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Read Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th September 2021 Written Update: Saxena’s New Tv Channel

Angoori in gerden making aarti. Vibhu watches and greets Angoori. Angoori welcomes and asks Vibhu how you are. Vibhu tells me how it all goes. Angoori tells Vibhu that you’ve heard of Saxena having a new local cable channel open. Vibhu says that he came and said that there is just one Angoori bhabhi if you need a female model for your channel. Angoori always says that you love me like that. Vibhu flirts with her. With her. Market walking Tiwari and Anu. Anu flirts with Tiwari. Anu and Tiwari are coming and welcoming Vibhuti and Angoori. Angoori asks them to do your jogging. Anu says yes, and after Tiwari said I should talk to Saxena about his channel, I found it fresh. Angoori also tells me the same Vibhuti to Anu. Anu tells Vibhu that he doesn’t make people dream and the same goes for you too, Tiwari. Saxena is coming and telling Anu and Angoori if the channel is your son, your dream can come true. Tiwari says you’re going to give them a chance. Saxena says it’s my mother, but I came here to talk to both of you, my channel is talking about martial affairs, so you thought both of you could really talk about it because both of you are good husbands. Saxena thanks Angoori and Anu. Saxena says that I am your child, so I’m going to go and prepare my show. Vibhu slaps and leaves Saxena. Anu gets excited and says we’re going to wear new clothes to Vibhu. Vibhu says all right I’m going to command to stitch a new suite. Anu and Angoori demand new clothes from the husband. There are a lot of old saare Tiwari wear them. Angoori says that I don’t need one new.

TMT near tea stall banana fighting. banana fighting. Rusa is coming and asking what you are doing. Malkhan says we’ve been fighting for you. Rusa’s wondering how. Teeka says we have a bet that’s going to win, she’s going to go outside with you. Rusa says you bet that you will take me as a girlfriend as of now, but you know if my commissar jija knows this will put you in jail. Teeka says that we’re working to win your heart. Rusa says you must win the heart of the Commissioner, do something that he will be impressed with you in relation to his profession. Tillu says we have to work as a police force to spy so that we can open a detective agency. TMT agency detective.

The talk show of the Saxena begins with Vibhu and Tiwari as guests, saying that we have two wierd Kanpurs, we talk about marital matters extra, we introduce them as Tiwari as lingerie vendor and Vibhuti as highly qualified unemployed.
Ammaji calls to watch show Angoori. Angoori says I’ve made you snacks and I’m joining her. Ammaji says I’m sure Saxena is angry today to Angoori who calls Tiwari to be his first show. Angoori says Tiwari’s intelligent.
You’re happy with your married life, Saxena aks Tiwari. Tiwari says yes that I am glad and fortunate to have Angoori as my wife.
Anu says my Vibhu looks clever. Meenal says he’ll let you see if he’s talking intelligently. Anu says he’s a specialist. Meenal says it’s extra marital affair that we are seeing today. Anu says that Vibhu has a marital affair extra.
Saxena asks Vibhuti that you’re happy with married life. Vibhu says I’m so glad. Anu is the best partner that you can have. Tiwari is saying yes. Vibhu tells Tiwari with the exception of your wife. Saxena asks Tiwari what your ideas are regarding extra marital affairs. Tiwari says I get married but it’s sometimes hard to control emotions. Angoori gets emotional and says what he’s talking about. Vibhu says that I agree with Tiwari that people can’t control their hearts there, that extra marital affairs are considered tabou, that it’s time for sin.
Meenal tells Anu to look what Vibhuti says, we can’t believe in people. Vibhu says it looks like the West has evolved so much. Tiwari says that our wife ought to think about this. Vibhu says that wife should understand that husband is going to come back. Saxena says that I like the thinking of Vibhuti do you like it.
Meenal says he’s looking what he’s doing. Anu tells Meenal it’s getting late and Anurag is going to be home. Angoori begins to weep and says what he says. Ammaji says I’m here for you no need to worry.

Vibhu says goodbye to his talk show in his bedroom I’m not surprised people call me the lady murderer. Anu comes and tells me to hit you. Vibhu asks what I did. What I did. Anu says that I called all my friends and told them how Vibhu will teach someone in extra-marital relationship to teach lessons. Vibhu says ofcourse that you should be proud of your husband’s evolution if somebody’s cold and ask for tea and if you give him cold drink, he’ll be run for tea and try to understand me. Anu says it means that I’m drinking cold. Vibhu says no chocolate is hit It’s not about you, as if a couple isn’t emotionally connected, that’s the connection they’ll find, and that’s for both men and women. Anu says it. Anu says it. After listing this, Vibhu says, you don’t feel like your husband is smart, you don’t feel proud of me. Anu says I feel like you are shocked, you are an average husband.

TMT was clothed as a detective. Malkhan tells Teeka, I can see Tillu from your ears, your head is completely empty. Masterji, Gupta and Prem come to TMT and ask what this is. Teeka says you think you’re out of school and want to know behind you what your wife is doing. Malkhan says, or Bhabhiji wants to know why Master always returns home late. Rusa is coming and welcoming TMT and asking the Commissioner to come. Commissioner says you brought me to Rusa where. Rusa says that they opened the detective agency and I want you to open it. Commissioner says you even know them to Rusa. Teeka says that now we’ve changed. Tillu says we are now the first person to support the police. Rusa always tells everyone to do something new in your life and considers you to be your idol. Commissioner says all right, but because of you it’s all so you don’t get angry and ask for scissors. The Commissioner is cutting the ribbon.

Precap: Vibhu asks Anu to whom you talk. Anu tells me that I’ve been chatting to Meenal. Meenal tells Vibhu Anurag angry us at me. Vibhu says if Anu doesn’t talk to Meenal who she chats and smiles?

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