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Read Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th September 2021 Written Update: Anita And Angoori On On Saxena’s Show

I saw Anu with someone else, says Vibhu, who is crying. Tiwari says that this is true for the rest of our lives. Vibhu agrees that you are correct, and asks if you have any drinks. Tiwari says that I placed an order and that it will be delivered by the evening. Vibhu turns on the television and sees Saxena shows. Saxena greets everyone and informs them that we have two Bhabhi maa with us. Angoori and Anita, last time we talked about extramarital affairs with men, this time we’ll ask women what they think about it. First, we’ll ask Anita. Anu says, “Before, I was very old fashioned, you know, you can only love once and you can’t see someone after you’re married, but Vibhuti, my husband, came to your show and his thoughts stunned me, and I thought, let’s try this too.” Angoori says, “You are correct, Anita. I loved my husband very much, but then I realized why should I eat boiled rice when I can eat Chinese food outside?” Anita says that Vibhuti told her that we needed to broaden our horizons. Angoori explains, “So we started thinking, and we feel happy after doing all of this.” Anita says that thanks to Vibhu, we now have a new way of life. Angoori expresses gratitude to Tiwari for opening up a new path for her, which she believes every woman who adores her husband should take. Anita tells Saxena that we only have four days to live, two on the name of the husband and two on your own with whomever you want to live. Saxena applauds and comments, “Nice thought.” Vibhu threatens to break Saxena’s face and requests that Tiwari give him a hug.

Anu in her own home. Vibhu emerges from the kitchen and says, “Yes, baby.” Anu asks Vibhu how I’m doing. Vibhu says you look great, but where are you going? Grooming classes, meeting a friend, or a kitty party? Anu responds, “No, we haven’t decided yet; we’ll tell you when we decide where we’re going.” Mr. Gupta approaches Anita and asks, “Did I make you wait?” Anu says no, not at all, but if you make me wait, it will be well worth it; meet him, he is my husband Vibhuti, and says to Vibhuti, meet him, he is Kaamesh. Vibhu says he’s never heard your name before, and based on your name, it appears you do a lot of work. Anu says to be the branch manager at BBCD bank. Vibhu mentions your bank’s strange name. Mr.Gupta tells Vibhu that he has never heard of Kaamsh. Anu says this bank is for rich people, and he imagines he earns a six-figure salary over there, and he asks if he can make some tea and paratha for us. Anu dials Romeo ( Mr.Gupta). Vibhu responds, “But you told me he’s Kaamesh.” Anu tells Romeo that Vibhu is like a wife because he takes good care of the house. Romeo asks if he doesn’t have any work. Anu says that you need to do well in school, but he didn’t get much, so he asks Vibhu to make tea and paratha. Romeo tells Anu, “You look stunning in this gown.” Anu expresses her heartfelt gratitude to Babu.

Vibhu is crying in the kitchen and asks God, “Why are you doing this to me? What have I done wrong that I have to see this day in my life?” My life was ruined by Saxena’s talk show. Saxena walks up to the window and says, “You took my name, and I’m here.” Vibhu suggests that you do one thing: take a long flight and never return to show me your face again. Saxena confirms what I did. Vibhu says that you ruined his marriage. Saxena says, “Congratulations, you’ve become the ideal candidate for my new talk show episode.” According to Vibhu, I’m warning you. Saxena says that my next episode is for people who have destroyed their marriages and are unable to control their wives. Vibhu thrashes Saxena with a utensil.

Angoori in her home, dancing with Romeo. Tiwari, please come and see them. Tiwari enters and begins beating Romeo, saying, “How dare you?” Angoori says, “Leave him, this is wrong, you taught me love and all and now this, look at him, he is mine Romeo and he is so romantic, I’ll do extra marital with him and you are my side business.” Tiwari becomes enraged and beats him with his slipper, forcing him to flee. Tiwari believes I should be your primary focus. Angoori says, “Okay, you’re going to be my main business, and he’ll be my side one.” Tiwari asks if you’ve gone insane and what will happen if Ammaji finds out. Angoori says, “OK, tell her I’ll do whatever she says.” Tiwari addresses Ammaji and greets her. Ammaji asks, “What happened today that you called me?” Tiwari says I called Angoori because she is having an extramarital affair. Ammaji says she’s glad she took her time but has a brain. Tiwari is taken aback. Ammaji says, “These are good things, some enjoyment come to life now look at me now a days I’m making plan with Gangaram to watch movie, let her do what she wants, don’t control her and hangs up.” Angoori tells Tiwari, “You’re getting old, and my Romeo is hot.”

Vibhu is drinking and listing songs in his garden. Pelu, in his rickshaw, sings a song. Tiwari emerges from his home and approaches Vibhu, asking him to sit. Vibhu tells Tiwari, “I heard about a baba who practices black magic.” Tiwari tells Vibhuti that in order for me to reclaim my wife, I must seek the assistance of Baba. According to Vibhu, you can either satisfy your ego or save your marriage. Master appears and informs Vibhuti that she is drinking here. So, Vibhu, where should I drink with your wife? Master says, “I saw Anita and someone else running towards a taxi, and I believe she’s going to Mumbai.” Tiwari and Vibhuti yell, and Tiwari tells Anu that she cannot leave Vibhuti. Vibhu asks Anu, “Why did you do this?” The master departs. Vibhu tells Tiwari, “I can’t breathe properly.” Tiwari requests that Baba perform his magic work over a long distance. Gupta appears and says, “Tiwari, you’re sitting here; I was looking for you.” He also mentions seeing Angoori holding hands with someone else while catching a train. Tiwari and Vibhuti scream in agony. Gupta tells her to look after herself and to take care of herself before leaving. Tiwari questions why you did this. Vibhuti tells Angoori, “I didn’t expect this from you; why did you do it?” Tiwari tells me what’s wrong with me. Vibhu says that in your case, you are a below-average looking person, and believe me, imagine leaving a good looking handsome person like me and going with a person whose face resembles that of a chimp. Tiwari tells me what I did wrong. Angoori and Anu arrive, and Angoori says it was not your fault. Tiwari and Vibhuti both stand up in surprise. Anu says that because you mocked a sacred marriage relationship on a television show, you must be punished. Vibhu says you returned. Angoori says that we never went. Tiwari says that Master and Gupta told him things. Anu says that we told them to give you a shock. Vibhu asks Angoori and Anu what they got after messing with their hearts. Angoori says if you do it, it’s fine, but if we do it, it’s wrong, tit for tat. Anu says, “We just want you to understand that marriage is a big deal, that you have to be loyal to your partner, that you can’t see anyone else because it’s marriage, not prank.” Angoori says that we felt bad when you said nonsense on Saxena’s talk show, so we created this drama. According to Vibhu, everything was a lie. Anu calls Romeo and informs him that he is Sale’s man and that we have included him in our drama. Bow, Romeo says, you’ll buy our soap. Angoori says he’ll see you tomorrow and then leaves. Anu says you’re on the right track now. Tiwari responds, “Yes, we are, and we are thankful that our married life is safe.” Vibhu apologizes to Anu and says, “I love you.” Anu says that nothing will work unless she apologizes. Angoori says you have to promise that you will never think anything like this again. Tiwari and Vibhu promise them that we will not say such things to them. Tiwari and Angoori are absent.

TMT is imprisoned. Rusa yells at them, “You should be ashamed of yourself!” I had no idea you had a monster inside you. Tillu tells Rusa that there is a misunderstanding; we three do not have any monsters inside of us. Teeka says we were filming the commissioner’s video. Rusa says that this is more dangerous; we had no idea, after seeing you three, that you had some hidden behavior in you. A mouse entered our house and ripped off the wire of my car, and insurance people demanded evidence, according to the commissioner. Rusa asks, “If they three know this, why didn’t they tell me?” Because it was a covert mission, according to the commissioner. Rusa apologizes profusely. The commissioner informs Manohar that he is sitting outside and requests that he sign the release paper. Rusa leaves. Tillu says of the commissioner as to when this mouse arrived. Malkhan questions why you are so grateful. Commissioner says, “I have a feeling my wife is having an affair with someone,” so you must spy on her. Episode end.

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