Bawara Dil 17th August 2021 Written Update


Episode start: Yashwant tells Sidhi that Shiva might work for Akka Bai, he might be a goon but he can never misbehave with a lady . Shiva comes there and sees his feet hurt. Sidhi and Shiva start washing his feet and their hands touch. Sidhi recalls him freeing her from jail. Yashwant smiles at them and says I pray you both remain with each other always.

Shiva and Sidhi begin of Yashwant’s room. Mangala tells Shiva that you have a big heart but I can’t let this enemy stay here. She brings smoke near Sidhi. Shiva stands in front her and says stop it. Sidhi leaves.

Soni tells Vijiya that everything will be fine now. Vijiya says I saw how much Sidhi loves him within the hospital. Shiva hears it and recalls Akka Bai asking him to divorce Sidhi.

Shiva comes to his room. Sidhi comes out of the washroom and slips but Shiva holds her. She faints, Shiva checks that she has high fever. He makes lie on the bed and kisses her hand. He puts wet cloth on her forehead. Sidhi wakes up and says I can’t look at myself after what I even have done. I don’t know what you have thought about this relationship, i’m able to accept any punishment you give me. I won’t complain. You freed me from jail which shows how big your heart is. I even have been treating you badly, you’ll scold me. you’ll say anything to me. Shiva stops her and says look at yourself, just take rest.

In the morning, Sidhi wakes up and prays to God. She says don’t know what Shiva has thought. Will he give another chance to our relationship?

All family members sit to have breakfast. Mangala says doesn’t want to eat. Yashwant says you’re acting immature. Mangala says you’re taking Sidhi’s side who tried to kill our son but you don’t want Sonal to marry Sarkar who is Akka Bai’s son and can give a good life to Sonal. i’m her mother and that i think about her future.

Sidhi comes out of her room and asks Sonal about Shiva. Sonal says he went out. Sidhi thinks I even have to know what’s going on in his heart.

Shiva comes to Akka Bai’s house. Jalwa asks what’s he thinking? Shiva says i’m going to tell my decision to Akka Bai. Jalwa says what decision? Shiva says I won’t divorce Sidhi. He goes inside but Jalwa gets Bhavin’s call who tells him that Akka Bai has gone to Shiva’s house. He tells Shiva.

Akka Bai comes to Shiva’s house and tells Yashwant that she has brought Shiva and Sidhi’s divorce papers. She asks Sidhi to sign the papers then she will ask Shiva to do it. Sidhi is stunned and thinks Shiva wants to divorce me? Akka Bai says Shiva knows about these papers so just sign it. Sidhi says i will only sign it if Shiva asks me. Shiva comes there so Bai tells him that we talked about the divorce, I even have got the papers ready so just ask her to sign it. Shiva says yes but.. Yashwant says you want to divorce her? She saved your life and you’re doing this? he’s about to slap him but Sidhi stops him and says no baba. It’s not Shiva’s fault, I told him i will accept any punishment that he gives me. She takes the divorce papers and says maybe this is my punishment. She cries and is about to sign the papers but Shiva holds her hand and stops her. He shakes his head and takes the pen faraway from her. He holds her hand says to everyone that this is a matter between a husband and wife. I even have to speak to her alone. Akka Bai says okay you’ll talk to her but we have to send these papers to court tomorrow. She leaves.

Sidhi is sitting in her room, crying. Sonal comes there and says you’ll divorce him? Sidhi says it’s up to Shiva now. I used to hate Shiva, I hated him after marriage also but this incident has opened my eyes. when I am trying to sort this relationship now, it’s breaking away. It’s my fault as I never tried to understand him, never listened to him, how can i show my right to him after what I even have done? i’m his wife but I even have no right to stop him. this is my punishment. Sonal says you won’t sign the papers, i will ask him. Mangala hears all that and thinks she will be gone soon.

Shiva comes to his room. Sidhi sadly looks at him. They both recall their marriage and moments together. Shiva says so you wanted to sign those papers? Sidhi says you brought those papers and that i told you i would accept any punishment you give me. Shiva says right, today also you’ll tell me what I even have to say? Sidhi says you didn’t even tell me about your decision, you must have talked to Akka Bai that’s why she brought those papers. Shiva grabs her shoulders and says what are you saying? i decided with Akka Bai? Sidhi says i will leave from your life, if I leave then all troubles would go away also. Everything will be fine. She cries and signs the divorce papers. Shiva is stunned. Episode ends.

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