Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain 23rd September 2021 Written Update


Read Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Anita And Angoori Tells About Their Affair

Vibhu was drinking and crying in his hall. Anu appears from the outside. Vibhu tells Anu, “I wrote a poem; will you listen?” Anu responds, “Well, actually, I’m in a good mood.” According to Vibhu, the poet is expressing his sadness in this poem. Vibhu reads his poem aloud. Anu inquires if you are finished. Vibhu says it’s left and begins to say. Vibhu says, “I know Menal didn’t go to London, and the person you’re talking to on the phone isn’t Menal, it’s a man; I know you’re going to meet that man.” Anu says you scared me because I didn’t know what you knew new, well it’s just an affair you only told me extra marital affairs are overrated so much, I was inspired by you and oepn my thoughts my heart… Vibhu says, “Enough about what I did wrong.” Anu says I was bored, I just wanted something exciting in my life, and you don’t have to be afraid if I have 2-4 affairs, I’ll come back to you in the end. But, as Vibhu points out, this is extremely unfair. Anu says, “I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts on extramarital affairs,” and then walks away. Vibhu questions why she tiedred what you did. Anu claims I accomplished a great deal.

Tiwari is depressed and drinking in his home. Angoori enters, singing. Tiwari motions for her to take a seat and remarks, “You look happy.” Yes, Angoori says, that’s my nature. Tiwari asks, “How was your shopping with Kamla Mami?” Angoori says, “I loved it so much that I had a lot of fun.” Tiwari exclaims, “You were having fruit chaat with a man!” Angoori explains what you were up to. Tiwari claims that he was watching you and how you were playing me for a fool. Angoori apologizes and invites you to join her for fruit chaat. Tiwari asks, “What is your relationship with that man?” Angoori claims I’m having an extramarital affair with him and that he is my lover. Tiwari asks how you can do this. Angoori says, “I’m inspired by what you said on the talk show.” Tiwari claims that was for men and that all of this nonsense does not suit women from good backgrounds. According to Angoori, this means that men can do whatever they want while women cannot; this is not good. You opened my eyes, you convinced me to love again, and now I’ll leave because I’m tired and have to go tomorrow. Sobes, Tiwari.

Angoori is singing and watering plants in the garden. Vibhu is standing in the middle of the road. Master arrives and inquires as to what has occurred and why you are standing here, noting that you appear tense. Vibhu exclaims, “I’m so angry!” and orders him to leave. Master departs, and Vibhuti approaches Angoori and greets her. Angoori returns her greeting and inquires as to what has caused her to appear so tense. Vibhu says, “Life stinks; I don’t know whether to be happy or sad.” He adds, “You care about me a lot, but I can’t tell you anything if I want to.” Angoori inquires, “Why am I nothing to you?” and “Tell me what happened.” Vibhu says, “I don’t know what you are to me.” Angoori says, “I’m your neighbor, and it’s our responsibility to share everything with each other, to express whatever you have inside.” Vibhu says, “I’m not sure how I’m going to tell you, but Anita is seeing someone.” Angoori is taken aback and says, “What are you saying? I cannot imagine her having an affair in my dreams.” According to Vibhu, I never thought about it either. Angoori laughs and says she is lucky, that she can do whatever she wants, that she can love anyone, that she has become my inspiration, that I would like to be like her so that I can have an affair other than Tiwari, and she walks away. Vibhu compares it to a virus and leaves.

Tiwari and Anu working out in the morning. Anu advises you to take action. Tiwari is doing his best to work out. Anu claims you’ve gone weak. Tiwari stands up and declares, “I’m done, I’m broke from the inside, I don’t know what’s going on with me.” Anu says you can share your problem with me if you want. Tiwari says, “I’ll tell you, but you won’t judge me for it,” and Angoori admits to having an extramarital affair with someone. Anu says, “Wow, that’s incredible, but I really hope she chose a handsome guy.” Tiwari, what do you mean I’m not attractive? Anu says, “Don’t overthink it, and if you see Angoori, she deserves a more handsome guy than you.” Tiwari, what are you saying? There was a time when girls liked me a lot. According to Anu, there may be time. Tiwari thinks I’m still attractive. Anu says, “Yes, you look good in front of some guys like Pelu, Teeka, not Malkhan and Tillu is cute, it doesn’t matter how handsome you are, I’m happy for Angoori atleast she will get some exposure will rome around and get educated will get street smart, you don’t want her to be street smart.” Tiwari responds, “Yes, I want,” but her method is flawed because she is married. Anu says, “I know what you said on the talk show,” and Angoori is doing the same; in fact, she is so inspiring that I should meet her. Tiwari becomes depressed and begins crying while singing.

TMT is spying on Commissioner from the windows of his house. Commissioner on the phone with Manohar says I’ll be there shortly and calls his wife to say I’m going to take a shower if I have to leave. His wife makes fun of him. Tillu is filming everything with his camera. Teeka claims that I have a plan to shoot him while he is in the shower and then blackmail him. Tillu compliments Teeka on his idea and says, “I’ve already seen where the restroom is,” before departing to carry out their plan. Commissioner inquires of his wife about the location of the towel. Wife asks if you’re blind or what’s over there. Rusa appears and inquires of Commissioner whether or not he intends to take a shower. Commissioner responds, “No, I’m going to the police station,” and cracks a joke. Rusa asks if she can go first because she has important work to do. Commissioner says, “OK, you can go first, and I’ll do my work later.” TMT goes to the back of his bathroom. Tillu says, “Here’s the backside of the bathroom,” and Teeka says, “Now here we can set up the camera and blackmail the commissioner with this video.” Malkhan claims that after showing him this video, he will be impressed, the police will sit, and we will do the work. Tillu says, “Now I’m going to set this camera to shoot.” Come on, Commissioner, and tap. Malkhan inquires as to what is going on. TMT becomes terrified and attempts to speak. Commissioner says, “I know how bad people are you, but I didn’t know you were going to film my sister-in-law while she was taking a shower, so you’re under arrest.” Vibhu is sitting on the sofa in his house, sad. Tiwari approaches, places his hand on his shoulder, and sits beside him. Vibhu and Tiwari begin to cry. Vibhu inquires as to why you are crying. Tiwari says you’re crying as well, and they begin talking about their wife’s extramarital affair and exchanging their pain. Episode end.

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