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Rishi tells that he’s going to get rid of Lakshmi once he finishes one year. Malishka says you’re going to marry me. The mangalsutra of Lakshmi breaks. Till her, Karishma asks him to bear her. Sonia asks him to consider it a crucial time. Rishi says he doesn’t know when it’s going to end. Malishka says Rishi, I know the words of your mother are right. When I see you with Lakshmi, she says that kills me, but I have to tolerate that as it is about your life. She says just as one year ends and your marriage with Lakshmi ends. Lakshmi asks the man to go from there and sits down to pick up her mangalsutra beads. Virendra comes and sees Lakshmi selecting the beads and asking people not to go from side. He gets emotional and touched. Lakshmi says you’re here, Bau ji. Virendra tells me that I’ve come to see you. Lakshmi says my mangalsutra has broken, and that’s a bad sign. Virendra says that Rishi’s all right and everyone’s with him. Lakshmi is sitting down to choose the beads. Virendra says that we’re going to get new beads. Lakshmi says that during marriage Rishi got me to wear this, so that I don’t lose those beads. She says she has all the beads and was afraid because it’s not good to break mangalsutra. She says she’s mad at all and tells me how anything wrong can happen, my bau ji’s with me. Virendra is becoming emotional. Lakshmi asks why are you sad about what happened? Virendra goes from there. Virendra goes from there. Virendra reminds Lakshmi that his smile resembles the smile of her ji bau. He is guilty and realises for her his fatherly feelings.

Neelam says it’s a mistake for Karishma, when you called her and told her she’s in hospital, she will surely come here. Malishka looks at Lakshmi by the windows and leaves the hand of Rishi. Lakshmi comes to Rishi and gets his eyes teary. He looks at Malishka, Rishi looks at Lakshmi. Neelam thanks Lakshmi and from my heart says thank you. Again, she says that you have saved our son and we won’t forget your favours. Lakshmi says why do you say this, I’m your own, Rishi’s all of me. She says that anything could happen to me, but not to Rishi. Neelam says you’re not going to happen anything. You were unconscious, and so we came here. She says we went to your room. It’s good to have you come here, Lakshmi says, he must be happy if he sees you. Dad says, when you opened your eyes, you didn’t want your mother close to you. Lakshmi says Mummy ji’s my mother. Ayush says that I came here, so sorry Lakshmi. Karishma says that Bhai has gone to see you, have you met him? I met him outside, Lakshmi says yes. She looks at Malishka. She looks at Malishka. Malishka says hello, I’m so sorry. She’s asking her to sit down. Neelam is asking Lakshmi to sit down. Malishka gets up and sits down with Lakshmi. Lakshmi looks at Malishka. He looks at Malishka. Malishka says you saw when you had fallen down in a fellowship party. Lakshmi says yes, you’re a friend of Rishi’s. She’s not just a friend, Karishma says. Neelam nods no to her. Karishma says she’s a friend of the family, Malishka is my sister in the daughter of the law. Sonia says she’s too careful, she came to hear Rishi running. Lakshmi says that I knew that when you saved me, and you gave me your place today. When we can go from here, Rishi says. Neelam says I’m going to ask your father. Virendra is coming. What happened, Neelam asks, why are you worried? Virendra tells me that I feel guilty. He takes him with her. Neelam takes him with her. Virendra is sitting.

Neelam asks why you’re guilty. Virendra says Lakshmi isn’t lifeless, she’s human, she has emotions and sentiments. She risked her life and many times saved our son, which means she loves our child. Even your father saw love in her eyes, he says. Neelam’s asking what you want to say? Virendra says I can’t look and feel guilty in her eyes, and I feel selfish. Karishma hears them. He hears them. Neelam says that Lakshmi’s cheap guy Balwinder is about to marry, and we saved her and she’s the wife of the guy she loves. She says we’re sensitive people and she doesn’t want anything wrong with her. Then Virendra also says, I think we should have said everything to her. Neelam says you forget, then, if she refused? She says Lakshmi is the shield of Rishi. What does Virendra say about Lakshmi? Neelam says she’s going to do nothing. Virendra tells your Pandit ji that anyone who tries to save Rishi will lose his life. Neelam says Pandit Ji said Lakshmi’s going to save him as a savitri. Do you not trust me, she asks? Virendra says I feel guilty because we have hidden markesh dosh material from her, because the matter is about Lakshmi’s trust. Neelam says we’ve come here to deal with them. Devika is calling Neelam and calling Pandit Ji. Neelam says Rishi is all right, he’s been attacked by crocodiles. Pandit ji asks if he was saved by Lakshmi. Neelam tells you yes. Pandit ji says that Lakshmi saved him like a shield and that she is Devi, his destiny, for Rishi, otherwise it was a very dangerous water strike, or our yagya. Devika signs to say nothing to him. Lakshmi is his shield, Pandit Ji says, and saved him. He says we have to make Ganesh Chaturthi arrangements. Neelam says that I’m going to ask Devika to make the arrangements. She asks Devika to help and make arrangements with Suresh. Devika says all right. Neelam tells Pandit ji that Lakshmi has to relax with Rishi. Sonia receives a call from Devika and goes there. Malishka says that when you jumped into the water you must be frightened. Lakshmi says I’ve been frightened, but for him. She says she couldn’t see him and felt as if she lost her life when she jumped and looked inside the water. Malishka says you’re so courageous. She says that I’m working with Uncle Virendra and Rishi. Ayush also says to me. Malishka says we’re making candles like Khanna Dimple. Just as she came to know, she says, I came to meet you and Rishi.

Virendra comes and asks Rishi how he is? Rishi says I’m upset, you’ve forgotten me since Lakshmi came to see her. He asks whether you’re angry or love Lakshmi more. I love Lakshmi, Virendra says, but not more than you, but equals you. He asks Lakshmi to look after himself. Lakshmi says I only took care of myself. Virendra asks her to give her hand and puts her hand in the hand of Rishi. Lakshmi smiles. Smiles. Rishi gets upset. He gets upset. Malishka smiles. Malishka smiles. Virendraa asks Lakshmi to promise him she’s never going to leave Rishi. The smiles of Lakshmi.

Precap: Malishka says that my work has been done. Rishi even says that you’re going to come with me, holding her hand. Malishka says Rishi is herself to Karishma and will never betray him. Lakshmi holds the wounded feet of Rishi.

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