Barrister Babu 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Barrister Babu 24th September 2021 Written Update: Bondita Tries To Gather Evidences

Bondita walks into the restroom. The men are staring at her. She believes that I must arrive at the court on time, which is more important than women’s shyness and these staring eyes. She enters the restroom. The judge has stated that if Bondita does not appear on time, the case will be closed forever. Subodh believes that teaching this to Bondita was a mistake on your part. Anirudh says that I taught her to fly as well, and that she will fly and come here if necessary. Trilochan says, “Bondita, where are you?” Bondita prevents the judge from departing. She apologizes for being late. Subodh says you arrived late, the judge will not hear your plea, and you have lost. No, she says, there’s still 8 seconds left, check your watch.

The judge requests that she present the appeal documents. Anirudh smiles and thinks, “I’m proud to hear your name as barrister Bondita.” Bondita believes that regardless of the reason for your silence, I will prove your innocence. She requests that the case be reopened. Anirudh believes, “Forgive me, I’m helpless.” Subodh says Anirudh has accepted responsibility for the crime. Bondita says that barristers do not listen to anyone; they only look at the evidence and hear the witnesses; hundreds of criminals may be released, but no innocent person should be punished. The case has been reopened by the judge. He tells Bondita that she must gather the evidence quickly and present it in court, or else Anirudh will be hanged on the same day that the decision was made. The court is adjourned until the next hearing. Everyone applauds. Bondita requests the prasad from Subodh. She says you won’t eat it because you put Jamaalgota in it to make me late for court. Two big changes happened here today: a woman fought the court case for the first time today, and men and women are now equal in the court’s washroom. Subodh departs. The police arrest Anirudh. Bondita observes.

Bondita converses with Anirudh’s photograph. She says, “I know you’ll show me the way.” She says Anirudh isn’t telling her anything and that I need to create an incident chart to figure out why Anirudh needed to shoot Chandrachur. She observes as she recalls the incidents. She says Anirudh’s rage has subsided, so why did Anirudh chase after Chandrachur, and what should I do? Binoy arrives and wipes the board clean. He invites her to play. He tells me to go get Anirudh because I need to play with him. She says, “I won’t be angry with you because you helped me by wiping this,” and she promises, “I will write again and wipe it, I will write until I study what’s hidden, and I will bring Anirudh back.” She accepts his blessing.

Bondita meets Anirudh in the morning. She goes out and gets him some food. She says that a wife is breaking the rules because a wife does not follow any rules when it comes to her husband’s happiness. She is the one who feeds him. Rishta tera mera….plays… She reminds you of your promise not to keep anything from me. Yes, he says. She inquires as to what transpired between you and Chandrachur that day, and why you fought. Anirudh reminisces. Bondita says, “Look at me, look at my sindoor, our gathbandhan didn’t open up right,” and she asks, “Tell me for the sake of our marriage.” He flatly refuses. She says, “Fine, keep quiet; I’ll ask the family members; they’ll tell me something, and the truth will come out.”

Bondita converses with everyone in the house. She jots things down. Tupur becomes enraged. She says, “I don’t want to save the man who murdered my husband; Anirudh is the murderer, he will be hanged, and you can’t save him.” Bondita sobs. Binoy becomes enraged and declares that she is not good. Bondita soothes him. She apologizes to Tupur and asks him to contact her if he recalls anyone. Tupur says I don’t remember and don’t need to say anything. Binoy says she is very bad because she does not tell the truth. Bondita believes that truth must return at some point. Tapur has arrived. Bondita interrogates her. Tapur sobs, “I didn’t see anything, I don’t know.” Bondita says everything is fine, so why are you crying? Tapur, Thakumaa says, has a fear in her heart; come, you need rest. Tapur is taken by her. Bondita ponders.

Bondita meets Anirudh in the morning. She says you can tell your barrister about the situation, what happened that night, whether you’re going to save someone from family or a relative, just write everything down in this diary, and I promise we’ll save that person together. She takes a step back. He never writes anything. Bondita becomes agitated. She says you didn’t say anything, but your silence said everything; I know you’re innocent; you’re attempting to save someone dear by blaming yourself. Episode end.

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