Precap: Mechanic comes to deliver Rishi’s car and gives bill to Mr. Oberoi. Neelam asks about the bill amount. Manager says 7 lakhs. Neelam asks what work is done to the car. Mechanic says the car had an accident. Neelam tells Mr. Oberoi that Rishi lied due to that girl and gets angry. She goes to Rano’s house and says we thought she has good values, honest and good hearted, but it’s not like that. She says whatever she might have relation with Balwinder, we’ll not risk our son’s life due to her. She calls off the engagement. Lakshmi looks on sad.

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