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Read Barrister Babu 28th September 2021 Written Update: Bondita Learns The Truth

Bondita remembers Chandrachur’s wound. She asks Somnath if he saw Chandrachur get hurt. Somnath says, “No, I saw him lying in pain and helped him; why are you asking?” She says nothing, thank you. She says that Chandrachur was hurt previously and acted to get help from Somnath; he could have been caught if he went to a doctor outside, so he used Somnath; if he was the makeup artist, then why was he kidnapping me, and what had happened. Tupur’s cries are heard by her. She goes to investigate. Chandrachur’s family weeps over his body. The white cloth is lifted away from the dead body. Bondita is blind to the wound. She is taken aback.

She believes he had a wound on his left leg, but there is no sign of it. She asks of Somnath whether any wound can heal without leaving a scar. He says the dead body was in the water and then kept in ice, so perhaps the marks were wiped away. Thakumaa summons Tapur and asks him to accompany Chandrachur on his final journey. Tapur becomes enraged. She hurls flowers at the dead body. Bondita believes Tapur is acting strangely as well. Bihari arrives and asks Bondita to accompany him because he needs to show something. Bondita notices a burned saree and remembers giving it to Tapur. She says it is Tapur’s saree, that she burned it, and that no one should know about it. He says that no one would know. Bondita arrives to meet with Anirudh. She displays the burnt saree. She asks, “Are you surprised?” You thought I wouldn’t know the truth if you didn’t tell me, but I got to know the truth about you, Tapur, Thakumaa, and Chandrachur.

Anirudh says that if you find out the truth, promise me that you will not force Tapur to appear in court; it should be her decision, and you will not ask her, promise me. She asks him to tell her the whole truth, which she already knows but wants to hear from him. Anirudh returns. She asks, “Why are you silent? Tell me.” He says, “If you want to know the entire truth, I will tell you.” The truth is, you are lying, you know only part of the truth, you are playing a game with me to force me to confess the entire truth, which I will not do. Bondita says, “Yes, I’m playing a game, but not for myself, but for you, because you’ve taught me barristry.” I can’t tell you the truth, he says, about what I promised Tapur. She says fine, I’ll find the truth, prove you innocent, and bring you home; it’ll be Guru dakshina for you; I’m sure you’ll be proud of me, and you’ll say bravo Bondita. She walks away.

Subodh notices her and comes to a halt to taunt. He says that tears, not confidence and faith, suit a woman’s eyes. Anirudh observes. Bondita asks if your Gyaan is ready. Subodh says, “Take it as Gyaan or advice; you can beg me and say you will never be equal to men; maybe my heart melts and I can get his punishment lessened; you will be saved from becoming a widow; you can keep red color sindoor in your maang; do you have a kerchief?” He hands her a kerchief and says her that if she doesn’t listen to him, she can use it to wipe her tears.

Bondita says, “I don’t know whether to laugh or pity your thinking, I feel you are losing the land beneath your feet, take my advice, women are made by special soil, they turn soft in husband’s love and turn solid as rock to protect a husband, I will prove Anirudh innocent and take him, we women can fight a case and win as well, do you have a kerchief, no, then keep this.” She takes back the kerchief. She says you’ll need this to wipe your sweat after my arguments and evidences in court. Anirudh observes.

Tapur is taken aback when he sees Chandrachur approaching. She dashes to her room. She says, “Don’t come close, I didn’t tell anyone that you don’t love Tupur, you were looking at Bondita, don’t come close, leave me, I didn’t tell anyone that you attacked my respect and tried to stain my soul, I won’t tell anyone that I was going to die, I didn’t die, I won’t tell anyone that Anirudh is silent because of me.” Bondita is wearing a disguise. She is taken aback. Episode end.

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