Bawara Dil 7th July 2021 Written Episode


Bawara Dil 7 July 2021 Written Update, Written Episode on

Sidhi told Shiva that I did not tell Baba anything, he has gone to Mumbai. Shiva tries to say something. Sidhi says if you have any work, speak up. “Akka Bai invited us for dinner, I don’t know why,” says Shiva. After what happened yesterday .. Sidhi says we will go. Shiva says will you go? “If she’s calling us, we’ll go,” she said. He nodded and left. Vijiya asked why she is calling you? “I will find out after I meet him,” said Sidhi .

“The Sarkar has not told us anything,” Mangala told Welsh. Vailash says go home now. Shiva and Siddhi came to Akka Bai’s house. Mangala and Welsh are hidden from them. Vailash says Bai must have invited him, Mangala says why would she invite him? “We’ll find out,” says Vailash.

Sidhi and Shiva came to the lounge. When Bai comes there, Shiva touches her feet. Bai asked Shiva to sit down, we are lucky to have you here today. What do you want to eat “Thank you for your respect, I don’t need anything,” says Sidhi. Bai says she will be happy to serve you, you are Shiva’s wife and my daughter-in-law, right? She tells Shiva that what happened shouldn’t have happened. It is good that the Sarkar has apologized but I do not like one thing. The Sarkar was slapped in the restaurant (directly), some people must have seen it and it won’t take long for it to become news. Everyone has to talk about it. Shiva said if you want I can apologize in front of everyone .. Sidhi and Bai did not say. Sidhi says you have to apologize on behalf of someone. Bai says he is fine, Shiva should not apologize but there should be justice against this slap. She tells Shiva that I want you to slap your wife in front of you to do her justice. Shiva spoke in surprise and what is he saying? how can I do? “The Sarkar asked me and I told him that this is how justice is done,” Bai said. The Sarkar will not raise its hand against your wife, he said no, but if you do not, how will justice work? Shiva looks at Sidhi. Siddhi remembered the words of Jalwa which Shiva considered the words of Akka Bai sacred. Shiva says no bye, I can’t do that. Bai said in surprise.

What did you say? “You can demand my life but I can’t raise my hand against my wife,” says Shiva. Strangely surprised. “Slapping the Sarkar is like slapping me,” Bai said. Do you treat me like your mother or not? Shiva Bai sits at his feet and says you are my mother, you can ask for my life and I will gladly give it to you but I cannot slap her. Bai sat down in front of him and looked at Sidhi. She laughs and says, “Did you really think I’d ask you to raise your hand?” I can never let anything go wrong with women. “The Sarkar has lost its way in the last few years. I wanted to slap it, but my motherly love falls in between,” she says. It’s good that you slapped him and did my job. He gives a gift to Sidhi. Sidhi opened the clock to find it. Bai says this watch will keep reminding you of good or bad times. Sidhi says it was not needed.

Episode end.

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