Bawara Dil 12th August 2021 Written Update


Episode Starts: Shiva picks up his phone. Jalwa comes there and says I felt so helpless when you were hospitalized. Shiva says I know you always worry about me. What happened? Jalwa says after Sidhi took you out of the river, you were so injured. Sidhi was so worried about you, she didn’t leave you for a second. She saved you from that Baja. Shiva says she saved me, she didn’t leave me for a minute in the hospital but she didn’t come to meet me when I am home, where is she? Jalwa tries to ignore it.

Sidhi is in the police station and recalls how Shiva held her hand when he woke up. Sidhi says God you played a game with me, Shiva woke up, held my hand and said my name. I felt like it was the first time someone spoke my name. It’s good that I am here, I have to repent for my mistake. When Shiva gets to know the truth, will he understand why I did all that? I have broken his trust but can he forgive me, I have cheated him.

Shiva comes to the family and asks where is Sidhi? All look on. Mangala asks him to go and rest but since you are here.. Vijiya pleads with her to not say anything. Shiva asks what happened to Sidhi, where is she? Did something happen to her? Where is Sidhi? Akka Bai comes there and says she is completely fine. The truth is your wife did something that no wife did before. She says your wife made a page for you on the internet. She shows him the internet page and says you have become so famous. She makes him read the web page. Then she shows him the video of Sidhi getting arrested and people insulting her. Shiva says what is all this? Why was she arrested? Mangala says because she is a criminal. That Sidhi planned to kill you, she was part of Narpat’s plan. She gave you the sleeping pills so you wouldn’t be able to fight Baja. I am not lying as she has accepted her crime. Shiva says that’s not true. He asks Jalwa that you told me she saved me then why would she save me? Akka Bai says maybe she wanted to kill you before but then she changed her mind and saved you. She saved you in the river and then she was scared for you to wake up and find the truth so she tried to act like a good wife. She says I am your Mai, I was so worried when you were in the hospital. I will punish everyone who planned to kill you. Shiva asks Soni if Sidhi accepted it all? Soni cries and nods. Shiva breaks the phone in anger and leaves.

Scene 2
Sidhi is in the police station. Someone brings food for her. She denies it and turns to see it’s Shiva. She gets happy seeing him there. He asks her to eat. Sidhi asks if he ate? Shiva says yes, I ate at home today. Sidhi says you can’t even lie properly, I know you didn’t eat. She asks if he will eat with her? Shiva says how do you know when I am lying? Sidhi says I didn’t know you before but I know you now, I feel your truth and honesty. She sees canola in his hand and says why are you not resting? You should rest. Shiva holds her hand and says how can I rest when my mind is not at peace? He says I am confused, what’s the truth? The Sidhi who saved my life, who took care of me or the Sidhi who confessed the truth, who planned my murder. I saw before fainting how you fought with Baja. People are saying that you tried to kill me. What’s your crime? Sidhi says my only crime is that I always hated you, I was blinded by my hatred, I couldn’t trust your words, I had misunderstood you, I don’t care what people think but I will tell you everything. You deserve to know the truth. I did all that for Sonal. I thought you wouldn’t go against Akka Bai so I had to do something. Shiva says you still don’t trust me? Sidhi recalls Soumya’s words and says no all my misunderstanding is clear, I completely trust you now. I have done a mistake and my repentance is that I should stay here. Shiva sadly leaves from there. Sidhi’s mangalsutra broke. An officer tells Sidhi that it’s not a good omen. Sidhi clutches her mangalsutra tightly and worries about it. Shiva is leaving and thinks since when did she start worrying about her mangalsutra so much? Sidhi tells the officer that when I brought Shiva out of the river, it broke and now it broke again. She fixes it and says I won’t let anything happen to it. Shiva talks to the inspector and says Sidhi saved me, then how would she be part of the murder planning? The inspector says that the referee told us Sidhi gave you the sleeping pills, Sidhi accepted her crime. Sagar also tried to kill you in the hospital. I promise you that I will punish these siblings. Shiva looks on. Episode End.

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