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Episode Starts: Lakshmi returning to Rishi. Rishi asks her to come. They leave. He stops the car and gives the food containers to the poor people sitting on the road. He comes to Lakshmi and says he thought to form the proper use of food, once you said that it had been much for us. He asks if she wants to form the youngsters eat the food, if she don’t feel odd. She says no, tells that she wont to feed the people within the langar. She takes the box and makes the small boys eat the food, talks to them while they’re eating. Rishi looks at her smilingly. Balwinder is hiding somewhere. Neha comes there. Balwinder says he thought Police came and has got to hide here. Neha says until you hide, Rishi will take your Lakshmi. She says he will become Lakshmi’s husband. Rishi asks Lakshmi to take a seat in car. He asks did you’ve got vada pav. Lakshmi says what’s it? I didn’t know. She says she is from Punjab and came just . He asks her to return . Neha tells Balwinder that Lakshmi is enjoying with Rishi and went out with him. She says Rishi’s father has filed FIR against you and you’re here. Balwinder says how can Rishi consider marrying her, she is my would my wife. Neha says marriage haven’t happened. She says Rishi will deduct your Lakshmi and instigates him against Rishi and Lakshmi.

Rishi and Lakshmi sit to possess vada pav. it’s close to fall, but they hold it. they need it. Rishi tells that he likes Vada Pav considerably . Lakshmi says she likes kulche etc. Rishi says he will try her favorite food next time. He says I even have noticed that you simply talk less, and shake your head more. He says what you understood about me. Lakshmi says that you simply loves Vada Pav. Rishi asks her to not tell anyone, as his friends think that he eats food in his hotel. Lakshmi smiles. Neha tells Balwinder that Rishi must have taken her to honeymoon suite in his hotel and Lakshmi gets happy seeing the decoration etc and can be in his embrace. Balwinder couldn’t bear when she goes on saying about their closeness and slaps Neha. Neha asks him and go and beat Rishi for being together with your wife (She calls Lakshmi as Balwinder’s wife). He asks where are they? She sends him location and asks him to travel there. Rishi tells Lakshmi that now she came to know about his secret. Lakshmi smiles. Balwinder takes hockey stick with the intention to beat him. Rishi and Lakshmi are within the car. Lakshmi smiles thinking of Mr. Oberoi asking her to meet his son once. She smiles looking at him, thinks she thought he’s gunda, but he’s opposite of what she thought, all her anger and fear went. She thinks he’s different and great like that Balwinder.

Neha comes back home and tells Rano that she had gone to Balwinder and told him everything about Rishi and Lakshmi. Rano asks what did you do? Balwinder is already having case of murdering his wife. Neha says everyone seems to be making fun of me, that illiterate Lakshmi has taken my Rishi from me.

Rishi and Lakshmi sees the bikers following them. Rishi asks what nonsense and asks why are you following us. Neha blames Rano for telling everyone about her alliance with Rishi, which didn’t happen. She says everyone is calling you mad. Preetam hears them and slaps Neha for risking Lakshmi and Rishi’s lives. Virendra calls Rano and asks him to form him ask Rishi, when he comes to drop Lakshmi. Rano says they haven’t come till now. Balwinder and his goons move to other side. Rishi stops the car seeing them in the front. Rano asks Neha to call Balwinder. Neha says he’s not picking the call. Rishi sees hockey stick in their hands and asks Lakshmi not to panic, as they’re close to attack us. He takes her dupatta and covers his face, while Balwinder hits on the car’s front mirror. Song plays….Rishi asks Lakshmi not to worry and tells that he will see. He gets down the car. Balwinder attacks Rishi. Rishi beats him. Lakshmi identifies him, though he’s wearing the helmet. Lakshmi gets worried for Rishi.

A goon takes knife and is walking towards Rishi. Lakshmi shouts calling Rishi. Rishi is beating another goon. She starts the car and hits the goon near to stab Rishi. The goon falls down on the road. She then sees Balwinder near to throw a stone on Rishi’s head. She takes the car reverse and hits Balwinder. Rishi turns and looks at Lakshmi hitting the goons with the car. The people gather there. Balwinder’s friends take him from there. The people asks Rishi if he’s fine. Lakshmi gets down and asks if he’s fine. Rishi asks if you’re fine. Rishi says don’t know who was they? Lakshmi says he was Balwinder together with his friends. Rishi asks my driver Balwinder. Lakshmi nods her head.

Rishi asks Lakshmi not to worry and says we shall leave from here. Neha finds Balwinder’s phone off and thinks I shall find out what did he do. Preetam asks Rano why did she let Neha girl and says you can’t handle one girl. Someone says your damad’s car came. Lakshmi tells Rishi that the door is stuck. He opens it. Lakshmi smiles. Episode Ends.

Precap: Rishi invites Rano, Preetam and others for his birthday celebration . Rano sees Lakshmi smiling at Rishi. Rishi looks at her and smiles. Rano tells Neha that Rishi will be hers and asks her to form him hers within the party. Later within the party, Mr. Oberoi tells Lakshmi that Rishi is like her. Rishi comes to his birthday celebration . Rishi and Lakshmi dance. He asks for a birthday present , ie a kiss. Lakshmi gets shocked. Later Rishi and Lakshmi are within the bedroom and he tells her that he shall thank the waiter for sending her here. Lakshmi gets tensed as he walks towards her.

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