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Episode start: Kiran says soni ok i want to go now. Soni said I’m sorry you were treated. Kiran says no worries. Sidhi comes there and thanks him. Kiran says don’t embarrass me. He goes from there. Sadhi tells Soni that we should tell Baba everything, Soni says I don’t want that. We have to take care of this issue before it gets out of hand Sidhi said.

Sarkar came to Akka bai and said that he wanted to marry Shiva’s sister Soni. Akka bai was stunned.

Sidhi is taking off her bangles and there is a fracture on her wrist. She says something is going to go wrong.

Akka bai asks the Sarkar to go to Bangkok on holiday, you need it. She leaves from there. Sarkar says I have to do something big so that they can draw attention to me as well as Shiva’s family.

Shiva comes straight and says that your mother has come to see you. He saw a wound on his wrist and asked what happened? Sadhi says my bangle is broken. “Shiva says We can go to the doctor. Sadhi says no, I’m fine. She was about to leave, but you must have complained to me about it, which is why your mother is here. What do you need to tell her about our family matters? Sidhi jokes Yes I complained to her about you, come with me so that I can tell her only in front of you. Shiva says she always taunts me.

Meet Malini Sadhi’s family and they say we have come to invite you to the Gondal function. We want to celebrate it because of Sidhi’s result. Mangla asks you to show her the mark sheet. Sadhi thinks that she knows that Shiva had burnt her so she is asking for it. Shiva brings a duplicate mark sheet and shows it to Malini. It looks good. Malini invited Shiva to the ceremony. “I have a lot of work to do so I can’t come,” says Shiva. Yashwant comes there and says that we will definitely come.

Sadhi spoke to Malini. She asks if something is wrong. Shiva showed me a duplicate mark sheet. “Yes, I copied it to save the original documents,” says Sidhi. Malini nods and asked her to wear some bangles. Sidhi says that I am not the daughter-in-law of the TV serial. I will talk to Shiva and ask him to come for this ceremony. Malini smiled and left. She wonders how I can please her.

Sidhi comes to her room so Shiva acts like talking on the call. He thinks she will ridicule me if I am free. Sadhi called him and his phone rang. “Good acting, you may be thinking that something always happens to my family,” says Sadhi. “I don’t think so, but if I go with you, you can insult me ​​in front of your family,” says Shiv. Sidhi says do you want to act like a lion now? Sidhi tries to cover the wound on her wrist. Shiva offers her bandage to bandage her but she tries to suppress it. Shiva is holding her hand and bandaging her wrist. “I’m trying to be careful. Once I’m insulted, I have to learn my lesson and stay away,” he said. Sadhi says that these things have nothing to do with it. Shiva pulled him closer and said you keep reminding me that I am a bully, I married you by force, I am wrong .. if I go with you you stop abusing or something else ۔ I am responsible for every mistake in this world. Whenever I tried to help you, you just insulted me instead of thanking me. He left but the lights went off. Shiva became frightened and hugged Sadhi tightly. Shi turned on the phone light and said everything is fine, I’m here. Shiva looks at Sidhi. “I’m here with you,” she says. They sat on the bed. Play the insolence of love. Shiva teased if she would insult him again? “If you taunt me, I’ll turn off the flashlight,” says Sidhi. Shiva pulled him closer and said no, please .. Sidhi looked at him and smiled. Turn the lights back on so that they are not too far apart. Shiva lay down on the floor. Sit up straight in bed and think I think Shiva will say he will come to my family work.

Early in the morning, Jalwa goes to Shiva’s house for Soni’s class. Bhavin stops him and says the Sarkar called you. “I’m busy,” says Jalwa. Bhavin says you are not telling Bai? I’ll tell him you’re busy. Jalwa said no no .. I am coming with you. He thinks I should go to Shiva’s house soon.

Kiran came to Shiva’s house. Sadhi welcomed him. Mangala comes there and says that you can wear nice clothes when you come to someone’s house. “I’m wearing the clothes I need to cover my body,” says Kiran. Mangla left angrily. Sadhi apologized to him. “I ignore people who make fun of my poor lifestyle because it doesn’t compliment me, my education explained me,” says Kiran. Soni smiled at him.

Sarkar comes. He thinks that when it is necessary to be a tuition teacher, I will have to go to Shiva’s house soon. Bhavin called the Sarkar and said the tuition teacher is here. Jalwa asks the Sarkar, “What have you done to me?” The Sarkar asked him to bring sweets for himself.

Soni has learned a lesson that a strong woman can stand up for herself. Kiran tells Sonal that the lesson is that you can stand on your own. Yesterday you could stand up for yourself, these things will make you stronger. Soni says it’s all in the books. Kiran says no, the lesson says that a strong woman can stand up for others as well as standing up for you. Sonal thinks that I can’t tell the truth to Shiva and Sadhi did, the Sarkar came here and Sadhi protected me. Why don’t I have this power? Sidhi hears all this and wonders why I feel something is going wrong.

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